Toddler W’s 22 month update

W turned 22 months this week, just 2 months away from his 2nd birthday eeeeek! To celebrate, he had a vomiting bug for a couple of days, poor thing 😢

He’s back to his normal self now… Full of beans… And words! 


bob the builder
bob the builder
That’s the main thing that’s changed since the last update… Just lots more words and understanding…  Today he saw a plane in the sky and said ‘aeroplane’ and he’s started stringing sentences together… Mostly things like ‘bye bye car’.


loving the lego tower
loving the lego tower
What’s great about his language skills now is he’s able to tell us what he wants… That came in so handy this week when he was ill whether it was ‘water’, ‘toast’, ‘bed’, ‘peppa’ or ‘titties’ (teletubbies!!) he wanted! 

Hand in hand with that, he hasn’t learnt how to be patient yet, if he wants ‘toast’ he doesn’t want to wait for the toaster, if he’s watching ‘peppa’ he doesn’t like watching adverts in between! One of his favourite things to do if I’m sat on the sofa is pull me ‘up’ to do whatever he needs me to do at the time!

quack quack!
quack quack!
Since the last update:

-we had to take him to A&E when he fell and hit the corner of a cupboard right next to his eye… Scarily close 😁

– routine is much the same, and still enjoys his food most of the time 

– we had a lovely week in Spain 

– we think he will be a mechanic when he grows up, he LOVES cars whether they be toy cars or ‘mamma’s car’ or ‘dadda’s car’

Such a cutie, melts my heart every day 😍

Toddler W’s 20 month update

Our gorgeous boy is 20 months old today! It’s been a joy spending extra time with him over the last few weeks for Christmas etc… It will be a struggle going back to work tomorrow!




The main thing that’s changed since the last update is his vocabulary, not that I was ever worried that he was behind but his language has come on a long way… At the moment he seems to say a new word every day… Some of his new words are toast, cheese, please, bus, car, bath, water, shoes, up, down, all gone….

He can recognise animals in books, and he can do animal noises eg if you ask him what noise a lion makes, he roars… So cute!

He’s still going through a sorting/ordering phase. His favourite thing is lining up cats, all facing the same way… Then moving them to another spot… All in the same order, facing the same way! He literally spent all of Boxing Day doing this!


After the last update I wrote, possibly because of the croup, he became really clingy to his dad. He’d scream if he left the room and followed him everywhere. Thankfully he seems to have moved on from this, and generally he’s had a calm, well-behaved month… He still pulls the occasional tantrum but usually when he’s tired.

Routine, health etc
After the last update we also hit a few weeks of sleep regression where he was waking a few times a night eg midnight and 3am. Again this seems to have gone and we’re back to sleeping through from 7pm to 5-6am.

He still has a 2 hour nap, usually about noon. Sometimes earlier, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

A couple of weeks ago he had a bit of a dicky tummy and we had some horrible diarhea nappies, even though he seemed fine in himself. This settled and in the last week or so he hasn’t stopped eating! He loves toast, banana, cheese, pasta, pizza, ham, grapes, oranges, apples…,
And he still loves drinking water, I’ve still not given him any squash/watered down juice yet… He gets plenty of sugar from the little pieces of chocolate his dad sneaks him 😉
Oh he also loves feeding himself yoghurt.

Speaking of sugary treats, I still don’t know if all his teeth are through and still haven’t taken him to a dentist! Bad mum but he does love brushing his teeth twice a day 🙂

Other things we need to start thinking about as well as registering with a dentist are:
-potty training – not saying he’s ready yet, but he does tell us when he’s having a pee or poo, so I might get a potty soon just for him to get familiar with it
– a proper bed – he’s climbed out of his cot bed once in anger (in the sleep regression phase I mentioned)

What we’ve been up to
The weather’s been so awful lately that we haven’t had as many nice walks as we’d have liked. We’ve tried out a few more soft plays! Christmas was nice, he was spoiled with cars and car garages… And a smart trike… And so many toys!


Toddler W’s 18 month update

Forgive me readers, I haven’t written one of these updates for a few months now but last week our big boy hit his 18 month milestone 🙂

Vital stats 

The health visitor came to do a home visit to check in on him, first time we’d seen her in a year! She was very happy with his progress as he was babbling away to her and trying to share his toys with her!

