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Hi and welcome to YummyBlogger!

I’m Heledd, a 30-something from Cardiff and I’ve been blogging for about two years.

I started blogging when I was pregnant with W (born in May 2014) I thought it would be a good time to start a blog so I could keep my brain busy and look back at how I felt and what we did! I’ve found other blogs to be a really useful resource during my pregnancy and parenting journey – it’s great chatting to  other bloggers in a similar situation to me, and hopefully help other new parents and mums-to-be with any tips I can give! I’m now a mum of two boys… baby S was born in June 2016.

Me (and the camera-shy little one :))

I’m a working mum, I’m Head of Retention Marketing for Confused.com and previously I was their Head of Search & Display Marketing – here’s some PPC and SEO stuff I’ve blogged about for eConsultancy   and a Q&A I did with them

I’ve also blogged my way around South East Asia and Australia, when i took a 6 month career break to go travelling there in 2009. This led to me writing a couple of blog posts for Hostelbookers – Lessons I learnt while travelling and 2 weeks in Costa Rica

I’m open to reviewing products and services, as I’ve done on behalf of big brands like Chicco, MedelaCow & Gate , Tommee Tippee, Jamie’s Italian restaurants and Portmeirion and supporting relevant PR campaigns eg NSPCC, Medela if you’d like to get in touch drop me a line at heledd1 at gmail.com or fill in the contact form!

You can also find me at:
Twitter @yummyblogger

Instagram – Yummyblogger

Bloglovin Blog Lovin – Yummyblogger

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Thanks for calling by!

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