My second birth story 

A week past my due date, at 41 wks I had my 3rd sweep. I was getting the odd contraction which I’d had for a few days. By late afternoon/early evening they were getting more intense so we sent toddler W off to his nan’s and I got in the bath for a bit. 

Even though it was my second, because W was induced I really didn’t know what to expect at home – while in the bath, through contractions, I was reading baby books on when you should go into hospital – I didn’t want to go too late but didn’t want to go too early and get sent home!

All this time I was just trying to breathe through the contractions, plus trying to stay relaxed and think of tropical peaceful beaches!

second birth story
I was still in the bath when my OH came home after dropping W off. We worked out my contractions were about 6-7 minutes apart so he phoned the delivery ward and they told us to come in…

I put the TENS on for the car journey, and luckily as it was early evening the traffic was light and I only had one contraction in the car!

As soon as we got to the ward my allocated midwife was there waiting for us and I asked for gas and air before we’d even got into the room! I think my subconscious was like ‘right, you’ve done alright through breathing, now you’re here you can get on the gas and air!’ 

The midwife examined me straight away and we were all surprised and delighted that I was 6-7cm dilated already! So chuffed that I’d got that far without any pain relief… 

My waters broke 10 mins later (so lucky they didn’t go in the car 😂) I got hooked up to the monitor and straight on the gas and air (amazing stuff) and had some pretty strong contractions… Couple of times hitting over 100 on the machine whatever that means. As with last time my OH was brilliant helping me with the gas and air and getting me to use it properly (how to breathe using it always seems to confuse me!)

At some point a doctor came in and noted how ‘serene’ it was in the room.. I remember at that point, I had zoned out a bit… Like they say animals want peace and quiet in labour, I think I was going through a similar stage! 

Just 30-40 minutes after arriving in hospital, it wasn’t long before I had the urge to push… 3 or 4 pushes and he was out! 

We got to the hospital at 8pm and baby S was born at 9.02pm, weighing in at 7lb. Honestly can’t believe how quick it was!

He was placed on me straight away but I was wearing a t-shirt so not sure if we had that true skin-on-skin moment… It’s all a bit hazy as…

I hadn’t torn this time but while the midwife was doing the agpar tests, I remember feeling so woozy, and I was still getting painful contractions. She got the doctor in and between them they removed some blood clots from my womb which is what was causing the pain. My OH said this was worse to see than the birth or placenta!!

Because of these clots I lost over 1.5litres of blood, so was on iron straight away (even though they should have waited 3 days apparently) and hooked up to a hormone for 4 hours (can’t remember why!) in the recovery ward. 

S hadn’t latched straight away like W did, and he cried a fair bit but also slept a fair bit. We moved down to the main ward about 6am where we chilled out for the day. A couple of times they helped me get him to latch and we also gave him colostrum via a syringe.

Even though I wasn’t quite convinced that breastfeeding was established, and could have stayed in, I wanted to come home and so we did about 5-6pm and he got to meet his big brother W, and auntie 🙂

Overall, it was a much quicker experience than my first, much less pain/discomfort post-birth but also we got this huge sense of relief that he was ok, after all the scare warnings we’d had during pregnancy and the small chance that he might have a genetic disorder…. Our gorgeous second-born boy was here… And healthy… And perfect 😍

41 weeks pregnant

Ok so this is a week late… I started drafting it but then went into labour! Thought I’d still publish it so that the full story is blogged… But no bump photo to go with it! 😦

I don’t know why but I never thought I’d get to a week overdue… Everyone tells you that your second usually comes early. It’s a weird feeling going overdue… I’m bored but too tired to do anything, now been off for 4 weeks already! I also think my anxieties seem to go up… I just want him out and to know he’s ok!!

Since the last update I’ve spent about 12 hours in hospital… Every appointment seems to cause us new drama!

Thursday (40+2) – went to the consultant clinic. I had to wait over an hour and a half before they even did my BP/urine check… And the WIFI was broken so I couldn’t even watch the Wales vs England football game! 