He weighed 26lbs/11kg which puts him in the 75th percentile which I was quite surprised about as he seems so small to me, compared to others of his age! We wanted to measure his height but surprise surprise he wouldn’t stand still for it!

His shoe size is now 5G… And I think he has 16 teeth… Only 4 to go til teething is behind us!!

Nappies: size 5

Clothes: 12-18 months, some things are getting a bit tight so will start getting the next size up now

Routine: wakes 6am ish, breakfast an hour or so later, snacks/meals every couple of hours… Still naps for 2 hours (bliss!!) from 12-2….. Dinner at 5, bath at 6, in bed by 7….. The only bottle of milk he has is before bed…. 9 times out of 10 he sleeps through 🙂



Well after a run of very good health apart from teething and the odd cold, we were hit hard last week by a bout of croup… When a cough had turned into a bark and he was struggling to breathe at 2am we phoned NHS direct and they phoned an ambulance so we had our first trip to A&E!

They gave him steroids which started working pretty quickly, we were home a couple of hours later and he was fully back to normal within a few days… Phew!



As you know, he’s been running around for many months so the most recent developments have been his language… He babbles a lot, enjoys conversations, understands a lot of instructions (eg if you ask him to fetch something, or put something away) and knows about 10 words… Mama, dada, puss, banana, go, car, yeah, ummm, no, bye… And his favourite word… More! (Need to teach him some Welsh words now :))

He’s showing signs of knowing when he’s peeing, I mentioned it to the health visitor who said we could potty training but if you start this early it can take longer…. So I think we’ll wait a while!



He’s still very much the fearless, independent, confident little boy he’s always been. Not much phases him, fine with big crowds, goes straight up to dogs (aaargghh!) and jumps off anything (aaargghh!)!

He’s always on the go, very rarely sits still. I’m always in amazement when parents with similar aged toddlers post photos on their Facebook of them snuggled on the sofa watching a movie… Never happens in this house!!

He’s usually happy and loves life but my God has he also started having tantrums, which can include head butting walls/floors etc! Managing those is our current parenting challenge 🙂



Stories at bedtime… Julia Donaldson books among others

fave TV show: Bananas in Pyjamas

fave food: still cheesy pasta, also loves fish fingers and beans

fave snack: banana

fave cuddly toy: tigger

He loves being outdoors and we were blessed with beautiful autumnal weather over the last few months… So lots of trips to the park etc… Shame winter is now here 😦


Toddler W and Mummy’s 15 month update

Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged…. busy, busy, busy!!

Since then baby W is no longer a baby and definitely seems more like a toddler so he’ll no longer be called baby W 😉

He turned 15 months old last week…


Since our last update:

He’s of an age where we can’t stay in all day – if it’s raining we’ll go to softplay and he loves that (loves wendy houses and the little tikes cars!) but we’ve been blessed with some sunny days and over the last 2 months we’ve visited:

  • Cefn Mably farm
  • the Brecon Beacons (garwnant park),
  • family in Hay-on-Wye (that’s him with my auntie in the photo)
  • stayed with my mum for a week in mid Wales and he loved the paddling pool in Aberystwyth (it was during a heatwave!)
  • his first (mini) festival (Tafwyl in Cardiff)
  • lovely Penllergaer park in Swansea for our first father’s day without my dad
  • our family favourite, Roath Park!
Walking in Roath Park with daddy!
Walking in Roath Park with daddy!

When we’re at home, he’s going through a phase of picking up as much stuff as he can in one go! And passing things from one hand to the other, and hiding things in cupboards…. much fun! For example… helping me with the laundry….

laundry helper!
laundry helper!

It’s amazing to watch him, he’s like a sponge soaking things up and copying new things like trying to copy me feed the cats, or trying to put keys in doors!

Our current routine

  • He wakes up about 5/5.30/6 – we give him a bottle of milk to buy us another half hour in bed – so he’s up about 6/6.30
  • Breakfast about 7.30-8
  • He has a nap from roughly 9-11 (usually without any milk – I give him milk or water if he won’t settle) sometimes this can be a 3 hour nap!
  • 11/11.30 – snacks or a light lunch
  • He’s dropped his afternoon nap – he might have a power nap in the car/pram if we’re out and about but if we leave him sleep for more than half hour it disrupts his evening routine…
  • 2ish another light lunch/snacks
  • 5.30 – dinner
  • 6 – bath, bottle, bed
  • 7 – usually asleep by 7 and most of the time sleeps through 🙂

He’s still good at drinking water, I’ve not given him any squash/juice yet. He’s a pretty good eater – goes through phases! Still loves his cheesy pasta the most 🙂

Hates having his nappy changed, and getting dressed!

