Review of the year 2018: our family life and top 5 blog posts

Christmas has been and gone, we had a lovely few days, and now it’s time to reflect on this year and look forward to the next….

I said this time last year that 2017 felt a bit relentless, I think 2018 did too! Building an extension and renovating our new home dominated most of the year. My OH took 6 months off work to enjoy some quality time with the boys but ended up spending most of it on the house! The kitchen/diner was done by the Spring and we finally finished the last room, the living room, in November…. and relax!

All the while, I had quite a stressful year in work… We went through a restructure in the summer and it really knocked my confidence, which I’m still struggling to regain.

New look for 2019?!

On a more positive note… the boys have continued to thrive…

W is 4 1/2 and has nailed his first term at reception. He’s made new friends, they’ve had plenty of scraps and scrapes! His confidence has grown so much… just over a year ago he’d been crying every day during school concert rehearsals whether this year it didn’t phase him at all! He loves singing, he’s just started making up songs to get his little brother to do what he’s supposed to be doing! He’s really got into colouring in which is lovely as he’ll just entertain himself for ages doing that!

He now goes to football lessons with his school friends, he goes swimming after school and it’s been a joy watching his water confidence grow… he’ll happily jump into the pool now! And he’s recently started going to gymnastics too and got a certificate for walking the bar with a beanbag on his head!

He can write his name and he’s drawn some masterpieces for our wall this year ­čÖé

Family wall

As for his little brother S, he’s 2 1/2 but could still pass for a year younger! One of his nicknames is ‘Jack jack’ after the incredibles baby character who easily turns into a rage!! S very much likes his own way and will tantrum if not! Much like most toddlers but he does seem particularly strong-willed! His talking has come on loads this year, he’s not interested in potty training yet and his appetite comes and goes. Like his older brother, he loves singing… and he’s still obsessed with buses and ‘wheels on the bus’! As we’ve cut down on his screen time his imagination and ability to play on his own have grown ‘mama come sit on my space rocket’


We had a couple of really special family holidays – to Puerto Pollensa, Majorca in May and then Butlin’s, Minehead in October… more of those next year please!

And finally the blog, for the first year since I’ve started I didn’t manage to grow traffic numbers this year. Not surprising as I’ve probably spent less time on it this year than previously… which was already bad enough! I always love looking back at my most popular blog posts and here they are…

#5 – 9 baby classes in Cardiff – still a firm favourite 4 years on!

#4 – 6 alternative things to do in Cardiff with a toddler. I enjoyed this one so I’m glad it went down well with local parents and changed the top 5!

#3 – 9 charities to donate baby clothes to in Cardiff – delighted this one’s still doing well from 2016 and helping some local charities!

#2 – Baby-chairs – Bumbo vs Snug – another one that’s still doing well since 2014!

#1 – ultimate holidaying guide for a 1 year old. This is a couple of years old but still gets visits via google every single day!

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