So it wasn’t any surprise that my BP was through the roof (160/110) by the time I got in there! Cue getting sent straight upstairs to the assessment unit and a fair chance that I’d get induced that night..

But by the time I was settled in there my BP was ok and after waiting a few hours to see the doctor, she asked my thoughts on induction and I said I’d rather try a sweep which is what they did. 6 hours after arriving and I was home!

Friday I thought I’d try all the old wives tales… Went for a lovely curry at Chai street, drank some raspberry leaf tea (bit late I know) and started bouncing on the exercise ball!

asty thali at chai street cardiff
asty thali at chai street cardiff

Over the weekend I started to have cramps/period pain-like symptoms but spread over hours. 
On Sunday I had a 930 hospital appointment just to check my BP and have a second sweep. The midwife put me on the monitor (no idea why – my BP was fine) and measured Bean with her tape measure and wasn’t happy with his size so wanted me to see the doctor in the assessment unit.

Cue a 4 hour wait!!! I love the NHS and I was trying really hard not to but couldn’t help but feel frustrated and pissed off sat in a waiting room for so long while my OH and toddler W celebrated Father’s Day without me!

I guess it was worth the weight… I got ANOTHER scan and not only was the sonographer totally happy with his size (and said we might be looking at an 8lb-er) but actually took ages over it as she said he was the most photogenic scan she’d done at this late stage! (I think it’s cos I’m very slim). She could also see some vernix on him which was an indication that he still had a few days of cooking to do in there!

Top tip: if you have any form of hospital appointment, even if you think you’re just popping in… Take books/mags/phone charger!!

Monday I had the laziest day apart from having to nip out to replace a front tyre…. Never had such speedy service after telling them I was 6 days overdue 😂

Tuesday morning I had my third and final stretch and sweep. As with the previous two, I was 2-3 cms dilated (normal for a second baby) and the cervix was still quite high up. I had the odd cramp throughout the day… And they ramped up late afternoon/early evening and I went into labour that night… Finally!

Stay tuned for my birth story! Xx

40 weeks pregnant: Due date! 

Today’s my due date… And no sign of baby bean! It’s a strange feeling, I was always half expecting to be induced by now, and everyone kept saying your second usually comes early… Yet nothing!

40 weeks pregnant
40 weeks pregnant


Over the weekend I started having a few cramps here and there but nothing serious! The last couple of days I’ve felt exhausted… Not sure of that is a sign of my body getting ready?! *Clutching at straws!* I’m so exhausted I’m wondering how on earth I will find the energy for labour but it must be my body resting before the big event!

I’ve got a consultant appointment Thursday, if my blood pressure is high I suspect they might keep me in and induce me that night.

Just today I’ve booked to see the community midwife tomorrow… I’m hoping she might be able to see whether I’m dilated at all. (Whereas I’m not sure I would ordinarily get to see a midwife on Thursday in hospital)

What I’ve been up to

Since the last update I’ve had a lovely time… W was with the childminder for his usual days (mon-thurs) so:

Wednesday – can’t remember!

Thursday I had a fab mum-to-be massage at Ener-Chi in Radyr which my sister had treated me to, really nice! And I followed it up with lunch in a nice local cafe (orchards ) 

Friday my aunt came to visit and to help out with W in my heavily pregnant state… We had lots of house and garden fun including painting! She babysat while he napped so I could meet an old friend for lunch at the lovely Fino lounge 

Saturday – I took W over to my friend’s for a playdate in the morning, and we watched the football in the afternoon (go Wales!) My OH finally put together our Snuzpod (co-sleeping cot) 🙂

Sunday – had started feeling exhausted by this point but dragged myself out to chase meerkats (prairie dogs!) at Warren mill farm again (W’s favourite activity) followed by Wagamamas in Cardiff bay 🙂

Yesterday – apart from getting the car serviced and doing a food shop, I managed to chill out a bit! While the car was in the garage, I found a lovely cafe that’s not long opened – Caffi cwtch – I plan to take baby there 🙂

Today – as it was D-day my friend suggested meeting for lunch and a browse around our lovely local garden centre, Pugh’s. It was a lovely few hours and a welcome distraction despite my exhaustion! 