Loves books, remote controls, mobile phones.

Height and weight – still NO idea! Must measure him and weigh him soon! He’s in size 4+ nappies, and mostly 12-18 month old clothes, although in bottoms he’s still mostly in 9-12 month old clothes – not worried at all though, he was always going to be on the petite side 🙂

That’s it for now 🙂 x

Baby W and mummy’s 13 month update

I have 2 dilemmas – now that baby W is over a year old, should I be calling him toddler W?! It doesn’t have the same ring to it…. the other dilemma, well I was wondering whether to carry on with these monthly updates after a year but he’s developed loads in the last month so yes I will carry on haha!

New developments

  • So I told you the day after his birthday, he took a few steps – well a month later and he is proper walking, a lot! The last week has been so much fun watching him, we all get so excited!!!
  • He’s tries to use his fork and spoon now – I haven’t been trying to teach him this so not sure if he’s got it from copying me, or whether it’s something he’s picked up from the childminder… either way, it’s very cute and grown-up but it does mean he’s eating less food as not much food is making it on the full journey from table to cutlery to mouth!
  • He brushes his own teeth now! (with a little help from mummy/daddy)
  • I should have stuck with baby signing – I hardly do any with him now but the one baby sign he has learnt over the last month or so is ‘all gone’ – so he loves dropping things (especially food) and then looking at me with his big eyes and opens hands to an ‘all gone’ gesture! the cheeky little monkey 😉
  • He knows which buttons to press on the remote control to turn the TV on!!
  • If I’m in the room with him and the TV isn’t on, he hands me the remote for me to switch it on (both signs that we watch way too much background TV!!)
  • A few days ago he pointed at me through the window and said ‘mama‘ – melted my heart!
  • Blows on hot food with a ‘frrrr‘ sound, again copying what I do!
  • He can climb up to, and get on, the sofa – eek!
Watching TV while walking!
Watching TV while walking!

So yeah it’s been a busy month!

Jabs, health, routine etc

Baby W had his 1 year jabs and then a week later seemed to suffer from side-effects including a rash – but it co-incided with teething with his first canine (tooth #9) trying to come through – so we all had a tough few days, poor thing!

Other than that, all good – still not had him weighed.  He’s outgrowing most of his 9-12 month clothes, but everything 12-18 months seems massive on him!

He’s still on milk first thing and last thing every day, and we’ve got into a bad habit at home of giving him milk with his naps.

It’s funny, he’s dropped his afternoon naps at the childminders, and yet on the Fridays he’s at home with me, he has 2 really long naps – I think she tires him out and then Friday is his chill-out day!

Apart from the teething, still a trooper at sleeping through from about 6pm to 6am (sometimes a bit earlier, but can’t really complain!)

Making a right mess in the library!
Making a right mess in the library!

Other news

This momma was fortunate enough to go on a fab hen weekend a few weeks ago, 18 girls in one HUGE house called New Yatt farm in Oxfordshire – check it out here, it was amazing! 2 nights in with good friends, lots of booze… and a hunk in trunks.. and we went punting and disco dancing, it was ace – just what the doctor ordered although I was absolutely drained the week before and after – really need our holiday now!


In other news we need to find a new childminder as ours is moving out of the area – gutted 😦

Thanks for calling by, see you same time next month! xx

Baby W’s 1 year update!!!

We made it! Our beautiful baby boy turned one year old last weekend – wow!!

The big day

Months ago, we had already decided to spend his birthday up at my parents’ in Mid Wales. Unfortunately my dad passed away a few weeks ago, but we stuck with our plans and we think he was watching over us on the big day….

1st birthday cards
1st birthday cards

We woke at 6 (standard!) and opened some cards and presents, played around then about noon we headed over to Fantasy Farm – I might write a review if I get a chance but in a nutshell we had a great time – it was the first time we’d taken baby W to a farm park and he loved seeing and touching all the animals – cute little kids, lambs and rabbits. We had a ride on a trailer and we also had a sunday carvery there which baby W enjoyed!

Meeting the lambs at Fantasy farm
Meeting the lambs at Fantasy farm

When we got back in the afternoon, I gave him some chocolate cake for the first time (as he got teeth so early I try and be really careful with his sugar intake – it’s the one thing I’m strict about!) and he wolfed it down – never seen anything disappear so quickly!

