Week 4 – 4th week of being a mummy – wind and trips out!

4 weeks today our little W was born, and what a week this week has been!

The bad

  • Daddy had to go away for 2 nights with work… Pretty sad for all 3 of us 😦
  • A few bad nights sleep… Similar to last week, we’re having unpredictable nights… Sometimes he’ll settle in his Moses basket, sometimes he won’t! We try a variety of tricks, candles, white noise apps, heating etc but seems to be pot luck as to how well he settles!
  • Wind! Little W has gotten a lot more windy this week, poor little thing! So adds another task to the feeding, changing, sleeping cycle (variety is the spice of life eh !?) Also related to this, he poos less often… So fewer nappy changes but when he does poo my gosh they can fill a nappy (and seep out, gross!)

The Good

  • Little W still getting stronger, cuter and louder by the day! We love his cute noises and expressions so much:)
  • Trips with mummy – while daddy was away this week, my sister came to stay…

Tuesday – was supposed to visit some family but cancelled after a bad nights sleep as didn’t think it was a good idea driving for over 2 hours! Lazy day

Wednesday – got as far as McDonald’s and a visit to the hospital to drop off a thank you card and gift to the midwife who delivered W

Thursday – with the help of my sister we took W into town (Cardiff city centre) for the first time... We had fun working out how the bugaboo and maxi-cosi combo worked… Had an amazing lunch at torre cafe (very baby/ family-friendly, great food and cool decor, crockery etc) wi took a look round some non maternity clothes shops 🙂 then we had coffee and a cake… Perfect afternoon!


Delicious quiche and salad at Torre cafe, Cardiff
Delicious quiche and salad at Torre cafe, Cardiff

Friday – I did the same trip into town by myself eeek!
Crazy the things to get nervous about..
Where to park to be able to get the car seat out with space
What if I can’t get the pushchair to work ?!
What if he screams and won’t stop crying!?
What if he needs feeding? (I try and time these trips in the afternoon when he sleeps the most!)

I had nothing to fear, met my mate for lunch and she kindly chose the cafe in very mum-friendly John Lewis (I checked out the feeding areas they have there, and was encouraged to see women breastfeeding in the cafe itself)
After lunch I took him into work and was there for about an hour passing him around for cuddles and catching up with people!
Then we called in to see his nan at work – she loved showing him off to colleagues!

I couldn’t stop smiling as I pushed him back to the car park… The day had felt like a real accomplishment and my confidence had gone through the roof…. We can go anywhere and do anything now W!

More good stuff

  • Monday we took him for a newborn photoshoot with the amazing and lovely Leah Roberts. We were there for 4 hours as he needed feeding a couple of times but he behaved apart from pooing and peeing over Leah… A lot! Amazing what goes on when the nappy comes off 🙂 Haven’t got the photos back yet but pretty sure she got some amazingly cute shots!
  • I’m back in my fave Diesel pre-maternity jeans 🙂
    My body isn’t quite back to normal but it’s getting there… I have good genes and breastfeeding to thank for that!
  • Presents and purchases…..
    The presents keep coming!


Fab romper suit from mummy's friend Haf, from BlueZoo (?) at Debenhams
Fab romper suit from mummy’s friend Haf, from BlueZoo (?) at Debenhams
Gorgeous Jasper Conran (Debenhams) outfit from Daddy's colleagues
Gorgeous Jasper Conran (Debenhams) outfit from Daddy’s colleagues
Toy and books from mummy's friend Carys - she also gave us a bag of nappies, accessories etc that her twins had grown out of :)
Toy and books from mummy’s friend Carys – she also gave us a bag of nappies, accessories etc that her twins had grown out of 🙂
I bought these milestone cards for photos with W - love them!
I bought these milestone cards for photos with W – love them!

How did you feel about going out and about with your 4-week old? When did your body get back to normal? When did the sleep patterns get back to normal? I’d love to hear from you!

Read my previous weekly updates here – week 1, week 2 and week 3.


Week 3 – 3rd week of being a mummy – sleepless nights!