It’s been nice having a bit of ‘me time’ knowing that I might not have it again for a while!

And now here I am….  


I still don’t feel ready… But I’m not sure if I ever will. I’m hoping he makes an appearance this weekend… Father’s Day would be nice!

I think they let you go 2 weeks over before inducing/sweeping you… 2 weeks seems like a very long time. If he’s not here by the weekend I think I’ll be trying all the methods to try and get him out 🙂

I was reading my old blog posts earlier from when I was expecting W. I was worried about labour, but also whether I’d bond with baby and know what to do. This time around I’m worried about labour, but also whether he’s ok. I’m guessing it’s because this pregnancy has come with a lot more stress, but also as it’s our second, we know what’s at stake!

I’ll keep you posted on developments – wish me luck! Xx

39 weeks pregnant 

Today I’m 39+1 so just 6 days to go til due date! 

39 weeks pregnant
39 weeks pregnant

So last week I was supposed to spend the week with W as the childminder was on holiday. But as per my last update I was busy getting my blood pressure (BP) checked every other day…


Thursday I had another scan and consultant appointment and good news, this time I had a laid-back doctor who didn’t think my BP was an issue and the growth curves were looking fine.

So good news as they don’t want to see me again til past my due date now… And hopefully Bean might be here by then! 

I was quite surprised, I assumed on Thursday that they’d be booking me in to induce me, as happened last time. I know that could still happen, but there’s a greater chance I will go into labour naturally at home or whatever which is a weird feeling! 

Preparation and nesting

I STILL don’t feel ready for his arrival!! I feel a bit in denial, still haven’t done much (any!?) labour preparation, no breathing exercises etc!

Instead I’ve been very busy nesting, which I’m enjoying… Lots of sorting out, throwing out, creating space, re-arranging etc! 

Any other updates?

  • I’m feeling ok apart from not sleeping well due to the heat (and bump!)
  • I’ve gone over the 2 stone weight gain mark now!
  • My lovely sister bought me a voucher for a maternity massage which I’m hoping I can use tomorrow
  • I finally packed the hospital bags 
  • Had a lovely weekend with W which I’ll blog about soon
  • Had a lovely day yesterday lunching and shopping with besties and a 4 week old baby 😍

So that’s it for now… A short and sweet update, the next few days promise more nesting and resting… No signs that Bean will be here any time soon but watch this space! 

Hospital bags for labour are packed: checklist and tips 

With just over a week to go I’ve finally finished packing my hospital bags. Now last time around I packed a lot of stuff, got taken in and induced early (without my bags) so I didn’t really end up using much that I’d packed… I also didn’t shower there so didn’t use any of the toiletries!

My top essentials for labour last time were:

  • Drinking straws (makes it so much easier to drink, whatever position you’re in!)
  • Lavender oil on a hankie… Smelling this kept me relaxed 
  • Face sprays/mists 

This time around I’ve packed a bit lighter and assumed an overnight stay. I’ve also split the bags into one for mum, one for baby. (Last time I tried labour and post-labour)

hospital bags packed!
hospital bags packed!
Let’s start with mummy’s bag… The good old faithful Cath Kidston that a bestie bought me 🙂

I’ve packed:

  • A bag of energy snacks (brunch bars), 2 bottles of lucozade, 2 bottles of water
  • Drinking straws 
  • A bag of toiletries….

toiletries for my hospital bag
toiletries for my hospital bag
The right-hand side is for labour:

  • Elemis lavender toner spray and Body Shop vitamin E face mist… Both blissful!
  • Lavender oil and a hanky to sniff it from (helps me relax)
  • Plain massage oil – doubt I will use it but just in case I demand a back rub from my OH!
  • Sanctuary foot and leg gel – another blissful treat for aching legs and cankles!
  • Lip balm for the gas-and-air dry mouth/lips

On the left-hand side is stuff I might use post-labour:

  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel – just small samples I’ve gotten free with stuff 
  • Deodorant
  • Face cream
  • BB foundation (the thing I’m most unlikely to use but you never know!)
  • Just realised I need to pack my toothpaste and toothbrush too! And a hairbrush!

