Baby S turns 1!

I feel so guilty that I’m nearly 3 weeks writing this up, but in my defence we have moved house which has consumed my life for the last month!

So, S turned 1! 

I still can’t believe it in a way, he’s still so small and baby-like! When I look back over the year it feels like we’ve had a year of two halves.

The first year

The first 4-5 months were hard. After a pretty easy labour, we had weeks of breastfeeding struggles and actually a few months of bottle feeding struggles. In hindsight, he may have had silent reflux or something but we muddled through the long days of endless screaming and eventually came out of it the other side!

At 8 weeks old he was admitted to hospital with what turned out to be a cold. At that point I feared that he was going to be a sick sicky baby. And of course I felt some blame because he wasn’t on breast milk. But actually since that blip we’ve been blessed (touch wood!) with good health… very few niggles or sniffles.

So after those first hard few months, he turned into this happy, laid-back baby. He loves music, he loves eating and he loves his big brother.


Again, because of those tough first few weeks/months I feel like he’s always going to play catch-up in terms of his development. At a year old he’s finally bum-shuffling around with great pace, he skipped the crawling phase. He still can’t quite pull himself to stand up… any day now!

He understands some words like kiss, clap your hands and ducks! He babbles a lot, he’s good at copying sounds and copying movements like trying to blow bubbles when me or W do it! Whenever I have time with him I try to teach him new words etc but poor thing has had a mad few months of childcare… we’re all over the place.

He’ll catch up eventually!

The main thing is he’s happy! He loves life, doesn’t sit still. Loves playing and making noises.


As I said, he eats well, there’s not much food he doesn’t like. His favourite is still avocado! He switched to cow’s milk fine in the week of his birthday. He has 9oz before bed, usually none in the day now unless he’s a bit grouchy.

He goes to bed by 7pm every night after his bath, bottles and book. He loves bathtime!

Sometimes he sleeps right through til 6/7am but quite often he’ll wake at 11pm or sometimes 2am, we give him a bottle of milk and he’s straight off back to sleep. But of a bad habit as I don’t really think he needs the milk, but it’s not too bad so we just do it!

If he wakes early, say about 6, we give him milk and he’ll go back to sleep til about 8-9! We never had such luck with his older brother! He usually naps once a day, for about two hours, usually about noon. He still grizzles/cries for a few minutes every time!

Vital stats

I think he was, at his first birthday, about 18 lbs, so still on the lower centiles. He loves his food so much… I don’t know where it goes!

He still fits in 6-9 month clothes but mostly wears 9-12 now. He’s in size 4 nappies.

He has 8 teeth. And lots of hair. We let him keep all his hair til he turned one, and then chopped it off last weekend!

His first birthday 

So again in true second child syndrome, we didn’t do anything for his birthday really… just a little tea party with his grandparents. In our defence his birthday fell in a heatwave, it was too hot to do anything or go out for the day!

Opening birthday presents

We never go mad with presents, we slashed out on a Fisher-price Beatbo for him… he loves it! And actually W loved all his presents more than S did!!

So I think that’s it for now. Our little baby is a year old, growing up too fast baby boy xxx


Baby S’s 11 month update

After seemingly a few months of few changes, this month S has been busy!

He came out of leap 7 early in the month armed with new skills:

  • he can clap
  • he’s trying to crawl, and stand up
  • he can shuffle backwards depending on the floor material
  • passing things
  • sorting things
  • he can turn around 360 degrees sitting down

Poor thing – it’s been nearly a month and he still hasn’t mastered crawling or pulling himself up – he’s desperate to do both so I’m sure it won’t be long!

He loves a good bouncing session in the Jumperoo at the moment – and generally loves ‘dancing’ – bouncing up and down while sitting down on his bum!