He had lots of lovely cards and presents – clothes, toys, books, money – but I think his favourite present was this scooter that my sister bought him from notonthehighstreet – I love it, so retro! And he laughs when he’s being pushed around on it 🙂 We knew he’d get lots of presents so we only bought him a little ball pool – something he loves at the childminder’s house but of course he hardly goes in his new one at home :p

Cool scooter from notonthehighstreet
Cool scooter from notonthehighstreet

Progress updates

Since the last update I wrote 2 months ago, baby W has got faster and more confident with crawling, and has been standing and pulling himself on everything – we still haven’t baby-proofed the house properly which we need to do as he’s in doors and drawers all the time!

It’s amazing watching him grow – every week he can reach something new, higher up!

And some big news… the morning after his birthday, he took a couple of steps! He’s done it once since at the childminder’s too – he’s a big boy now!

He’s getting more chatty – babbles a lot, and still says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ a lot although I’m still not convinced he knows what they mean! He’s started copying sounds a lot – it’s great fun chatting to him 🙂

Health, eating and drinking

Still haven’t had him weighed (it’s been about 6 months now!) but he’ll be having his jabs (and I guess his 12 month update?) soon so we’ll see how much he weighs then but I’m not worried – he’s mostly in 9-12 month old clothing, and size 4 nappies.

To celebrate his birthday we switched over to whole milk and he took to it straight away – good boy! He still has quite a lot of milk which I am trying to cut down on but again, not too worried. He has a bottle when he wakes up (about 6am) and he loves having another bottle a few hours later before his morning nap (about 9am). Then he can usually get through the day without it til his bottle before bed (about 6pm) but if he’s really grouchy in the afternoon, a little bit of milk can help us all out 🙂

Something else I’m aware I need to do is get him to stop using bottles. He enjoys drinking water (hooray!) out of various sippy cups/beakers, but still has milk in a bottle which at some point I should try and change…..

He generally eats well – loves pasta, fish, chicken, yoghurt and cheese. Doesn’t really like fruit or veg so much so I sneak veg into pasta sauces, and fruit purees into yoghurt. As we went down the baby-led weaning route, he still makes quite a lot of mess and enjoys throwing half of his food but he eats the other half so I’m happy!

For some reason (I let her carry on, despite telling her numerous times she didn’t need to!) the childminder always blends/purees his food – and now she’s wondering why he won’t eat any solid food there (even pasta, which is fave at home!)- I think she’s created a rod for her own back 😉

Personality, likes and dislikes

He’s generally a happy chappy – great with people, but also quite independent – happy by himself! He’s started having mini tantrums if he doesn’t get his own way (e.g. if we take something off him that he shouldn’t be playing with) – will cry until he’s quickly distracted by something else! He’s adventurous, fearless and always on the move – does not sit still for long!

Escaping from a Messy Madness class
Escaping from a Messy Madness class


  • Trips to the park to play on slides and swings
  • Opening and closing cupboard doors
  • Playing with coasters, keys and remote controls (who needs toys?!)
  • Dancing to music and cartoons
  • Watching the washing machine and trying to press all the buttons 🙂
  • Pushing his walker around
Washing machines - best thing ever!
Washing machines – best thing ever!


  • Not getting his own way
  • Being dressed/nappy changes – this can be quite hard work, I try and make it as fun as poss!

That’s everything I can think of for now, we’re hoping to have our first foreign family holiday over the next month, and of course we’ll have the dreaded 1 year jabs – wish us luck!

Baby W and Mummy’s 10 month update

Wow the last month has flown but of course, February is the shortest month! Baby W turned 10 months old nearly a week ago…


…and similar to the last update,   there has been lots of developments! Most notably….

  • he can now crawl properly!
  • he pulls himself up to stand on ANYTHING he can!
  • he can clap (and this makes him VERY happy!)

Similar to last month, he’s very happy but very busy… so easy to look after but exhausting chasing after him all the time! He seems to want to be wherever he’s not allowed… climbing up the glass TV stand etc!