Also in mummy’s bag the not-very-glamorous but essential:

  • Pants
  • Nursing Bra
  • Sanitary towels 
  • Breast pads 
  • Clothes to go home in – lounging bottoms and a t-shirt!
  • Paracetamol – a friend gave me this tip last time around, they can come in handy post-labour as you could literally be waiting hours for your prescription to come through!

But on the more exciting side I’ve packed a brand new nighty and pyjamas that I bought in the M&S sale for a total of £15… Lovely bird print, been saving them to wear for the big event or just after as I was in totally scruffy old stuff last time!

M&S maternity bird print nighty and pyjamas
M&S maternity bird print nighty and pyjamas
Now for baby’s bag. This is a brand new bag we were given by toTs by Smartrike, I’ll do a proper review once we start using it properly but in the meantime I must tell you I’m really impressed with it… High quality/finish and bags of space!

baby's hospital bag by tots  by smartrike
baby’s hospital bag by tots by smartrike
Inside I’ve packed:

  • A selection of newborn clothes – couple of vests, couple of sleepsuits, couple of outfits… Should cover all weather eventualities! The sleepsuits were worn by W as a baby, the other items are brand new and featured in our recent haul post if you fancy a closer look!

first clothes for our newborn
first clothes for our newborn
Then we have:

  • About 8 nappies – we are kindly sent a big pack of Asda’s new nappies to try out – their nappies sound upgraded since we last used them when W was a baby – they now have newborn nappies with ‘Dreamskin’ technology which helps keep their skin moisturised and temperature regulated which sound great 
  • Wet wipes – A travel pack of water wipes – we were also sent these to try which I’m really looking forward to trying, should be less faff than water and cotton wool!
  • Cotton wool just in case!
  • Little samples of nappy cream
  • A blanket (crocheted by my aunt!)

some of baby's hospital bag essentials
some of baby’s hospital bag essentials

And I think that’s it!

  • My hospital notes are currently living on top of the bags so we remember those too
  • Must remember my phone charger, also the TENS machine if I’m not already using it as we’re en route 

If I end up being induced again I’ll take another bag packed with books, magazines, my iPad and lots of snacks!

Anything I’ve missed? What was in your hospital bags?!

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38 weeks pregnant 

2 weeks to go til due date and I still feel utterly unprepared!…..

38 weeks pregnant
38 weeks pregnant

So last week didn’t quite go to plan, as I said in my last update… W should have been with the childminder and I was planning a week of nesting and resting… 

Alas by Wednesday morning W wasn’t well so spent the rest of the week at home with me… We think it’s his last couple of teeth coming through, it came with cold-like symptoms, earache and sleepless nights….

So of course I caught another cold off him and I’m feeling utterly exhausted and top of this…


As I said in the 37 week update we needed to go back in to hospital last week to check the abdomen percentile trend…

So we had yet another scan on Thursday but actually they didn’t seem to check/measure that at all, just checked fluid etc. 

Instead, new health drama… My blood pressure was high (150-something/95) and so the consultant wanted it checked the next day (I went to the GP and got W checked over too!) it was still high so I went up to the assessment unit that afternoon…. Then had to get it checked at the unit Saturday morning and yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) morning. It was a bit lower yesterday (129/89) so don’t need to go up again til Thursday…

The same thing happened to me in my last pregnancy and I ended up being induced in the end… So I’m kinda expecting the same will happen this time around which I’m fine with. With 2 weeks to go bean isn’t showing any signs of coming out soon, kicking away nicely.

As I said, in other health news I now have a cold/cough (which is doing my pelvic floor no good!!) and in terms of aches and pains, my left leg (calf/ankle especially) is sore and I might try to get it massaged soon as that’s another thing keeping me awake!

