REVIEW: Visual Contour medi spa at David Lloyd, Cardiff

I love a bargain, and I love spa treatments – so I snapped up a Living Social deal which was £50 for 2 people to have a facial, neck, back and shoulder massage, a manicure and access to the David Lloyd facilities in Cardiff. My sister and I used the voucher last weekend and here’s my thoughts….

Welcome and ambience

I wish I’d taken photos but the spa doesn’t look particularly inviting, it’s cramped (they’re moving to a bigger space) and busy… the receptionist must have new because she didn’t seem particularly friendly or to know what was going on! A friendly therapist got us to fill in the usual forms and off we went into the rooms which are decorated in quite a ‘bling’ way – lots of zebra print, Marilyn Monroe posters etc…

Massage and facial

These were both lovely! The deal said the facial was an hour long, but actually it was an hour for both (i.e. half hour each). The therapist asked whether I had any problem areas before the back massage (I told her I had knots at the top which were found in a massage earlier on in the week) and she worked well on those and found new knots in places I’d never felt them before! The facial was also lovely but she didn’t ask anything about my skin type beforehand which I found unusual. It was the usual cleanse, scrub and then she left me with a mask on, and an eye mask – very relaxing! My sister said she nearly fell asleep during her treatments, she was so relaxed! Both of us agreed our skin felt great afterwards 🙂


The deal specified that they used Neal’s Yard Remedies’ products and I was looking forward to having these tested on me as I’ve only used their hand cream and plain massage oils. I’m 99% sure that they didn’t actually use Neal’s yard stuff, the facial products all smelt quite fruity e.g. an apricot scrub, whereas I’d expect Neal’s yard stuff to smell more natural as they use essential oils etc. To be fair, I didn’t ask what they use, but unusually for a spa who might want to sell their wares, they didn’t tell me either….


Then for the manicure….. a different therapist, she was young, lovely and chatty BUT she had short, unpainted (fine so far)…… dirty nails! I’m a scruffbag myself so not really one to judge but I’m a bit squeamish about dirty nails, gross!! That aside, I chose the colour and she went to get all my long nails to the same length (they’re all over the place!!) and she couldn’t find any nail clippers!! So I had the rest of the manicure (cuticles done, nails filed and painted) and left with a lovely colour, just a bit odd that they didn’t have any clippers 🙂

Manicured nails @ Visual Contour
Manicured nails @ Visual Contour

David Lloyd facilities

As part of the deal we were able to use the facilities and I was pretty impressed – the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room were all good… but the best bit is they have an outdoor pool surrounded by loungers… the sun was shining so we sat out there for a bit and it felt like being on holiday 🙂 (As always, wish I’d taken a photo – taking photos for this blog is always an after-thought!) We had lunch there and it was really tasty – I had Moroccan lamb meatballs and sis had some Caribbean chicken thing, both were great! The rest of the facilities looked good – tennis courts, big gym etc and it definitely attracts a certain type of clientele which is what you’d expect when you apparently pay upwards of £75 to be a member!

Overall result I’d happily love to use that outdoor pool again! Although the treatments all had good results, I’m not sure I’d be bothered about using Visual Contour again – for the same price I think there are better and friendlier places in Cardiff.

Have you tried any Groupon/Living Social deals and had a good/bad experience?

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Small print: I wasn’t asked to review/write about this – I paid for it myself and just wanted to share my experience with you


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Visual Contour medi spa at David Lloyd, Cardiff”

  1. Just a thought, perhaps contacting the place that did the treatments direct is a much more effective way to deal with your personal experience.
    I see far to often people just post opinions and don’t give feed back direct, this in its self can be very misleading as its just your one and only experience and opinion.

    I work in a service industry and find such feed back invaluable when trying to meet the needs of my customers however good or bad.

    It just so happens that I have used this Spa on many occasions with friends and family and have always had excellent service and treatments. The new salon is now open I went today its just a 2 min drive from David Lloyd which is much bigger and tastefully decorated.

    I recommend you call the Salon and express your feed back as I know this will be very productive and allow the owner to put it right.



    1. Hi, thanks for your comment – it really got me thinking!

      As you said, it was just my experience which is what I was trying to get across – things like the décor are very subjective. Like I said my main issue was the dirty nails and lack of nail scissors/clippers – both of these are something I’d expect the staff/managers to check on a daily basis… something that’s happened to me when I’ve been working in retail.

      And I’m pretty sure by now the salon manager would have seen the blog post and so could have got in touch with me if they wanted to have their say?

      Having said that, like I said you got me thinking – and in future I will make sure I pass the feedback directly to the company before blogging about it – you’re right it’s only fair – I have a mixed review coming up of another spa nearby so I will make sure I do that before I publish the post – it will be interesting to see what response I get 🙂

      Thanks again!


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