Toddler W’s 22 month update

W turned 22 months this week, just 2 months away from his 2nd birthday eeeeek! To celebrate, he had a vomiting bug for a couple of days, poor thing 😢

He’s back to his normal self now… Full of beans… And words! 


bob the builder
bob the builder
That’s the main thing that’s changed since the last update… Just lots more words and understanding…  Today he saw a plane in the sky and said ‘aeroplane’ and he’s started stringing sentences together… Mostly things like ‘bye bye car’.


loving the lego tower
loving the lego tower
What’s great about his language skills now is he’s able to tell us what he wants… That came in so handy this week when he was ill whether it was ‘water’, ‘toast’, ‘bed’, ‘peppa’ or ‘titties’ (teletubbies!!) he wanted! 

Hand in hand with that, he hasn’t learnt how to be patient yet, if he wants ‘toast’ he doesn’t want to wait for the toaster, if he’s watching ‘peppa’ he doesn’t like watching adverts in between! One of his favourite things to do if I’m sat on the sofa is pull me ‘up’ to do whatever he needs me to do at the time!

quack quack!
quack quack!
Since the last update:

-we had to take him to A&E when he fell and hit the corner of a cupboard right next to his eye… Scarily close 😁

– routine is much the same, and still enjoys his food most of the time 

– we had a lovely week in Spain 

– we think he will be a mechanic when he grows up, he LOVES cars whether they be toy cars or ‘mamma’s car’ or ‘dadda’s car’

Such a cutie, melts my heart every day 😍

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