Nesting and shopping

So in other news, I did manage to get a lot of washing and sorting done! 

Being stuck in the house with an ill toddler, I did a bit of online shopping including:

  • photo frames for W’s newborn photos… Only took 2 years!!
  • Sling bookshelves and some toy storage for W’s stuff 
  • A sheepskin and angelcare bath support for baby bean. 

We still have a fair bit to do including picking up the car seat and putting the Snuzpod together!

Preparing for labour

I still feel utterly unprepared in this area! We’ve managed to watch one ‘one born every minute’ so far and I’ve slowly started reading Ina May Gaskin’s ‘spiritual midwifery’ but still haven’t managed to finish packing the hospital bags!  

Let’s see what this week will bring with a toddler in tow and blood pressure checks! 

6 ways we’re getting toddler W ready for his baby brother’s arrival

With only two weeks to go til baby bean is he to arrive, I can’t wait to see how 2 year old toddler W will react to his arrival! He’s given us plenty of sleepless nights over the last few weeks so seems to be preparing us for it all!

His behaviour’s been great lately but I’m fully expecting some jealousy-driven tantrums when baby is here! Here’s some things we’ve been doing and planning, to prepare him for baby’s arrival…

1- getting him a baby doll and pushchair

A few months ago I read a blog post from someone in the same situation (Lamb & Bear) who had bought their son a baby doll, I thought it was a great idea and so far, so good! He loved baby doll straight way and around the same time I picked up a bargainous pushchair to go with it, for a £1!

kissing baby
kissing baby

He’s good at caring for his baby doll (only flung him into the bin once!!) and pushing him around…. Hopefully when the real baby is here, his toy doll might join in with family baths/nappy changing etc… We’ll see. It’s certainly been handy at trying to explain what’s in mummy’s tummy…

our baby boy doll from b&m
our baby boy doll from b&m

2 – bonding time with bump
As soon as I started showing, I got in the habit of telling W that it was a baby. So quite often now he’ll ‘kiss baby’, say ‘hello baby’ or ask where baby is hiding (always trying to pull my top up to see him!) the best time is when I read his bedtime stories and he’s cwtched right in to me and Bean.

3 – teaching him through books

We bought Pirate pete’s big brother book, and ‘there’s a house inside my mummy’ they’ve been ok but not overly useful, maybe better for slightly older kids…

The content in the pirate Pete book is perfect but W just gets distracted by the button which makes a baby giggling sound! Whereas the content in the other is a bit confusing for him I think… Eg kitchen in mummy’s tummy etc. Either way they prompt us to interact with bump and talk about baby.

4 – giving him a present from baby 

A few people have suggested buying him a present from baby. So far I’ve only bought him this gorgeous ‘big brother elephant’ but we might to think of something a bit bigger and/or more interactive as he’s not overly bothered with soft toys.

best big brother elephant
best big brother elephant

5 – asking him to help out

W likes keeping busy, and helping out with chores… So we plan to get him as involved as we can once baby’s here eg fetching nappies, helping to change him etc… We’ll see how it goes!

6 – keeping him in his usual routine

For the first month at least, W will still go to the childminder 4 days a week. Controversial maybe but we thought long and hard about it… Baby will (hopefully!) be on my boobs a lot during the day, and I will be shattered so I can imagine W getting very bored and frustrated! He’ll have more fun over at the childminder’s and once I know what kind of baby we have then I can start reducing the childcare time down to 1 or 2 days a week.

We’ll have to make sure that the 3 days he’s not with the childminder that he gets plenty of love and attention 😍

Of course I’ll keep you posted on how it actually goes….. Can you think of anything else we could do to prepare him? I’d love to hear your experiences….

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37 weeks pregnant 

A week ago I was enjoying my last few days in work, feeling like I could carry on for a few more weeks but I stuck to finishing on Thursday….