Can’t believe our little man is 3 weeks old… nearly a month old! This week’s definitely been the toughest week due to sleep deprivation which I’ll come on to later but first let’s focus on the positives which far outweigh the negatives 🙂

Week 3 highlights

No words required
No words required
  • I still love him SO much – I love it when he’s awake and looking around (not that often!!), I love his headbanging move and the ‘fist confusion’ when feeding, I love how sound asleep he is when I hold him… I love watching him have Daddy cwtches… I love his little noises whether he’s awake or asleep…. love, love, love….
  • More visitors this week – 2 of my good friends – it’s been so nice hosting visitors, they all adore him and it’s broken my week up nicely!
  • Sunday was sunny and we over to the in-laws for sunday dinner then sat in their garden all afternoon – was funny seeing W sleep through all sorts of drilling and other loud DIY noises being made by his Bampa!
  • Monday was also sunny and daddy was home so I decided to tag on to one of their walks – my first ‘proper’ walk since giving birth so I may have pushed myself a bit too hard as we ended up being out for a couple of hours… in the heat… with me wearing jeans as I still need to dig out summer clothes that fit! On the plus side – great exercise for me, W slept through it all (as per usual) and we stumbled upon a local delight which I’d not been to before: Insole Court
Insole Court, a Victorian mansion in our Cardiff neighbourhood
Insole Court, a Victorian mansion in our Cardiff neighbourhood
  • Wed and Thurs some of mummy’s good friends visited which was lovely for me to catch up with them and lovely for W to get even more cwtches (Welsh cuddles)
  • Friday – the health visitor weighed him and he’s now 8lb 6oz! So 1lb 4oz heavier than his birth weight – all on target and unbelievable that my milk alone can do that!
  • Friday afternoon I took him out in the car by myself to see a friend…. it was a sense of achievement 1) fitting the car seat by myself (thank god for youTube videos!) and 2) driving miss daisy! Next challenge: car plus pram!
  • In addition to all the gifts I listed in his haul, his presents keep acoming….
Beautiful booties and blanket from The White Company, from a supplier at work
Beautiful booties and blanket from The White Company, from a supplier at work
Cutest outfit ever from mummy's mate Gemma - from Next
Cutest outfit ever from mummy’s mate Gemma – from Next
Gifts from a Great Aunt and Uncle - outfit from Next, bibs from Tu and a Welsh T-shirt!
Gifts from a Great Aunt and Uncle – outfit from Next, bibs from Tu and a Welsh T-shirt!
Present for mummy and daddy from a work supplier - champers and chocs
Present for mummy and daddy from a work supplier – champers and chocs
Next butterfly scarf for mummy from her mate Gemma :)
Next butterfly scarf for mummy from her mate Gemma 🙂

Sleepless nights

So either because of the hot weather and/or a growth spurt (according to internet sources) or maybe as I dared to suggest last week that we had some routines… this week, we had some tough nights!

  • Sunday night he was a bit grisly all night
  • Monday night he woke for a feed every hour (instead of his usual 2-3)
  • Tuesday night was better – we gave him a big feed before bed (including some expressed milk), gave him a bath, burnt lavender candles in the bedroom and put one of his ‘daytime blankets’ on top of his moses basket mattress…. also, we packed daddy off to the spare room as he needed his sleep after the previous 2 nights…. and normal service was resumed – fed about 11pm, 2am, 4.30am…. also, I didn’t change his nappy between about 10pm and 4.30am (health visitor suggested that if there was only pee/light poo then not to worry about night changing)
  • Alas, it was not to stay like that.. Wednesday night was tough…. he had a mammoth 2 hour feed in the evening (9pm-11pm-ish) so I figured he’d have a great nights’ sleep but no I ended up feeding him on and off for about 4 hours (between 2.30am and 6.30am) – every time I put him down, he wanted more – I couldn’t believe this little man could be so hungry!
  • Thursday night – another big feed but earlier on – I think it was about 1.30am-3.30am. Our tranquil turtle nightlight had stopped working, so I was struggling with light and checking every time I put him down – so I took him and the moses basket to the spare room and as soon as we settled in there, he slept through from 3.30 til 7.30 = Bliss!!! 
  • In the spare room he was right next to me, so we decided to try that in our bedroom on Friday night (whereas he was at the foot of our bed)… he went a while without feeds (his main feed now seems to be between 11 and 2, instead of 3-5) but now he keeps struggling to settle in the basket despite loving being sound asleep on mummy/daddy