  • He’s still sleeping through 🙂 (we start his bedtime routine at 6pm, and he wakes up between 6-6.30am)
  • He still loves his food… cheesy pasta and cottage pie remain firm favourites, and he now loves banana too
  • Still hasn’t dropped any milk feeds yet – he still has 4 bottles a day
  • Still have no idea how much he weighs! He’s mostly in 9-12 month clothes, but still in some 6-9 month clothes, in size 4 nappies
  • Still has 8 teeth – hasn’t had any new ones for a while now, I’m sure #9 won’t be long!

What we’ve been up to

  • His 10month old birthday co-incided with me going up to 4 days a week in work – it’s SO much more exhausting than 3 days! He didn’t seem to notice though, he’s settled in so well at the childminder’s!
  • While we’re on about work, I spoke at a big digital conference which was nerve-racking but went well – I was away for 2 nights and had a lovely upgraded suite – was nice to get some rest!
  • However, that came just after a girly weekend in London which was awesome but it meant in total I was away from baby W 5 nights out of 7 which was really weird and I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!
  • One week his swimming lesson was cancelled so we took him to a ‘messy play’ class instead… much fun with pasta, not so much fun with shaving foam… he didn’t know what to do with himself!
  • I signed him up at the local library, which got him 2 free books 🙂 we went to storytime twice, but they run it on Thursdays and now I’m back in work on Thursdays – shame as he loves clambering over the crates of books!
  • We were glad to have better weather this month – we had some nice walks around Cosmeston lakes, and our local museum at St Fagans

That’s it for now folks, stay tuned for the next update!

Baby W and Mummy’s 8 month update

Baby W turned 8 months old last Saturday and what a busy month it’s been including his first Christmas and mummy going back to work!


What we’ve been up to

December started off busy – my other half finally had the work exam that he’d been studying for all year. As soon as that was out of the way, he took a week off and we spent a few nights of that at my parents’ in Mid Wales.

We also had our first night away from baby W and we spoiled ourselves with a stay at the lovely Bath Spa hotel – although we missed baby W, we had a lovely night and it was amazing to get a proper nights’ sleep! He’s since spent another couple of nights with his grandparents and settles pretty well over there which is great!

I had another spa day in December – this time at Holland House in Cardiff, very nice and I will miss the ability to have random spa days when I’m back in work!

I caught a cold and 24 hour sickness bug in early/mid December which meant I missed my work’s Christmas party and it also set me back with Christmas shopping etc! The best presents I bought were creating calendars for family members using baby W’s newborn shoot – looks fab and they went down very well!

Suddenly Christmas was upon us… we spent the day with my in-laws, my sister joined us too. Nice, relaxed day with lots of food! Baby W was in a great mood all day, we dressed him up in his reindeer outfit, he tried turkey and sprouts for the first time and enjoyed some of his new presents.

Christmas presents :)
Christmas presents 🙂

We didn’t go mad with presents – we bought him a ‘lost my name’ book which is something to keep forever, I bought him a couple of other books but the best thing we bought by far was a £7 set of stacking cups etc from Mothercare – it’s provided us with hours of entertainment!

best present ever - stacking set from Mothercare
best present ever – stacking set from Mothercare

With Christmas and New Year out of the way it was time for this mamma to go back to work – I’ve just done my first 3 days back and I must admit I’ve actually really enjoyed it! The toughest thing has been another level of exhaustion which I’ll have to get used to!

Over the last month baby W also went to a christening and 1st birthday party, and went on a train for the first time!

Milestones and personality

Nothing new from last month other than he’s just got busier and busier – he doesn’t sit still and he’s getting a lot more vocal!

Although he can’t crawl, he can move around pretty well by shuffling around. He grabs everything, all the time now… he doesn’t stop!

He’s generally a happy chappy and we get smiles and giggles every day. Because he’s a busy little baby though, he does get bored easily so needs entertaining a fair bit… anything from a remote control to scrunchy paper tends to work 🙂

Weight, health etc

  • No idea what his weight is
  • His 6th tooth came through in the last month
  • His lingering cold/cough finally went
  • Overall seems really healthy 🙂


In December, our weekly and daily routine was all over the place. As I’ve just gone back to work this week I’m sure we’ll settle into a routine again but at the moment it looks like this:

  • 6-6.30 get up and have 1st milk feed of the day
  • 8-ish breakfast
  • 9-ish nap (ideally an hour)
  • 10.30-11ish 2nd milk feed
  • 12-ish lunch
  • 1-ish nap (ideally another hour)
  • 3-ish 3rd milk feed
  • 4-ish he might have another nap
  • 5-ish tea/supper/dinner (whatever you call it!)
  • 6-7 bedtime – bath, books, bottle, bed!
  • 10.45 we wake him up to give him his 5th and final milk feed of the day

Most nights he sleeps through now, every few nights he wakes between 1 and 3 but settles back easily after some water, a cwtch and switching Ewan the dream sheep back on.

