30 weeks pregnant 

Today I’m 30 weeks pregnant and despite the big bump, I still can’t believe it in a way!


30 weeks pregnant
30 weeks pregnant
Since my last pregnancy update…

-we had a 20 week and then 24 week scan and consultant appointment with the fetal medicine department. Everything looks ok, heart is looking good and baby was measuring fine (short legs like his mum!) but of course they can’t give us the 100% ok that baby won’t be born with a genetic disorder as we had a high nuchal fold at the start (but we’re feeling relaxed about it)

-sometime after that appointment I’ve lost my maternity notes/folder… Most annoying thing is all our scan photos were in there 😦 need to try and get it sorted/copied before our next consultant appointment at 33 weeks 

-the last two weeks I was signed off work with a chest infection, it really hit me – was bed/sofa-bound for most of the time and even now I have a lingering cold and cough which is doing my head in!

– I started doing pregnancy yoga (with PureYoga who I did mother&baby yoga with) and managed to make it to one Fitbump class which was great, hope I can make it to a few more!

Getting ready for baby 

I’m disorganised at the best of times but I’ll blame the chest infection on the fact we are SO unprepared for this baby! I keep thinking we already have everything we need but actually we need to:

  • Buy some newborn outfits, and dig out W’s newborn stuff from the loft
  • Buy a Moses basket (I quite fancy getting a Snuzpod/next-to-me)
  • Create some storage space for baby’s clothes/stuff
  • Buy some 0 size nappies
  • Get some replacement parts for my Medela swing pump
  • Pick up the car seat from friends who are donating us theirs 
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Confirm my leaving date in work
  • Work out how many days a week we’ll need the childminder for W while I’m on maternity (any advice on this most welcome!)
  • Remember how to give birth!

On the last point, this is where I feel totally unprepared! I’m sure by this time last time around we’d gone to NHS antenatal classes, I was doing a NCT breathing (and stretching) class and reading lots of magazines and books about labour. 

This time I’ve not any of that! After debating whether or not to attend an NCT refresher class, we can’t make that date anyway! And I feel like I’ve left it too late to join a 6week Daisy birthing course.

So I’ll just have to do lots of reading… Oh and watching One Born Every Minute!


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