Every night is unpredictable.. wonder how he’ll be over the next few weeks…


Other bits ‘n’ bobs

  • He’s had spots on his face pretty much since he was born – the health visitor suggested he might be allergic to mummy and daddy’s bio washing powder/fabric conditioner so we’re going to switch to his non-bio and/or wash everything together (we had been keeping his stuff separate)
  • He also had a nappy rash last week and early this week – we tried a couple of creams but the one that worked for us is Bepanthen – it’s all cleared up now 🙂
  • He peed on his face when I was changing his nappy one time – ooooops!

So that’s it ’til next week – catch up with our Week 1 and Week 2 updates if you haven’t already 🙂


Week 2 update – second week of being a mummy!

Being a mummy still rocks, little W rocks my world.

What we’ve been up to over the last week:

  • the weekend was busy with lots of visitors from both of our families
  • we had out first drive and walk together along Barry Island – W slept the whole way there, the whole walk and the whole way back 🙂
  • he passed his hearing tests with flying colours 🙂
  • he recovered his birth weight within 10 days 🙂
  • he is getting stronger and stronger – stretching, kicking, gripping more and more every day!
  • his long legs seem to be getting longer!
  • Still feeding well
  • daddy gave him his first bath and he loved it!
  • he met his great-grandma… A v special moment 🙂
  • he met his mummy’s best friends…. and all of these visitors have absolutely adored him as he’s so cute… and so well-behaved!
Beautiful Barry Island on W's first trip to the sea
Beautiful Barry Island on W’s first trip to the sea


I know it’s too soon to worry about getting into a routine but here’s some of our current routines

  • We have big feed/change/feed sessions at about 9am, noon, 4pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am with some snacks in between
  • He sleeps for most of the rest of the time so mid-morning and mid-afternoon are good for visitors/walks etc
  • We do a load of washing for him every other day at the moment – I can’t believe how many muslins/towels/change mat liners we get through every day!
  • We’ve hired a cleaner for a couple of hours every Friday afternoon – the best £25 a week I’m spending at the moment!
i love seeing baby clothes on the washing line :)
i love seeing baby clothes on the washing line 🙂

Any lowlights?

  • I need to improve my nappy changing skills… A couple of times he ‘s ended up with a wet back 😦 #badmummy
  • daddy going back to work sucked… I realised how much easier it is when both of us are here… But more importantly life is more fun when daddy’s home, we miss him! He did take us to Penarth Pier on Thursday after work though which we loved (and again, W slept through again!)
  • W has learnt how to spray poo across walls and how to vomit a pile of sick over himself, mummy’s hair and back, and the nursery. Nice!
  • I need to learn to nap a bit better… I’m getting by ok but a few more naps here and there would help!
Daddy walking Baby to Penarth Pier
Daddy walking Baby to Penarth Pier

Overall still loving life and can’t believe 2 weeks has already gone by!

did you read last week’s update: my first week of being a mummy?


Week 1 update – First week of being a mummy!

I can’t believe that just over a week ago I was full of excitement but also a great deal of fear and trepidation about what was ahead…. how would I get through labour? What if Bean didn’t bond with me? What if something was wrong with Bean? How would I know what to do with a newborn? Would I still love Bean if they were weird-looking?

New arrival....
New arrival….

Fears melt away

I know *everyone* says that things will just click straight away and mother’s instinct will kick in – but they really do! From the moment baby W was placed on me for skin-and-skin and latched on for his first feed, I had a feeling that everything would be ok!