So now the days I’m in work he goes to a childminder, I spend an hour with him in the morning before daddy drops him off and I head straight to work. I work from 7.30 to 4, pick him up at 4.30 and so I have a couple of hours with him before he goes to sleep. He’s settled in fine with the childminder and he has all sorts of fun there that I haven’t done with him like jelly play and a play in a ball pool!


Baby W’s enjoyed his food over the last month and is currently in a bit of a ‘eat everything’ phase although as you can see we haven’t dropped any milk feeds yet.

He LOVES my homemade macaroni cheese – he can eat about 15-20 pieces of pasta in one go.

He LOVES fruit – especially satsumas and apple slices (I still take the skin off)

We tend to give him Weetabix (spoon-fed) or toast for breakfast. Lunch and dinner we’re still going the baby-led weaning way in terms of him just eating a bit of whatever we eat.

My sister bought him an IKEA highchair for Christmas and now he sits in that instead of the snug on the table, there’s definitely a lot more mess on the floor but he loves sitting in the highchair. Mealtimes are probably the favourite part of the day for me – playing with food keeps him interested and entertained and it’s fun watching all of his facial expressions!

Baby W and Mummy’s 7 month update

Last week baby W turned 7 months old eeeek! Before starting this draft I thought not much had changed in the last month but I guess it has….


Weight/health etc

I’ve had him weighed twice in the last month – he now weighs 16lb 8oz – every so slightly under the 25th percentile where he’s been since he was born. He now has 5 teeth! (2 more than the last update!)

He’s had a healthy-ish month apart from a lingering cough/cold that he’s had on and off for a couple of months now. Keeps coming and going (and is at its worst when he’s teething). You’ll be pleased to know that he poos 2 or 3 times a week now instead the once a week explosion he was doing 🙂


He’s pretty good at sitting up unaided now.

Still lots of rolling and clambering around but not crawling yet.

He loves standing up (with this hands being held!) and he still loves bouncing whether being held or in his jumperoo!

Feeding and weaning

The biggest change this month has been that we started weaning. You can read our latest update here – it was going quite well until I wrote that update but since then he’s gone off his food a bit… unless it’s a finger of toast… I don’t think he’s ever refused buttery toast!

He still has 4 milk feeds a day – one first thing, one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon and one before bed (about 6.30/7pm) – still combination feeding, mostly breast but a bit of formula too 🙂

Weekly and daily routine

I’m finding our daily routine has been all over the place since we started weaning – as feeding can take an extra hour or two of our day (including prep) so has a knock-on effect on naps etc.

Our weekly routine stayed much the same as what I wrote in our last update but as we enter December, the classes and groups are coming to an end in line with the end of my maternity leave :/


You’ll know that we’ve never had great sleep, well in the last month we definitely turned a corner. We had one night where baby W slept through til 5.45am! And a couple of nights he’s slept through til 4/5.

I was always against ‘sleep training’ as I thought babies will sleep through when they’re ready. However, I was also aware that baby W waking every 2-3 hours was not for hunger, it was just for comfort. Through a mix of mothering instinct, the book ‘no-cry sleep solution’ and emailing Lisa Clegg (blissful baby expert) we tried:

-giving him water instead of milk during the night

-and/or getting him back to sleep through shushing/patting him etc, then leaving him (I often find that he cries more when I’m in the room with him!)

And these have largely worked although teething and coughing get in the way quite a lot 😦

So we’re not quite there, but we’ve definitely turned a corner!

What else we’ve been up to

  • This month my other half was away a LOT with work, and had a work-related exam. Tough times for us all, as he was busy and stressed and missing spending time with W. And I felt like a single mum for a good few weeks – very tiring!
  • I had my first weekend away from baby W and survived! (actually really enjoyed it! Read about it here)
  • Lots of settling in sessions with the childminder, including a full day – these have gone really well, I’ve felt fine leaving him and he’s had a good time over there!
  • Keeping in touch days with work – I did a couple of these over the last month – was nice to catch up with everyone 🙂
  • Lots of autumnal walks with baby W and baby W had an underwater photoshoot!


