Baby S’s 7 month update

S turned 7 months old a few days ago and it feels like the month where he’s developed the most….

7 month old baby boy
We started weaning him about 6 weeks ago and even though he doesn’t eat loads, he loves his food and will try anything we pop on his tray! His favourite thing is munching on broccoli!

I can’t remember if I said in the last update but he has two teeth (got them at about 5 months) which helps with the weaning! His top ones are imminent, so far he’s coping quite well with teething – his Amber anklet seems to be working!

We moved him to his own room a couple of weeks ago and he is sleeping SO much better! Goes to bed at 6/7pm and wakes once or twice during the night but… shock horror… twice now he has slept right through til 5.30/6am!!

He’s full of chat…. dadadadada and gah gah gah! He absolutely loves being in his jumperoo, more than his older brother did I think! He also sits up pretty well although not for long!

And one of his new skills over the last few weeks is waving, almost looks like the royal wave… cute!

The new year brings us a new routine! Every Monday morning we go to a TotsPlay class which involves a few songs/dancing, learning a few signs and then playing with different sensory toys. Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we’re free to meet up for baby dates etc, sometimes we go to a local baby group on a Wednesday morning.

Thursdays and Fridays we have toddler W in tow too and I usually take them to a baby and toddler group, class or messy play, or softplay… we like to mix it up! Both boys have swimming lessons on Friday afternoons. 

They both adore each other (although W is a bit too loud for S at times!) the days I have both of them at home, W definitely helps me keep S entertained!

Here’s W’s 7 month update – hard to believe I was getting ready to go back to work, feel very luck to have a few extra months this time around!

Baby S’s 6 month update 

A few days before Christmas, baby S turned 6 months old!

The health visitor came to see him that day and it was the first time we’d seen her for months as I’d not bothered getting him weighed etc.
He weighs just shy of 15lb and it was no surprise that he’d dropped down to the 2nd percentile in terms of weight. No surprise because the few weeks prior, he’s dropped his day feeds to just taking a couple of ounces at a time…. co-incided with teething so I’m not worried about it!

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Baby S’s 5 month update 

What a difference a month makes! A month ago I wrote about how sensitive S was about everything from car journeys to feeds…. and now I can look back and say we’ve had a much better month!

He’s been much more content – spending his days happy and chilled, and only grisly if he’s hungry or tired. So it’s been a much easier month!

Some things haven’t changed… he’s still a terrible sleeper!

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Baby S’s 4 month update 

Baby S turned 4 months old on Friday. In his last update I called him a delicate flower and now I would describe him as a sensitive soul!

We’re coming to the end of wonder weeks leap 4 and so it’s been a bit up and down the last few weeks – yesterday he was really grouchy all day, today he’s not really been grouchy at all. But I call him sensitive because he can be fine one minute, and the next he can scream like I’ve never seen a scream before! Bless him 😍

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Baby S’s 3 month update

Baby S turned 3 months old and dare I say it (*jinxes everything*) he finally got a bit easier…

He’s a delicate little flower, with feeding and weight issues taking over his first month, and a hospital stay for a cold as he turned two months old. He’s always suffered quite bad wind (and a bit of constipation) and he’s been almost colicky – with some days lots of screaming including twice when I tried taking him to classes and gave up!

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Toddler W’s 27 month update 

W turned 2 and a quarter last week and thought I’d write a quick updates the last one was when he turned two.

Stop press alert: he had some new favourites: Paw patrol has overtaken Peppa pig as his favourite cartoon, and I think quiche has now overtaken pasta as his favourite food!

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Baby S is 1 month old!

S turns a month old today… Unbelievable! I know we always say that time goes quickly but honestly, he still feels like a little newborn as he suffered from quite a big weight loss and we’ve been catching up since!

Weight and feeding

As I said in our last update, S struggled with latching and feeding in his first couple of weeks so lost quite a bit of weight. By his 3rd week update he was over his birth weight (at 7lb 3) which was great news! A week on and I hope he’s getting close to the 8lb mark.

I’ll write about our breastfeeding struggles separately but S is currently 100% bottle fed. Most of that is formula but one bottle a day is expressed breast milk.