Baby boy balloon
Baby boy balloon

Things I love from Week 1

  • W taking so well to breastfeeding and generally being awesome – sleeps most of the time and only really cries when he’s getting changed.
  • The way he looks around while he’s being fed – those gorgeous eyes!
  • The way he twitches when he’s sleeping – kicking his legs and arms out – he spends a lot of time with one arm covering his eyes – this is how he was in the womb (and possibly why I tore when he was coming out!)
  • The way he stretches his neck/arms/legs when he’s awake
  • His funny grimaces and smiles (people say newborns don’t smile – I’m pretty sure he does!)
  • The funny noises he makes and his hiccups!
  • Having my other half home – he’s been amazing, cooking our meals, doing the dishes, doing 99% of the nappy changes and loving being a dad – it’s been great being a proper family for the week and it will be weird when he’s back in work. He’s already taken W out for a couple of walks and over to his grandparents when I’ve been too tired and sore to – so it’s good for us all that I’ve already been apart from W for a few hours at a time (I didn’t want to be a clingy mum if I could help it!)
  • His firsts – first walk, first bath, first time sleeping outside, first trip in the car to see his grandparents
  • Seeing baby clothes on the washing line for the first time 🙂
2 fingers - no photos please mummy!
2 fingers – no photos please mummy!

I also feel like I’m starting to earn the ‘mummy badge’:

  • my food going cold while I finish feeding W
  • multi-tasking – cleaning up baby sick from underneath me while still feeding W and trying not to move him
  • wet patches in T-shirts (!)

So W is fine – perfect and adorable –  how am I feeling/looking?

2 days before, 7 days after
2 days before, 7 days after
  • Still sore – down below – after stitches – enough said!
  • Legs are still sore – been wearing support stockings all week and now I think I need to do some mild walking!
  • I have aches in places I haven’t ached before – upper arms and lower back  – probably from picking him up and cradling him etc! (And I guess my body was in some weird positions during labour!)
  • My bump is nearly gone already which I can’t believe!
  • After having great skin during pregnancy, my spots have returned!
  • When I was pregnant, I used things like body butters every time I bathed/showered – that’s now gone out the window!
  • Tired – I would say I’m tired most of the time – probably from the 2 or 3 night feeds and I’m guessing breastfeeding in general zaps your energy. I try and nap every day but think I need to nap for longer if/when I can. Also trying to get fresh air in the garden when it’s not raining!
We were given lots of flowers!
We were given lots of flowers!

So there we have it – we not only survived our first week but we loved every minute! I love how every day is like a new adventure, I’m now so excited (and a lot less fearless about what the next days, weeks and months will bring 🙂


Week 40 pregnancy update – zero days to go!

Today is my due date – and here we still are waiting 🙂 I’ve had a lovely week chilling, preparing, waiting – here’s a quick overview…

Health – blood pressure has remained high and I’ve had it checked every few days but still no other symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

Labour symptoms – only a few feelings like period pains and a bit of backache… my body must be getting ready but Bean doesnt seem to be in a rush!

Sleep – 3 times in the last week I’ve been wide awake at 4-5am and a couple of times I’ve just ended up getting up and sitting downstairs with a cuppa and the news. I haven’t even had naps those days but I have been tired in the evenings – I have a bath most nights! I’m glad Bean is due this time of year as the sun and birds are getting up when I get up 😉

It can take me a while to nod off at night so as well as a lavender bath and lavender candle in the room, we’ve actually started using Bean’s sleep aid – the tranquil turtle – and it’s lovely – wave noises and relaxing lights for about 20 mins = bliss! This was recommended to us by friends and I’ve since bought it for a couple of good friends, let’s hope it works for our Bean too!

Oh, I forgot to say in the last few updates – over the last few weeks, I’ve started snoring! My OH think it’s hilarious, apparently I quite often wake myself up by snoring – lol!

Also, I’ve had a few dreams where I thought my waters have broken but there’s not been a peep there…

Stretchmarks – still none, yay!

