Toddler S’s 21 month update

Less than 3 months to go til S turns into the big ‘2’ so thought I was due to write an update 🙂

Vital stats

I feel like not much has changed since his 18 month update. He’s still a tiny chappy, in 12-18 month clothes and size 4 nappies and size 5 shoes. He’s had a few more teeth come through lately but I honestly can’t see in his mouth long enough to know how many teeth he has!

S usually sleeps through but every now and again has a regression or cough that makes him wake in the night. When he does sleep through it’s usually for 13 hours and he wakes up about 8am which is funny as his older brother was always a 6am riser! S still has a bottle of milk for bed, a habit we took a long time to kick with W too! And S still has a 2-3 hour nap (12-2/3) every day.


For the last month or so now he’s been absolutely obsessed with ‘rah rah’ which translates as ‘wheels on the bus goes round and round’. Every time he wakes up he dies a driving motion with his arms and asks for ‘rah rah’ which means he wants to watch endless YouTube versions of wheels on the bus! Or the book version he has of the song..

And when he’s had enough of ‘rah rah’ the other thing he’s obsessed with is Baby TV, he loves it!

So I think it’s safe to say he prefers music and visual sounds to playing with toys. He’s always loved music, he got a load of musical instruments and toys (e.g. Baby stereo) for Christmas!


I don’t think he’s picked up any new words since his last update but I’m not too worried as he still communicates well, babbles a lot and has his own words for things e.g. Medicine is manamana!

He can recite a load of animal sounds on demand, and point to things. Talking of animals he loves ‘quack quacks’ and ‘cat cats’!

What we’ve been up to

Our house has been a bit of a building site but is finally done, so plenty of room to play around in! We had a week in Spain in January which I’ll blog about. And he experienced his first snow a month or so ago…. he was not very impressed!


S is pretty happy-go-lucky, he goes with the flow, following his brother W and older kids around. Having said that he likes getting his own way and doesn’t like being told off (who does!?)

Generally enjoys his food and still loves making a mess out of it. Loves exploring softplays… he’s off!

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