Because of the weight issue we took a feeding on demand approach, he’s a bit of a grazer so lots of little feeds but just the last few days he’s started being able to take about 4oz/120ml in one feed so starting today I’m gonna try keeping track of how much he had etc!

Routine – sleep or lack thereof!

We have none! Day and night he generally doesn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time… Sometimes longer if we’re out and about. Some nights he’s woken up every hour or so 😁

At night he sleeps in his Sleepyhead and in the day I’m getting him to sleep in his bouncer, so he starts differentiating day and night.

He’s generally pretty chilled out at the mo, when he’s awake he loves nosing around and only cries if he has wind or is over-tired.

Quite often he’ll only fall asleep on me with me patting his back and then I transfer him to the bouncer/sleepyhead. At night I try not to let him sleep on me as I’m so tired I worry about falling asleep too, so he uses a dummy occasionally if he’s struggling to settle.

I’d love to share some photos with you but as I keep my boys off my blog you’ll have to make do with this one of his big mop of gorgeous hair!

He’s all hair, long arms and long legs… Little monkey!! His big eyes have started turning blue… I think he’ll end up looking quite similar to W 😍

What we’ve been up to

I’ve been enjoying a very lazy few weeks with him… I’ve taken him into town (Cardiff) for a look round the shops, to catch up with colleagues and see the Welsh football team! I’ve walked over to the shops a couple of times with him but other than that not a lot, but plenty of family and friends (and midwives/health visitors) have visited and kept our diary full 🙂

We’ve had a couple of family trips.. One to our local shopping outlet where we take W for a play and wagamamas! And last weekend we finally checked out Cardiff museum which W loved and S slept through. Oh we also went to cafe junior so W could get his hair cut and have a run around.

I had my first ‘night out’ on Friday… 4 beers with an old friend… Any more and I would have been rough on Saturday! My OH has done the night feeds every Friday night which has been great for letting me catch up with sleep and building up sleep reserves for the other 6 nights!

That’s it for now, gotta go and have some more newborn cuddles now 🙂 On the one hand I’m wishing away time so we can have more sleep, on the other I’m trying to cherish these moments of funny noises and stretches… And the cwtches! 

First 10 days of being a family of four!

Wow what a whirlwind the last 10 days have been! We have a cute, little, gorgeous newborn son at home with us and in general life is good but our first 10 days has been slightly dominated by his weight and feeding…

newborn baby fingers!
newborn baby fingers!

Baby S’s weight and breastfeeding issues

S struggled to latch in hospital, and when we brought him home on day 2 we all had the worst night’s sleep… He wouldn’t latch, wouldn’t sleep and screamed a lot!

Breastfeeding support came out day 3 or 4 and helped with his latch and my positioning. This, combined with my milk coming in all helped and we finally started feeding ok but we were playing catch up…

By day 4 he had lost 10% of his weight, by day 6 he was back up to -6%, but by day 8 he was back to -10% and today (day 10) he’s still at -10%. I took him to a breastfeeding support clinic this afternoon and basically I need to pump a bit more, give him another expressed bottle feed and we’ll see where he’s at on Sunday!

I know his latch still isn’t 100%, he still gets frustrated at times when he’s trying. On the plus side he’s taken to bottles well  which can always be a battle when you’re breastfeeding!

Routine and moods

Obviously newborns are renowned for not having a routine, but we’ve had some good days and nights where he’ll sleep for 2-3 hours, feed, settle back down easily for a sleep. But then we’ve had other days where he’s cluster feeding and will only sleep on a human being!

Despite the feeding ‘issues’ he’s quite content, just this morning I took him out to the garden and he was looking around taking everything in, no tears or screams!

Me – mummy

I’m feeling ok, just tired as you’d expect from a mum to a newborn! His feeding plan and the terrible rainy weather have given me the perfect excuse not to leave the house (apart from last week’s vote and today’s BF group!) which was one of the things I wanted to do more of with baby 2... Just chill out! Been watching lots of cr&p TV and films!

My bump has pretty much disappeared (see… Some of my breastfeeding efforts must be working!) and I’m pretty much back to my pre-baby weight of 8lb. 

