Our ordinary post-Easter weekend

I know I don’t usually write about our ordinary weeks or weekends, but this weekend has been just lovely and I wanted to make sure I remembered it as nothing overly memorable happened! After 3 weeks of illness it’s been so nice to get out and about, plus the weather was ok, plus it won’t be too long before I’m too pregnant to do much 😉 So….

Friday – my weekly day with W. In the morning we went to a NCT bumps and babies group in Cafe Junior because they were also having a Sling library and babywearing is something I’d like to try with baby 2. So I got a demo of the Tula, close caboo, mei tai and I’ll try and try them out myself closer to the time, maybe without W there… He was a little bit clingy but only because it was so busy in there… School holiday madness!

I’d timed it to get home in time for his daily noon nap but on getting home realised that we were locked out. Typical our neighbour who’s always in and has a spare set was out! So I spent the next hour basically driving around Cardiff picking up a spare set from family – so annoying! I’ll blame it on baby brain!

After W woke from an epic 3.5 hour nap (he hadn’t slept great the night before) we went over to catch up with one of my besties and her two girls, who I hadn’t seen for months! Was great to catch up, and although W was a bit clingy for a while after about an hour he finally started playing with her eldest daughter and it was just so lush watching them playing, chasing each other around, hiding and screaming!

Saturday – W had another really bad night’s sleep which basically meant I didn’t get any sleep after midnight, lucky that I’ve suffered from insomnia for years! We were up at 7 and by 9 we were in IKEA... I wanted to check out some storage options for his toys and baby’s clothes. It was lovely and quiet and so W had a great time running around, playing in the rooms and clambering over displays like stacks of rugs!

We called at my sister’s nearby on the way home and he loved this as she’d put Peppa on tv for him (he’s obsessed with her!) and got a load of books out (Peppa, gruffalo) AND she’d bought him a cute little tool kit from Tiger!

After his nap we headed to Cafe Junior again as we’d booked him for his second haircut. We arrived a bit early so I dragged them to the nearby charity shop and I bought my best-ever-charity-shop-find… A Chicco toy pushchair for £1! He pushed it back to cafe junior (bonus: it actually helps him walk faster instead of meandering ;)) He was so happy and excited that a few passers-by smiled etc… I know it sounds cheesy but I find it so lush when he brings a teeny bit of joy to other people’s lives 🙂

Haircut went well, he wouldn’t wear the bib/overall but apart from that nothing phased him and he enjoyed sitting in the car chair watching Peppa as the lovely lady trimmed his lovely locks! (Read about his first haircut at the same place here)

That gave us free entry to Cafe junior and it was nice and quiet as it was sunny outside so W enjoyed playing around while dada and I had hot drinks and cakes… Bliss! Then….. It was poo time… He hadn’t pooed all week (he does have these phases of constipation at times) so we’re half expecting it… He’d been in pain earlier int he day with it. My OH kindly dealt with the poo and said it was HUGE! Five minutes later and he’d pooed again, another solid performance 😉 then he had a third…… But we’d only brought two nappies with us, we never usually need more than two for a couple of hours out! So I felt awful that he had to keep sitting in his poo for the 20minute car ride home bless him!

Sunday – in the morning we went to check out a local forest – Forest fawr walk – where I wanted to check out the sculpture trail  but daddy and W headed straight into the woods… Lots of fun with ‘stick man’, kicking leaves, walking on logs etc! And again, W made plenty of people stop and chat and smile when he started chatting to their dogs etc. A lovely walk, only a 5-10 minute drive away, free parking and peace and quiet…. Bliss! Cardiff mummy says wrote a great blog about this place if you’re interested.

In the afternoon I was glad for a bit of respite while daddy took W over to his parents’ for a couple of hours. While they were gone, I went to retrieve his new pushchair from his garden playhouse…. And found a stash of leaves, crayons and toys in there…. That made me smile, so cute 🙂

And his cuteness didn’t end there… When he dropped some of  my crisps and I asked him to pick them up, he ran off into the other room and came back with our handheld dyson to vacuum them up, that made me LOL!

Even today after work he made me smile, as we headed out into the garden to play he said ‘towel’ and pointed at his car and said ‘water’ (there was rainwater in there) clever boy!

So a lovely weekend, helps that W was on form, no tantrums etc. We had a lovely time and hardly spent any money… Just enjoyed life’s little pleasures, for which I am very grateful 🙂

bargain toy pushchair
bargain toy pushchair

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