REVIEW: Bumbo vs Mamas and Papas Snug

The battle of the baby chairs….

Review of the Bumbo vs the Snug
Review of the Bumbo vs the Snug

The Bumbo

This seems to be a must-have baby product. I’d heard about it when I was pregnant and I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t really like the look of it (I always thought it looked a bit too much like a potty for some reason!) but I was aware that I should buy some sort of chair for baby W as he was getting to the age where he could sit up.

The Bumbo
The Bumbo (and our sofa in the background!)

Then one week, they had one at the mother and baby group we go to and I plonked him in it. Instantly, I realised why it was such a must-have item – my little 4month old baby looked so cute and grown-up!

The next day I went to Asda to buy one and my excitement quickly disappeared when I got it home. I liked the way he was positioned in it – hard to explain but baby’s bum is quite low down in it, seems like a nice comfy position. The big downside is I realised that his chunky legs were already quite snug and didn’t allow much (any) room to grow.

Tight squeeze in the Bumbo
Tight squeeze in the Bumbo

I thought I should take it back to Asda as basically it wasn’t going to last very long at all for us! But also, the tray that came with it didn’t seem to slot together – I didn’t want to force it and break it so I thought it was just a duff one but looking at some online reviews since then, it seems to be a common problem. For £40 you expect a bit more!

The Mamas and Papas snug

I’d not come across this until I asked on Twitter about alternatives to the Bumbo and a few people mentioned the Snug. It was on sale for £30 (normally £37) in the recent Asda baby event so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

the Mamas and Papas Snug
the Mamas and Papas Snug

I’m much happier with it – baby W has room to grow into it. (And then the coloured bit comes out so you kinda get 2 chairs for the price of 1, although I suspect as they get older the less they want to sit in it and stay still!)

A bit more room with the Snug
A bit more room with the Snug

Personally, I think it looks a bit more attractive than the Bumbo and to me, it feels like a higher quality product due to the materials used and the finish. The tray slots together easily, I’m looking forward to using it for weaning shortly!

Overall result

In my humble opinion, the Bumbo is an overpriced gimmick – I can’t imagine any baby would be able to use it for more than a month max (they can’t use it too early – you need to wait until they can support themselves etc). The Snug on the other hand, for £10 less, can hopefully be used for a good many months.

I know there are some complaints that babies can fall out of the Snug, whereas the Bumbo comes with a fitted harness thing… but neither recommend leaving your baby unattended so if he does wriggle out of the Snug I plan to be there to catch him!

At the moment, I’m just sitting W in there for 5-10 mins a day (he gets bored of anything after that amount of time) with his favourite toys on the tray and already a week in I can see how it’s helping his development as he’s started moving his neck around to see what’s to the side of him. I’m looking forward to seeing him eating his first meal in it 🙂

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Small print: I wasn’t asked to review or write about either product, I paid for them myself and just wanted to share my thoughts with you

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bumbo vs Mamas and Papas Snug”

  1. I’ve used the Bumbo for years at work, and always thought it was a ridiculously expensive for a parent to buy, as there’s only about a month between being strong enough to use it and being too big to use it. As for the harness, that’s a recent thing. They didn’t used to have them. I actually do have a Bumbo, but only because I found it in a charity shop for £9. Knowing what it’s like I never would have paid £40. I’m tempted by that Snug though. That looks much much more useful! Especially as we don’t have the tray for our Bumbo. Definitely going to consider getting one of those! A very useful review, thank you!


  2. Great review! Despite reading reviews similar to this we went for the Bumbo….. baby DJ only going to fit in it for a few weeks I reckon! So don’t think we will get much use out of it; plus he doesn’t seem very comfortable in it. The harness was added after recalls with many babies falling out of them; but with anything I think supervision is key, obviously you wouldn’t sit him in the gumbo on a table and then leave them?! Although I guess some people have. We might get the Snug, or move straight to a high chair with an insert until he’s ready to sit up in it properly himself!


  3. We have the Snug…will soon have a third child using it (well, baby due in December so next year!). Definitely worth the money – our youngest is 2 the end of this month and still sits in it with the padding removed. It was brilliant for weaning when they were just that little bit small for the highchair still. I agree that the Bumbo looks like a potty, but they just don’t look or feel stable or secure to me!


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