REVIEW: Chicco 123 activity centre – baby walker to ride-on*

Baby W was very excited when this big box arrived….


The Chicco 123 is basically a 3-in-1:

  1. A baby walker for babies aged 6 months old up
  2. A push-along ‘first steps’ for roughly 9 months up
  3. A ride-on for toddlers aged 18 months and older

As W was 14 months old when it arrived, we skipped the first step as he would be too big for it – and tried out the ‘first steps’ bit….

Chicco 123 first steps mode
Chicco 123 first steps mode

He went straight for the phone on the activity centre as you can see above and below… he wouldn’t let it go ūüėČ

He quite enjoyed toddling around with the ‘baby steps’ version but because he was already walking confidently by the time we got it, he didn’t really ‘need’ it as a push-along. It would have come in really handy when he really was taking his first steps as I can imagine it’s great for their confidence… feels very sturdy and good to control, not too fast or anything!

I know he’s a little bit young for it but I wanted to try out the ‘ride on’ part so we put that together….

Chicco 123 ride-on
Chicco 123 ride-on

…and he LOVED it! It’s a little bit big for him so I had to push him along but he really enjoyed it and was bouncing up and down for more!

On his tip-toes – a bit big for him

I think it’s great that all 3 parts have the activity centre as the main element – he loved this…


….as well as his favourite element – the phone, it also has a mirror, a panda button and ladybird switch – I think it looks really cute

Chicco 123 activity centre
Chicco 123 activity centre

Now this activity centre also has sounds, but we haven’t experienced them yet as you need a screwdriver to put the batteries in and I have no idea where our screwdriver is! I’m always puzzled why brands insist on this screwdriver thing, they should make products as easy as possible for new parents!

Overall toddler W loved this… I think as he gets older we will get lots of use out of the ride-on, and I think we can officially call the phone ‘his first mobile phone’! Here’s some pros and cons I thought of if you’re thinking of buying it….


  • Great value for money – you should be able to buy it for ¬£69.99 which I think is great considering you get 3 different uses out of it from a little baby to a big toddler!
  • In our case, if I’d got this sooner – I might have been able to do without the jumperoo we bought, and the vtech baby walker – saves you having to buy lots of different things!
  • Looks good, bright colours etc
  • Relatively easy to put together – things just slot together easily¬†(it took me a while but I’m just rubbish at instructions!)
  • Feels safe and sturdy – not flimsy at all
  • Easy to clean as it’s all plastic
  • Height adjustable
  • A really cute function which we haven’t done yet, but we will – you can get a customisable sticker with your child’s name on it to stick on to the front – I think this is¬† a really cute touch!


  • The biggest negative for me is the size – the baby walker might have been ok in our living room but there’s no way we could put the push-along/ride-on in the house – W would be going round in circles and banging into stuff lots! It’s perfect for us as a garden toy, but our house is just too small for using it indoors – so worth checking the measurements (if you have a big house you don’t need to worry!)
  • Because of it’s size and sturdy nature, it’s quite bulky to put away too – you could take it apart easily but¬†the main frame¬†needs a bit of space even if it’s flat against a wall- ours lives in the shed!
  • Only other slight negative is needing a screwdriver to get the sounds working!

For me, the pros outweigh the cons – it’s really good value for money when you compare it against buying things like jumperoos and walkers separately…. for more information, Chicco have a lovely webpage that describes it better than I did – like the height, security and customisation features!

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*Disclaimer: Chicco kindly sent me this 123 to review, but opinions are my own

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