Highlights from the last week

  • Treated myself to a bump photoshoot – photos and post to follow once I have them – but it was a really enjoyable hour in the park posing and making Bean feel like a star 😉 (it was nice rubbing him/her for an hour!)
  • had a pedicure and free facial at the Vanity rooms in Cardiff – both treatments were VERY relaxing, I felt great afterwards and now my toes will be pretty for labour = bonus! Only cost about £45 for 2 hours of relaxing, I’d recommend Georgia if you go there…
Week 40 toes before and after pedicure!
Week 40 toes before and after pedicure!


What else we’ve been up to

  • It’s not just me who’s been nesting – my other half has been doing lots of DIY and cleaning getting the house ready for our new arrival! I did some light gardening as I wanted to do some planting as I won’t get a chance once Bean is here and I didn’t want to miss my window!
  • trying to eat dates (supposed to be good for labour etc) but I don’t really like them – I do like them wrapped in bacon as I discovered….
Dates wrapped in bacon!
Dates wrapped in bacon!

Purchases, gifts and freebies

  • Bought some elephant fabric from eBay for the nursery – we plan to make curtains/drapes and god knows what else out of them!
  • Bought an elephant door stop from Homebase (I think it was £15) – just *had* to have it! Also from Homebase – elephant and owl pictures (£5)
  • bought an exercise ball (Tesco c£7)
  • finally picked up our bounty mum-to-be pack – wasn’t going to bother til I came across this post the other day – was chuffed with the freebies especially the hooded towel as we haven’t actually bought any bathing stuff yet!
  • won (at random) £100 of John Lewis vouchers through the #GreatBritishHome challenge – was SO chuffed especially as we have seen a bathroom cupboard we want 🙂
Elephant doorstop from Homebase
Elephant doorstop from Homebase


So there we have it … Hopefully this time next week I can share my birth story with you? Or a story about trying out old wives tales to start labour? Or having a sweep? Time will tell 🙂

Week 39 pregnancy update (I got my weeks wrong last week!)


Yes baby brain had well and truly kicked in when I wrote last week’s update – I was 38 weeks gone not 39! So today I am 39 weeks pregnant – #7daystogo

It’s been a funny old week:

High blood pressure and goodbye to the maternity-led unit

Blood Pressure remains high and quite unpredicatable so saw the consultant a week ago and had my BP checked every couple of days since – this means I’m definitely going to be consultant-led which I was a bit gutted about after having seen the midwife-led unit and dreaming of a relaxing, home-from-home, natural labour…

Oh and we also had an unexpected scan where the sonographer laughed as she said ‘it’s measuring big’ eeeeek! At 38 weeks, the head was measuring at 42 weeks and it also has a big tummy but normal length legs…..

I’m still hoping for as natural birth as possible but obviously being consultant-led (and the potential of a big baby!) increases the chance of intervention so I’ve been reading up a bit on epidurals (good for lowering blood pressure), assisted deliveries and C-sections just in case any of these happen!

I’ve got to keep remembering that the important thing is Bean arrives safely… it doesn’t matter how! (And so many people have told me how they’ve got measurements so wrong!)

Goodbye work, hello leisure!

A week in, and I’ve already forgotten how to do my job! If it wasn’t for the high blood pressure I would have been checking in on emails etc but I’ve forced myself to switch off and it has been lovely!

I’ve had a mix of relaxing and keeping busy…

  • Good Friday – sunny so I spent most of the day in the garden, dug up some dead flowers then sat in the sun reading
  • Saturday – met up with my parents in Brecon including a lovely lunch at Tipple and Tiffins and a relaxing boat trip down the canal – highlight was seeing some cute ducklings!
  • Easter Sunday – a big dinner at the in-laws, yum yum!
  • Easter Monday – another sunny day so sat in the garden again reading, sis came to stay over and we watched Frozen.. brilliant!
  • Tuesday – sis came with me to my BP test at the hospital then we had a look round some shops (including the adorable clothes at Next and Mammas and Pappas!) and a delicious lunch in the new Pieminister shop in Cardiff
  • Wednesday – lovely lunch with my mate Gemma at Corner House, and stocked up in Poundland and Boots on some toiletries for my hospital bag.. and cleaning products…. #Nesting! Also briefly caught up with my mate Zoe and my god-daughter who is a very cute 14 month old, starting to talk a lot – she took great delight in pulling my top up and down to see and then hide Bean!
  • Thursday – BP check, Tesco shop then a lovely day chilling at home followed by a dinner at Penarth Pier 64 with Ceri and Shell – good food and great location, definitely want to go back there!