All these new skills he’s trying to do means his sleep has taken a backwards step. He’s only slept through once or twice this month – pretty much every night he’s woken at least a couple of times – sometimes a cwtch/foot rub/bottle can easily settle him, sometimes he’s been really unsettled. He’s always gone down to sleep quite easily after his bath and book but even that hasn’t been working so well this month – he’s a lot more clingy and often won’t nod off to sleep unless we stay in the room with him.


Tied in with that, his 5th tooth finally cut through at the start of this week (about 6-7 months after his first 4 cut through!) so I’m sure the 6th is imminent and he’s currently in a grouchy, teething phase and the hot weather probably isn’t helping!


Also tied in with the new skills, I think he’s had a bit of a growth spurt the last few weeks – he’s still tiny, I think we weighs about 18lbs and so is still on the 9th centile curve – for ages it seemed like he was stuck on 17lbs (although I just weigh him at home so it’s not particularly accurate!) He’s still in 6-9 month clothes.


He still loves his food though, and this weather has led to lots of al fresco picnic style meals. He usually has a Weetabix for breakfast, toast as a mid-morning snack (maybe with avocado on it) – lunch is usually sandwiches/ham/cucumber sticks/boiled eggs etc a mid-afternoon snack might be rice cakes etc, and then dinner is usually something like pasta. I still try and top him up with Ella’s kitchen pouches too. He loves eating so much that I’ve caught him eating paper in the house, and leaves in the garden – you can’t leave him for a second! Also, this month he’s really enjoyed throwing all his food off the highchair… he thinks it’s a very fun game!

Oh that reminds me, another new skill is he likes spoon feeding himself now so if I try and feed him yoghurt he’ll take the spoon off me and do it himself – great skills but again, lots more mess!

He seems to have a good digestive system – poos 2 or 3 times a day!


As he’s been eating well, I’ve been trying to naturally drop his milk feeds down in the day but we’re a bit all over the place. The hot weather means I’ve been giving him milk as I don’t think he drinks enough water to stay hydrated. When the weather’s mild and he’s not being grouchy, he can get through a day without milk and just have a bottle before bed (and during the night!!)


Our routine’s been a bit all over the place. He always has 2 naps a day but these depend on how well he’s slept at night, and what time he wakes up so e.g. if he’s up at 6 he’s usually napping by 9 -if he’s had a bad night and sleeps til 8, he might not nap til 11. Doesn’t help that I’ve had to wake him from a few naps to pick his older brother up from pre-school which is a new thing!

Likes and dislikes

He loves his big brother W, his face lights up when he sees him and they have lots of fun together! He loves music and ‘dancing’ and enjoys watching cartoons and Baby TV. He loves bath time, and messy play.

I actually can’t think of anything he dislikes at the mo! He’s usually pretty easy-going and smiley 🙂

I can’t believe he’s a year old next month – he still seems so tiny!

W turns 3!

2 weeks ago our beautiful, lively, fun-loving, clever first-born turned 3!

It may be one of the biggest years he will ever have in terms of development – since he turned 2, his language and vocabulary have progressed like a dream, he was potty trained at about 2 and a half… but the biggest milestone he’s hit is becoming a big brother! Continue reading “W turns 3!”

A life update – lots of changes!

It feels like it’s been/still is the busiest few months of my life! I have about a month left of my maternity leave and…

Time on my own

A month ago I went to Marrakesh for 4 nights with my sister and her friend. It was SO lovely to have a child-free break, and just time by myself to relax, wander round etc. I really managed to switch off and relax, and I don’t feel guilty about it at all – I am definitely not the clingy mum type, I’m more than happy to have time away from them!

It was actually really hard coming back (a nightflight didn’t help!) and then was thrown straight into….. Continue reading “A life update – lots of changes!”

Baby S’s 10 month update 

Baby S has spent most of the last month in wonder weeks leap 7…. and you can tell. We’re a bit all over the place with routine, milk and sleep, and he’s been a bit up and down grouchy wise!

At the start of the month he was teething quite bad too and we had a couple of bad nights where nothing would settle him and we were awake for hours! Overall he’s been ok though… leap 7 is all about them learning sequences and we can see that in action now… he’ll drop something over the side of his high chair and then look down to see what’s happened to it!