Lucky I did as I felt exhausted straight after…. Maternity insomnia has kicked in, and I think a lot of that is because I feel totally unprepared, physically and mentally!

After finishing work Thursday…

dressed up for the photoshoot
dressed up for the photoshoot

– Friday, W and I had a photoshoot, I wanted some nice photos of him hugging bump but he wasn’t really interested on the day!! Hopefully she got some nice pics of us anyway 😁

– Saturday, a day of nesting, got W’s baby clothes down from the loft etc

– Sunday – a lovely spa day which was a Christmas present from my other half for me, his mum and sister. It came at the right time as I was so tired! I had a prenatal body massage, facial and pedicure… Bliss! 

spa day selfie
spa day selfie

-yesterday felt like the first proper day of maternity leave. We’ve left W with the childminder so hopefully I can do lots of nesting and resting! Yesterday I did some sorting/re-arranging, 4 loads of washing and started packing hospital bags. Oh and last night we watched our first One Born this time around… So I’m starting to get a bit more prepared!


Apart from the usual tiredness and achiness I’ve felt pretty good since the last update and had some nice days out.

We had a 36 week scan on Thursday. Everything seemed fine but the doctor was worried that the abdomen percentile had dropped from about 90% to about 50% since the last scan. So we’re back in this Thursday for another scan… I’ve lost count of how many scans we’ve had, must be about 8 by now… Can’t complain, feels like we’re getting a private level of service (apart from all the hanging around waiting ;))

Yesterday I finally had my whooping cough jab. Despite all the hospital appointments, nobody told me about this vaccine… It’s the stuff your midwife would normally tell you.

At last week’s scan baby had a full mop of head, was still very much a boy and was weighing 5lb 8oz… Oh and he’s now head down which is great!

I’ve just weighed myself and I’m close to 10 stone now, so I’ve put on nearly 2 stone which is similar to my first pregnancy.


Since the last update where I’d bought the Snuzpod, I took the plunge and bought the Sleepyhead (was on offer on the NCT shop) to go with it…. This baby will get some sleep 😎

So that’s two things bought off my newborn wishlist (probably the only things we’ll buy off it!)

My team in work spoiled me to a lovely afternoon tea in Pettigrew tea rooms in my last week… It was such a nice treat that I wasn’t expecting anything else but on my last day they surprised me with lots of gorgeous goodies after doing a collection around the office…. Thank you all! Xx

lovely gifts from colleagues
lovely gifts from colleagues

Baby bean has also been given two lovely hand-made crochet blankets (one from a neighbour, one from my auntie) and his first comforter made by my lovely colleague and fellow blogger TwinklinPixi 🙂 

crochet gifts
crochet gifts

The week ahead

I still have lots of nesting, sorting, re-arranging to do this week… Also a list of things to do like getting the car cleaned etc. I must remember to pick up the car seat that we’re borrowing too!

I need to get all the nesting done this week as I have W next week as the childminder is on hols so I won’t get much done next week and I’ll probably be shattered!

Apart from that, I hope to watch lots of One Born, read birth stories and practice breathing/relaxation for labour etc #eek 

3 weeks to go! 

33 weeks pregnant 

I’m 33+3 today and thought I’d write a quick update before the OH whisks me off for a 2 night spa break (typical I’ve woken up with a cold!) 

33 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant

So since my last update 3-4 weeks ago…


Has generally been good. Last week I had the return of morning sickness for a few days followed by a couple of days of painful varicose veins in my foot! So generally good, yoga has been helping and I’ve also been swimming twice this week.

We had a consultant appointment inc scan at 32 weeks. All seems fine, bean is measuring fine but was in breech at the time but plenty of time to turn! Heading back at 36 weeks. 

With all the hospital appointments we’ve had, I’ve not seen my community midwife since my first booking appointment! I’m guessing I’ll see more of her towards the end, and I need to look into getting the whooping cough vaccine. (PS I found my maternity notes after losing them.. They were safe in a plastic bag!) 


So far I’ve put on about a stone and a half. Seems about right, last time I put on two stone in total.


