19 aims for 2019

2019 will be the last full year of being in my thirties… crazy!

I want 2019 to the year I get fit again, like I used to be. I want us to have a year of fun… a garden we can all enjoy, holidays and short breaks.

19 aims for 2019

Here’s 19 things I’m aiming for in 2019:

1. Yoga – after years off, I’m aiming to do yoga at least once a week, whether it be at home with YouTube, or a class

2. Fitness – also after years off, I’m aiming to do something else fitness-related every week, whether it be a weights class, or a run… maybe I should aim for 5k?!

3. Supplements – in another attempt to improve my physical and mental well-being, I’m going to try taking fish oil and vitamin B12, maybe vitamin D.

4. Rebuild my confidence in work – my confidence took a hit last year, I’m hoping the fitness-related goals will help but I somehow need to dig deep and refocus, rebuild and get back to the great marketer I used to be!

5. Stop spending so much money at work – last year I probably spent an average of £10 per day at work – a coffee on my way in, breakfast and lunch. That adds up to about £1,8k a year… insane! So am gonna aim to take in overnight oats for breakfast and cut down on the shop-bought coffees!

6. Eat less meat – talking of food, apparently the main way to save the world is to eat less meat… so I do plan to eat less meat next year, maybe switching mince for quorn for our spag bols, cottage pies etc. I’d find it hard to cut it out completely, but every little helps right?

7. Have our first child-free trip abroad – we’ve had a few child-free weekends but never abroad, so for Christmas I bought my OH flights for us to go to Spanish foodie city San Sebastián

8. Family holidays to our favourite places – we loved our holidays in Puerto Pollensa and Butlin’s last year so we’re hopefully going back to try and recreate some great memories and make some new ones!

9. Family trips to new places – W would like to Legoland as some of his school friends have been! So maybe we’ll take him there for his birthday treat? And I’ve always fancied trying Peppa Pig world! I’ve bought a voucher for a caravan holiday too!

10. Take W ice-skating – I’m hoping this is an easy one to tick off as there’s an family ice rink for a few more days in a winter wonderland! This should be fun… he’s never been and I haven’t been for about 20 years!

11. Teach W to ride a bike – shamefully we bought him a second-hand Isla bike months ago but we were so busy with house stuff we haven’t taken him out in it yet!

12. Transition S out of his cot bed into a big boy bed… and drop the milk bottle – probably the hardest task on the list!

13. Potty train S – he’s still not showing any interest but at some point think we’ll have to spend a weekend with nappies off to get him thinking about it

14. Transform the garden – the garden was a wasteland while we had the extension built so we didn’t use it properly over the lovely summer we had – although the boys did enjoy playing in the mud! Hopefully in the spring we can flatten the lawn and add some decking to create an usable space… an extra room!

Garden goals!

15. Fill the house with photos – the house is finally finished but so far we’ve only put one photo on the wall – we have a LOT more to frame and hang up!

16. Fill photo albums – I have 4 years worth of photos, since W was born, printed off that need putting into albums!! I started but didn’t get very far… this could take weeks!

17. Save some money – I’m not bad with money but thinking at aim #5 of reducing spend where I can, I want to set up a direct debit to save some money every month. While I’m at it I should also open savings accounts for the boys that I’ve been meaning to do since they were born!

18. Switch energy suppliers – talking of saving money, we really need to switch our gas and electricity as we’re on an expensive standard rate, hopefully this will save us a few hundred pounds this year!

19. Walk up the Garth mountain – this is the hill/mountain in the Hugh Grant film ‘the Englishman who walked up a hill….’ it’s only a few miles away and I’ve wanted to walk it for a few years now… 2019 will be the year!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year! What are your aims for the year ahead?


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