About me

Hi and welcome to YummyBlogger!

I’m Heledd, a 30-something from Cardiff and I’ve been blogging for about two years.

I started blogging when I was pregnant with W (born in May 2014) I thought it would be a good time to start a blog so I could keep my brain busy and look back at how I felt and what we did! I’ve found other blogs to be a really useful resource during my pregnancy and parenting journey – it’s great chatting to  other bloggers in a similar situation to me, and hopefully help other new parents and mums-to-be with any tips I can give! I’m now pregnant again (second boy due in June 2016)

Me (and the camera-shy little one :))
I’m a working mum, I’m Head of Retention Marketing for Confused.com and previously I was their Head of Search & Display Marketing – here’s some PPC and SEO stuff I’ve blogged about for eConsultancy   and a Q&A I did with them

I’ve also blogged my way around South East Asia and Australia, when i took a 6 month career break to go travelling there in 2009. This led to me writing a couple of blog posts for Hostelbookers – Lessons I learnt while travelling and 2 weeks in Costa Rica

I’m open to reviewing products and services, as I’ve done on behalf of big brands like Chicco and Medela and supporting relevant PR campaigns eg NSPCC, Medela if you’d like to get in touch drop me a line at heledd1 at gmail.com or fill in the contact form!

You can also find me at:
Twitter @yummyblogger
Bloglovin Blog Lovin – Yummyblogger
Pinterest My Pinterest

Thanks for calling by!

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