Toddler W – big brother!

You might remember that I was a bit worried about how toddler W would take to his younger brother and we prepared him for it as much as we could, well we needn’t have worried! 

Thankfully we had decided to leave him with the childminder on my work days (m-th) and I think this has given him the attention he needs, and the chance to burn off all his energy. Then, when he comes home he comes running in asking for ‘baby kiss’… It’s the cutest thing! 

baby kisses!
baby kisses!

As my OH and his family have also been helping out a lot with W, I do feel like I’m neglecting him a bit but I think it’s too be expected and it won’t last long…

One thing I’ve found really weird is how big and heavy W now seems! I don’t know if S’s birth co-incided with a growth spurt for W or if it’s just cos I’m holding S so much but honestly… W seems huge!! Did you find this with your first born?! 


After our first crazy night at home, I decided that S and I would sleep in the living room so that my OH could sleep well most nights. This means he then had the energy to help out with everything from playing with W, feeding me, housework etc…. He’s been a star! 

So there we have it, it’s been a funny first week or so dominated by feeding and expressing… But we survived! We’re now a family of four and at the centre right now is a tiny baby with long legs, long feet, lots of dark hair… Who looks a bit like his older brother did at this age… Who makes cute little noises and funny movements in a light sleep… Who has melted all of our hearts ❤️

baby toes!
baby toes!

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41 weeks pregnant

Ok so this is a week late… I started drafting it but then went into labour! Thought I’d still publish it so that the full story is blogged… But no bump photo to go with it! 😦

I don’t know why but I never thought I’d get to a week overdue… Everyone tells you that your second usually comes early. It’s a weird feeling going overdue… I’m bored but too tired to do anything, now been off for 4 weeks already! I also think my anxieties seem to go up… I just want him out and to know he’s ok!!

Since the last update I’ve spent about 12 hours in hospital… Every appointment seems to cause us new drama!

Thursday (40+2) – went to the consultant clinic. I had to wait over an hour and a half before they even did my BP/urine check… And the WIFI was broken so I couldn’t even watch the Wales vs England football game! 

So it wasn’t any surprise that my BP was through the roof (160/110) by the time I got in there! Cue getting sent straight upstairs to the assessment unit and a fair chance that I’d get induced that night..

But by the time I was settled in there my BP was ok and after waiting a few hours to see the doctor, she asked my thoughts on induction and I said I’d rather try a sweep which is what they did. 6 hours after arriving and I was home!

Friday I thought I’d try all the old wives tales… Went for a lovely curry at Chai street, drank some raspberry leaf tea (bit late I know) and started bouncing on the exercise ball!

asty thali at chai street cardiff
asty thali at chai street cardiff

Over the weekend I started to have cramps/period pain-like symptoms but spread over hours. 
On Sunday I had a 930 hospital appointment just to check my BP and have a second sweep. The midwife put me on the monitor (no idea why – my BP was fine) and measured Bean with her tape measure and wasn’t happy with his size so wanted me to see the doctor in the assessment unit.

Cue a 4 hour wait!!! I love the NHS and I was trying really hard not to but couldn’t help but feel frustrated and pissed off sat in a waiting room for so long while my OH and toddler W celebrated Father’s Day without me!

I guess it was worth the weight… I got ANOTHER scan and not only was the sonographer totally happy with his size (and said we might be looking at an 8lb-er) but actually took ages over it as she said he was the most photogenic scan she’d done at this late stage! (I think it’s cos I’m very slim). She could also see some vernix on him which was an indication that he still had a few days of cooking to do in there!

Top tip: if you have any form of hospital appointment, even if you think you’re just popping in… Take books/mags/phone charger!!

Monday I had the laziest day apart from having to nip out to replace a front tyre…. Never had such speedy service after telling them I was 6 days overdue 😂

Tuesday morning I had my third and final stretch and sweep. As with the previous two, I was 2-3 cms dilated (normal for a second baby) and the cervix was still quite high up. I had the odd cramp throughout the day… And they ramped up late afternoon/early evening and I went into labour that night… Finally!

Stay tuned for my birth story! Xx