Continue reading “Baby S’s 10 month update “

Baby S’s 9 month update

It doesn’t feel like much has changed since the last update….

Baby S still loves sitting. Just sitting. Picking up things, dropping things. Putting everything in his mouth.

Still nowhere near crawling or standing although he’s just starting to get a bit more wriggly! It feels like the calm before the storm as it won’t be long before I’m chasing after him, stopping him from getting into danger etc!

9 month old baby boy
Although actually, he does bum shuffle in the bath and he did it on my neighbour’s wooden floor last week but he doesn’t get the chance on our carpeted floor!

Still enjoys his food…. avocado has now overtaken broccoli as his favourite food! He has a whole weetabix for breakfast, quite often avocado on toast for lunch, dinner is usually pasta and maybe some snacks in between. 

Despite his good appetite, he’s still small. Maybe he poos it all out, he poos 3-4times a day whereas his older brother was every few days at the same age!

He hasn’t dropped any milk feeds yet although he still sometimes just grazes at his milk, he drinks the most if I let him fall asleep on the bottle for a nap!

Bedtime routine is still the same… most nights he sleeps for 12-13 hours but every few nights he’ll wake and quickly go back to sleep with a sip of milk. He’s been teething a bit over the last month but is ok at the moment… he now has 4 teeth!

As always it’s been a busy month with play dates and coffee dates, trips to St fagans museum of Welsh life, a walk around Tredegar park and a weekend away with lots of other children and babies in Sandy balls!

He loves bath time, dinner time, playfight time with dada, baby TV (!) and babbling!

He dislikes loud noises like his big brother shouting next to him!

Baby S’s 8 month update 

If last month was the month of the jumperoo… this month has been all about sitting up!
He loves it, just sitting on the floor surrounded by toys (and of course his favourites are remote controls and mama’s phone!).

He still does his royal wave and when he’s excited he shakes his arms about! As well as sitting down (!) he loves peepo and mirrors!
So on the one hand he’s quite ‘easy’ at the moment but on the other he’s been teething the last few weeks so we’ve had some grouchy days, and a couple of times he’s coughed so hard that he’s been sick 😦

Damn those teeth! The top 2 are finally poking through.
He’s also coming out of ‘leap 6’ so more reasons to get grouchy as he learns the new skills of ‘getting’ things!

It’s mad reading his big brother’s update at 8 months – I was back in work, and W was busy trying to crawl and move! It’s nice to know I still have a few months before I go back to work… it’s going so quickly and I’m trying to make the most of it!
We’ve finished a weekly ‘totsplay’ class we were doing so I need to make an effort to take him to baby groups and drop-in classes like maybe rhyme time in the library and some musical ones. Actually I’ve taken him to messy play a few times with his older brother and he’s enjoyed that. 
Weaning is still going really well, he enjoys his food and is staring to eat more and more but hasn’t dropped any milk feeds yet. He absolutely loves munching on broccoli and cauliflower, and the only thing he doesn’t seem to like yet is pear!
His daily routine is nearly identical to W’s at this age – mad!
He’s a better sleeper than his big brother though – most night he will sleep through for 11-12 hours although we’ve had a couple of disrupted nights due to teething.
I haven’t had him weighed since his 6 month check but I do try to weigh him at home to keep on eye on him and he still seems to be around the 9th centile. He’s mostly in 6-9 month clothes but can still squeeze in to a few 3-6 month clothes. He’s in nappy size 3.

Toddler W’s 2 and 3/4 update

This is late, as usual, but I wanted to write a quick update for W as it’s just under 3 months til he turns 3!

Since his last update he just keeps getting better and better at talking! Very inquisitive little learner, full of questions…trying to get his head around dark, early mornings – ‘Is it morning, or is it dark?’ Food – ‘is it hot, or cold?’ ‘Where we going?’ ‘What’s mama doing?’

