S is 2!

Over a month ago (bad mummy blogger alert!) our beautiful blue-eyed baby boy turned 2!

I still can’t believe it, I know everyone says this but seriously, S still looks and is the same size as a baby!

He can still fit in a lot of 12-18 month clothes!


Anyway what’s our little 2 year old like?!

Wild!! Is this second-child syndrome or just a difference to his bigger brother W I don’t know but S is more fearless and headstrong than W… quite often the ringleader leading older children astray! Loves being the centre of attention! His self-confidence is great…. apart from when you need him to listen to you to stop throwing his food etc!

Toddler with ducks roath Park

He loves music and has been quite obsessed with ‘wheels on the bus’ for months and months now. He’ll do the driving motion and say ‘rah rah’ (round round) if he wants to hear it. We bought him a ride-on bus and play bus for his birthday and he loves them!

He’s so obsessed with wheels on the bus that he loves taking wheels off their toy cars…. we’ve no idea where they’ve got to so can only imagine that somewhere in the house/garden there is a stash of wheels!!


He’s a bit behind his talking compared to where W was at this age. It’s hard to imagine W was S’s age when S was born, S seems so much younger, partly because his language is a bit further behind.

Nothing to worry about though, his talking is coming on, he’s just started putting words together like ‘dadda car’ or ‘dadda ipad’. He says quite big words like ‘ambulance’ and ‘aeroplane’. I’ve been trying to teach him numbers and colours for months and he finally said ‘blue car’ the other day!

Instead of saying hot he gestures with his hands and says ‘ai ai’!

He’s becoming very good at copying us and saying things like ‘five minutes’ ‘not this one’ and ‘here we are’


He has quite good communication skills… he’ll grab me by the hand to where he wants to go. He’s started following tasks like tidying up and putting things in the bin. He loves coming with me to feed our cats.

When he’s on form, he’s very self-sufficient playing with his toys etc. By this age W always lined his toy cars up but S doesn’t do this. He loves driving his little tykes car, and generally loves the outside. Loves ducks, dogs. On his birthday weekend we went to Bluestone and he happily sat next to ducks by the lake!

Toddler with dog


He usually wakes about 7-8am and has a 2 hour (ish) nap about noon. Goes to bed about 7pm and can sleep through but this heatwave since his birthday has messed that up a bit! He still has milk for bed and has started asking for it in the day now which I think is just down to the hot weather. Food… depends what mood he’s in, usually likes ham, chicken, hummus, pasta and fruit.

He’s much fun and has us in stitches with his funny faces… rolling his eyes etc. Life is certainly an adventure with this one… no time for sitting still… running, jumping, climbing! He loves slides and swings!

What a fun (tiring!) 2 years S… let’s see what the next year brings, love you our little blonde, blue-eyed boy xxx

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