9 charities you can donate baby clothes (and other stuff) to in Cardiff 

Since I wrote my post about what to do with old baby clothes, I’ve seen lots of queries in Cardiff Facebook groups asking where to donate baby clothes, here’s all the places I know of…

Charities in Cardiff to donate baby clothes to

1 – UHW (University Hospital Wales, Heath) – the maternity, neo-natal and children’s wards (in the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital) are always grateful for baby clothes.  They get used for those poor babies that would otherwise be going home in just a nappy, those in for prolonged stays without parents being around or in the majority of cases (especially in neo-natal) where babies arrive early and so don’t have any clothes ready! 

I donated a load of newborn vests, sleepsuits etc here. Neonatal particularly appreciate sleepsuits with poppers etc as they’re handy for those babies on drips etc. To minimise infection, they’ll wash everything using the right temperature/detergent and prefer to use donated clothes for this reason.

2 – NCT baby bundle scheme – NCT put bundles of clothes, nappies, toiletries etc together for local mums in need. I actually donated my maternity clothes to these guys! Email them to arrange drop-off/pick-up at nctbabybundlecardiff@outlook.com

3 – Cwtch baby bank (taffs well/pentyrch – but they also collect) I’d not heard of these til recently but similarly to the one above, they help out local mums in need but this is their sole purpose (whereas NCT do lots of other things too). As well as baby clothes they take baby goods e.g. I donated our baby bath and bottles to them.

4 – Oasis refugee centre (splott road) – they support refugees and asylum seekers in the area. The family team here always need baby clothes but also put shout-outs for specific items so I’ve recently donated a breast pump and baby blankets here!

5 – Anaya aid Wales (Bessemer road, grangetown) – these guys take lorries full of stuff over to Syria and in particular help orphans and widows over there. They’re always after baby clothes (and adults), warm clothes and nappies and wet wipes.

6 – Life for African Mothers (penarth road) – I’ve only learnt about this one recently too (these Facebook mum groups are so handy!) and they support maternity care in many African countries. I’m about to give them all the baby summer clothes we have, as nobody in the UK will be needing them for a while so at least they can be put to good use sooner rather than later!

7 – mother and baby hostel, Roath park – Ty Enfys is a home for homeless women that are pregnant or with a baby. Last time around I donated maternity, women’s and baby clothes here.

8 – Cardiff food bank – another way to help local families is donating baby clothes (and older children clothes… and of course food!) to the food bank based in City temple, cowbridge road east, Cardiff (ask for Lorraine!)

9 – charity shops – if none of these ideas above appeal to you, there are hundreds of charity shops in Cardiff that would be grateful of your donations!

It can be a sad time getting rid of your baby clothes, but donating them to these causes makes me feel much better as I know that we’re helping keep other babies clothed 🙂

If you know of anywhere else to donate to, please leave a comment below so other Cardiff mums see it, thanks!

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5 thoughts on “9 charities you can donate baby clothes (and other stuff) to in Cardiff ”

  1. How do you go about donating to the Noah’s ark unit for baby clothes? I have so many newborn/tiny baby stuff


    1. Sorry slow reply! I just popped in there with my bags of newborn/tiny stuff… although I actually took it to the maternity ward next to Noah’s ark. Either way I’m sure any ward would be grateful xx


    1. It’s babybasicscardiff@allnationschurch.org.uk or babybasicscardiff on FB.
      We gift beautiful moses baskets full of essential items for new mums in desparate need. These include toletries for mum and baby, baby clothes for Newborn, 0-3 months and up to a year old. We also have prams, pushchairs, baths etc so can be given if requested.
      We have referrals from midwives mainly butaree currently reaching to other organisations. Donations greatly appreciated.


  2. There are a number of charities in which a number of baby clothes can be donated such as UHW (University Hospital Wales, Heath) , NCT baby bundle scheme, – Cwtch baby bank, –Oasis refugee centre, Life for African Mothers etc. Hence they can be looked into.


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