He uses descriptive words e.g.’Beautiful boy’ and ‘I’m going to have a big bum sleep’ (no idea what that means but he thinks it’s hilarious!) and uses words like ‘see’ at the end of sentences and ‘either’. 

He knows the alphabet and when we’re out and about likes reading out letters on signs etc!

He’s full of imagination, and memories. The other day he looked out to the garden and remembered eating lollipops out there with me and my sister which would have been many months ago!! He loves regaling us with stories from his day…. ‘mama and dada and W and S went to the beach….’ and loves playing pretend shops, trains and alien spaceships!

Behaviour wise he’s still good as gold most of the time but he has his moments. He thoroughly enjoyed Christmas but when we got back to routine in the new year, he was tetchy and slapped me, his dad, his nan on a few occasions. Thankfully that phase didn’t last long!

He loves being outdoors, running. He loves softplay, messy play… any play. He loves watching Paw Patrol, Blaze and the ‘washing machines’! and has started getting into films like Frozen, Lilo and Stitch and Minions. He won’t sit and watch for the whole duration… he doesn’t stay still for long! His favourite thing ever though is ‘play cars’ which is usually the first thing he asks to do when he wakes up!

He still LOVES his little brother, he’s far more interested in him than mama or dada! He’s good at keeping him entertained and loves making him laugh, and singing to stop him crying!

Eating is much the same as the last update. Thankfully he’s ‘going’ much more regularly and hasn’t been constipated for a few weeks now. Since the last update he finally showed the dentist his teeth! And took the nasal flu spray like a pro… he’s a good boy!

Even though at times he eats like a horse, he’s very lean! He mostly wears age 2-3 with some 3-4 tops but bottoms I find so hard to fit as 18-24 month are too short but most 2-3 too big on the waist… thank god for Zara leggings! 

See you in 3 months for the big birthday update! 

Baby S’s 7 month update

S turned 7 months old a few days ago and it feels like the month where he’s developed the most….

7 month old baby boy
We started weaning him about 6 weeks ago and even though he doesn’t eat loads, he loves his food and will try anything we pop on his tray! His favourite thing is munching on broccoli!

I can’t remember if I said in the last update but he has two teeth (got them at about 5 months) which helps with the weaning! His top ones are imminent, so far he’s coping quite well with teething – his Amber anklet seems to be working!

We moved him to his own room a couple of weeks ago and he is sleeping SO much better! Goes to bed at 6/7pm and wakes once or twice during the night but… shock horror… twice now he has slept right through til 5.30/6am!!

He’s full of chat…. dadadadada and gah gah gah! He absolutely loves being in his jumperoo, more than his older brother did I think! He also sits up pretty well although not for long!

And one of his new skills over the last few weeks is waving, almost looks like the royal wave… cute!

The new year brings us a new routine! Every Monday morning we go to a TotsPlay class which involves a few songs/dancing, learning a few signs and then playing with different sensory toys. Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we’re free to meet up for baby dates etc, sometimes we go to a local baby group on a Wednesday morning.

Thursdays and Fridays we have toddler W in tow too and I usually take them to a baby and toddler group, class or messy play, or softplay… we like to mix it up! Both boys have swimming lessons on Friday afternoons. 

They both adore each other (although W is a bit too loud for S at times!) the days I have both of them at home, W definitely helps me keep S entertained!

Here’s W’s 7 month update – hard to believe I was getting ready to go back to work, feel very luck to have a few extra months this time around!

Baby S’s 6 month update 

A few days before Christmas, baby S turned 6 months old!

The health visitor came to see him that day and it was the first time we’d seen her for months as I’d not bothered getting him weighed etc.
He weighs just shy of 15lb and it was no surprise that he’d dropped down to the 2nd percentile in terms of weight. No surprise because the few weeks prior, he’s dropped his day feeds to just taking a couple of ounces at a time…. co-incided with teething so I’m not worried about it!

Milestones Continue reading “Baby S’s 6 month update “