Toddler W and Mummy’s 15 month update

Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged…. busy, busy, busy!!

Since then baby W is no longer a baby and definitely seems more like a toddler so he’ll no longer be called baby W 😉

He turned 15 months old last week…


Since our last update:

He’s of an age where we can’t stay in all day – if it’s raining we’ll go to softplay and he loves that (loves wendy houses and the little tikes cars!) but we’ve been blessed with some sunny days and over the last 2 months we’ve visited:

  • Cefn Mably farm
  • the Brecon Beacons (garwnant park),
  • family in Hay-on-Wye (that’s him with my auntie in the photo)
  • stayed with my mum for a week in mid Wales and he loved the paddling pool in Aberystwyth (it was during a heatwave!)
  • his first (mini) festival (Tafwyl in Cardiff)
  • lovely Penllergaer park in Swansea for our first father’s day without my dad
  • our family favourite, Roath Park!
Walking in Roath Park with daddy!
Walking in Roath Park with daddy!

When we’re at home, he’s going through a phase of picking up as much stuff as he can in one go! And passing things from one hand to the other, and hiding things in cupboards…. much fun! For example… helping me with the laundry….

laundry helper!
laundry helper!

It’s amazing to watch him, he’s like a sponge soaking things up and copying new things like trying to copy me feed the cats, or trying to put keys in doors!

Our current routine

  • He wakes up about 5/5.30/6 – we give him a bottle of milk to buy us another half hour in bed – so he’s up about 6/6.30
  • Breakfast about 7.30-8
  • He has a nap from roughly 9-11 (usually without any milk – I give him milk or water if he won’t settle) sometimes this can be a 3 hour nap!
  • 11/11.30 – snacks or a light lunch
  • He’s dropped his afternoon nap – he might have a power nap in the car/pram if we’re out and about but if we leave him sleep for more than half hour it disrupts his evening routine…
  • 2ish another light lunch/snacks
  • 5.30 – dinner
  • 6 – bath, bottle, bed
  • 7 – usually asleep by 7 and most of the time sleeps through 🙂

He’s still good at drinking water, I’ve not given him any squash/juice yet. He’s a pretty good eater – goes through phases! Still loves his cheesy pasta the most 🙂

Hates having his nappy changed, and getting dressed!

Loves books, remote controls, mobile phones.

Height and weight – still NO idea! Must measure him and weigh him soon! He’s in size 4+ nappies, and mostly 12-18 month old clothes, although in bottoms he’s still mostly in 9-12 month old clothes – not worried at all though, he was always going to be on the petite side 🙂

That’s it for now 🙂 x


2 thoughts on “Toddler W and Mummy’s 15 month update”

  1. Wow, you have had a busy month – glad you’re enjoying the summer. 🙂
    His daily routine is very similar to Jasmines, she’s dropped the afternoon nap too. I’ve been trying to push her morning nap back a bit later so it’s more in the middle of the day. xx


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