Finally started buying! Since the last update have bought…

  • Some newborn outfits and clothes – see my last haul post
  • A Snuzpod (co-sleeping cot)
  • A box of newborn nappies 
  • A haul at Aldi’s baby/toddler event including storage units, bottles, weaning set, sleep suits!
  • Some brand new and nearly new bodysuits from charity shops (my new favourite hobby!) 

Aldi  toddler and baby haul!
Aldi toddler and baby haul!

brand new tesco bodysuits from a charity shop
brand new tesco bodysuits from a charity shop


I collected our Emma’s diary packs which are great as they’ve got lots of little samples from breast pads to GAP baby socks to washing detergent!

just some of the goodies from Emma's Diary
just some of the goodies from Emma’s Diary

I got sent some free Water Wipes to try out with the newborn, heard lots about these so looking forward to trying them out.

I bought Gurgle magazine the other week and it came with a free shower gel which will be perfect for post-birth as it’s fragrance-free etc.

A friend has kindly given me some newborn vests/bodysuits hand-me-downs etc and lent me a Moby baby carrier/wrap which I’m looking forward to trying out. 

What we still need to do

I’m definitely in the nesting phase, which is handy as we have quite a bit of sorting and re-arranging to do. Bean’s stuff all needs to fit into W’s room etc.

Still need to pick up the car seat from our friends.

Sorted out work and handed over most of what I need to hand over…. Only got 8 days left in work now! Feel ready to finish but totally not ready for the baby!

Still need to do some prep for labour… Reading, breathing exercises etc! And get the hospital bags ready…

Coming up

As I said we have a mini babymoon today. Next week we’re off to Bluestone for a few days to celebrate W’s second birthday! 

4 things I plan to do differently second time around 

As baby bean’s arrival gets closer, I’ve been thinking about what I would and wouldn’t change. I think our overall approach will obviously depend on baby but hopefully I will breastfeed again and go down the baby-led weaning route.

Here’s four things I didn’t do last time that I’d like to try this time…

1- Babywearing – I really wanted to try this with W, I did loads of research and a friend lent me a beautiful woven wrap but I just didn’t really try it/get into it. In my defence it was a hot summer and some days were uncomfortably sticky so prob not the best time to try it. This time around, I hope I get into it for all the benefits it brings… Plus it could really help with logistics as it will leave my hands free to chase W around! I’m going to start with something a bit more structured than a wrap… A friend has lent me a Moby and I’m tempted to try the Tula and/or Close Caboo too and see which one I get on with!

2- Amber for teething – whenever W was teething, those days felt like some of the hardest days for him and toughest parenting days for me… He was inconsolable, we went through lots of nurofen, milk and he’d finally be happy if he slept for hours on end. So assuming that same happens with bean, I’d love to try him with an amber anklet. I know some  people think they’re nonsense but I think why not give it a shot?! I know there’s a lot of fakes out there but I’ve got a list of recommendations to check out!

3 – Getting fit – I’m lucky I have a good metabolism and last time around my body shrunk back pretty quickly (breastfeeding helped too!) but I am so unfit!! Years ago I used to love doing Bodypump (weights class) plus a bit of cardio and yoga… So my body was much more toned. After I had W I suffered with a bad back for ages… The time around I might be a bit stronger having gotten used to picking W up, but nonetheless once my body’s healed and my stomach muscles are back together, I’d like to get toned again. I’m also hoping it will give me the added bonus of some extra energy through all the endorphins!

4 – Relaxing – and…. Relax! Last time around, I did loads of classes with W, some days we’d have two classes on! As much as I enjoyed it, I think I put myself under too much pressure to keep busy, make new friends (pointless – I didn’t make any!) and somehow prove myself to be a superhuman yummy mummy. All I did was probably tire myself more than I needed to! This time a couple of besties will be on mat. leave too, but apart from catching up with them I plan to be a bit more selfish and lazy, resting up and savouring every moment knowing that we’re not planning on any more after this one! 

What did you do differently second time around?