Baby W and mummy’s 6 month update

Boy, oh, boy – my baby boy turned 6 months old today! What a milestone! He is turning into a gorgeous, healthy, happy chappy…


I have no idea how much he weighs – it’s been nearly a month since he was last weighed. Assuming he’s still on the 25th percentile, then he should be getting close to 16lbs. He’s small and perfectly formed 🙂 He’s still in 3-6 month old clothes and I think we have a few weeks wear left in them. I’ve just bought my first load of size 4 nappies as the size 3 don’t fit him quite as well anymore.


In the last few weeks he’s started rolling around a lot, especially in his cot! I can’t leave him on the sofa or bed any more as he could fall off!

Also during the last few weeks he’s found his feet, so he loves grabbing on to those in the cutest position!

We always feel like he’s had strong legs and at the moment he LOVES bouncing – he loves being in his jumperoo but if he’s being held by anyone he expects them to bounce him!

Today, to celebrate his 6 month birthday, his 3rd tooth is cutting through! So he’s grouchy and clingy today -it’s always tough as he’s usually a happy chappy.

He only poos around once a week these days, and last week that happened at my friend’s house – I think we can safely say he had his first poonami – as I took the nappy off, like a Mr Whippy machine it just kept coming…. and  coming! While I cleaned her rug, she carried him upstairs to be hosed down… he left a few deposits en route!!


You’ll know from previous updates that baby W doesn’t sleep through the night – so as we were approaching the 6 month mark of poor sleep, something had to give and we started some ‘gentle sleep training’ last week – I will blog about it separately (once we’re sure it’s worked) but we’re off to a good start – the last 2 nights he has dropped all night feeds and only woke once (about 3am). I’ll keep you posted!

Daily routine

To get ready for the sleep training I’ve been doing lots of preparation over the last few weeks, trying to give his day a bit more structure and encourage longer naps, putting him in his cot for day naps etc so roughly our day looks like this:

  • 7-7.30 get up, first feed then play time!
  • 8-9 first nap starts (ideally an hour long)
  • more play, second feed about 1030
  • 11ish second nap starts (ideally an hour long)
  • 1230 ish try some food, playtime before and after
  • sometimes he has 2 afternoon naps, sometimes just the one depending on what we’re up to
  • 2.30 ish third feed
  • 6ish bedtime routine begins – bath, sometimes massage, bottle of formula (4th feed of the day) then bed

Weekly routine

It’s been the same for a while now:

  • Mondays – fortnightly local mother and baby group (Bambino’s)
  • Tuesdays – TinyTalk in the morning, mother and baby yoga (PureYoga) in the afternoon
  • Wednesdays – mother and baby group (Jellybabies)
  • Thursdays and Fridays – free for walks, meeting people etc!
  • Saturday – swimming lesson in the morning with daddy


You’ll see I mentioned food – we’re slowly starting the weaning process – I’m in no rush and nor is baby W!

We’re going to attempt the baby-led route to begin with – so far we’ve tried it 3 times – he hated sweet potato and avocado, but has enjoyed sucking on banana, baby rice and blueberries! Again, will blog about it separately when I have more to report!

What we’ve been up to

We found a park that we can walk to – it has a duck pond and a heron, and views across to the sea! Nearby there’s also a new coffee shop that’s just opened – so far we’ve had a take-away from there but we need to check it out properly!

vOur local duck pond, Fairwater park, Cardiff

Last week we went to stay with my parents for a few days and had a lovely time in my hometown (Aberystwyth) and a lovely walk around New Quay.

image image

Sunrise from my parents’ house:


For Halloween I dressed him in a skeleton outfit and took him into work for a ‘bring your kids to work’ afternoon. Much fun and many cuddles 🙂

Skeleton outfit from Asda!

Mummy update

A combination of sleep deprivation and my other half being away a few times with work left me feeling a bit blue a few weeks ago. I think I had one of those ‘who am I’ type crises as my maternity leave is coming to and end, I looked like crap and I’d maybe spent too much time with baby!

It was lovely at the weekend to have a bit of retail therapy, have my eyebrows and hair done, and get dressed up for a fab wedding party! And I had a lovely night in with my sister and her friends a coupled of Saturday nights ago… I’m a lucky girl, it’s just easy to forget when you’re frazzled!

Feeling good :)

Over the next few weeks I have some keeping in touch days at work and my first weekend away from baby W…. eeeeeeek!