A lovely week with the boys in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

We went to Spain for a week in January. It was a bit of a disaster. We needed to balance it out!

We decided to try Majorca in May… just a 2/2.5 hour flight to contend with, and nice sunny weather without being too hot for our boys. We looked into lots of different hotels but in the end booked the Playa Mar in Puerto Pollensa based on a friend’s recommendation. It looked lovely and it had really good reviews online.

Puerto Pollensa sunset

We booked directly with the hotel, and booked flights with Thomas cook. When booking it turned out cheaper to upgrade to premium economy than pay for our luggage. So what a great start to the holiday… front row seats with extra legroom… meals… free drinks… both boys had a nap so I had a cheeky prosecco at 10am as you do when it’s the international rules of drinking!

Our private transfer went smoothly and when we arrived at the Playa mar we knew we’d picked the right place! Very spacious room, very child-friendly pools etc… perfect!

There were 2 days where we just stayed pool-side which was lovely to watch the boys splashing in the pools having fun.

The rest of the week we strolled into Puerto Pollensa every day, watching fish in the sea, playing on the sand etc.

Puerto Pollensa pine walk

We loved the hotel, and the resort. Puerto Pollensa is very chilled and relatively upmarket – not the place to come if you’re looking for wild nightlife etc!

Everything went pretty smoothly and it was lovely to make a week’s worth of memories 🙂

  • S seeing all the aeroplanes in the airport, so excited!
  • Getting tipsy after a couple of sips of cava (I’d just had a massage in my defence!)
  • S learning how to say ‘coco’ (the hotel mascot) straight away (despite us trying to teach him numbers and colours for months!)
  • S starting a new trend with big brother W of tucking t-shirts under their chins and walking around
  • It became apparent that week that he actually leads his bigger brother astray like dancing at the disco every night
  • In town, ordering ‘some’ tapas as a pre-dinner before having our usual dinner in the hotel later on. 70 euros and 7 massive dishes later, we didn’t have a second dinner that night!
  • S taking part in a Zumba fitness class much to the hilarity of everyone around!
  • Feeding the fish after breakfast every morning.
  • Puerto Pollensa pine walk
  • Visiting the frogs after dinner every night.
  • W making friends (some were thug-like!) at the swimming pool
  • Walking to what looked like a local park on google maps to find a big fenced off area full of trees!?
  • Seeing the mansion where they filmed the Night Manager!
  • Buying toys, crockery and smoothies at the local market.
  • S chucking food and crockery (plastic thankfully) around at pretty much every meal
  • Playamar swimming pool
  • Stealing croissants at breakfast time for mid-morning picnics
  • W and I having free ice cream every day 🙂
  • The sunsets on the pine walk
  • The cava, sangria and rosé wine

Sangria and cava

It was a lovely week, and it went pretty smoothly for a holiday with 2 young boys. Coming back we’d paid £30 for priority which paid for itself when we saw the check-in queues at Palma airport!

Playa mar and Puerto Pollensa… we will definitely be back!


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