canal-side Bean at 38+1 weeks
canal-side Bean at 38+1 weeks

Other weekly updates:

Stretchmarks: still none 🙂

Baby’s movements: still a wriggly little (or big!) thing

Sleep: I seem to wake up about 4-5am every night. Once I’m awake whether that be 6, 7 or 8 then I can’t get back to sleep – my body must be getting me ready for this upcoming sleep deprivation! Last night was the worst – woke up at 3 and eventually got up at 5.30!

Gifts: a lovely girl I met on a mums-to-be Facebook group sent me a breast pump for free as she already has one so didn’t need it, bless her!

Tommee Tippee breast pump - gift of the week!
Tommee Tippee breast pump – gift of the week!

Purchases for me –

  • some pumps from Next – *needed* some comfy shoes!
Comfy summer shoes from Next
Comfy summer shoes from Next
  • couple of maternity t-shirts from eBay
  • a variety of energy snacks for labour
  • toiletries for hospital – spare deodorant, toothbrush etc so I don’t forget to pack mine etc
  • datesI read this article about the benefits of eating dates in late pregnancy, including lowering blood pressure so I might have left it too late but will give it a try nonetheless!


Purchases for Bean – this adorable elephant from Tiger for just £4! (the nursery is still WIP but we’re trying to give it an elephant feel)

Purchase of the week - Elephant from Tiger (£4)
Purchase of the week – Elephant from Tiger (£4)

and some hats from Tesco as we only had 1 hat and apparently they need to wear them a lot (got 2 sizes in case he/she really does have a big head ;))

Hospital hats for Bean!
Hospital hats for Bean!

So, 1 week to go…. wonder when Bean will make his/her big appearance?!

Binky Linky

Week 39 pregnancy update

15 days to go ’til due-date – what we’ve been up to…

It’s been a busy week for Bean, the other half and me….

  • Had a scan a week ago to make sure baby was in the right position (as he/she was still in breech a few weeks before) – good news: Bean is head-down 🙂
  • While we were there, my blood pressure was a bit high which the consultant was a bit worried about so I’ve had to go up to the hospital to get it checked 3 times since then (yesterday’s reading was ok at 148/95 but still a bit high) – we’ll be back up there again today
  • Had the whopping cough vaccination
  • Had a hospital tour (both wards: midwife-led (amazing!!) and consultant-led)
  • Had a fun afternoon out with my team, learning how to decorate cupcakes
  • Finished work yesterday
  • Pretty much finished the new kitchen
  • Chose which outfits we’re taking to the hospital for Bean 🙂

I also had a busy but lovely weekend catching up with friends and going to a lovely christening.. and all the time, the sun has been shining 🙂

Private room in the maternity-led unit, UHW
Private room in the maternity-led unit, UHW

Things I’ve learnt in the last few weeks about pregnancy, myself and blood pressure!

These things aren’t great for blood pressure so late in your pregnancy:

  • Sending your work handover emails just a couple of days before you finish
  • Still clearing your desk minutes before you need to finish work
  • Travelling to London for your last vendor meeting just a week before you finish work
  • Giving a presentation to 60-70 peers in your last week (and just doing the slides that morning, and not practising!)
  • Having a new kitchen fitted 😉

Having said all that, I’m actually surprised that my blood pressure is a bit high – I feel pretty good but the things listed above were probably on my mind… to offset it I went back to NCT yoga this week, and I’ve been reading ‘Spiritual Midwifery’ (Ina May Gaskin) and ‘Hypnobirthing’ Marie Mongan) – more on those in another post but they have both helped to relax me!

Any other pregnancy updates?

Total weight gained: 2 stone (28 lbs/12.8 kgs)

New purchases: TENS machine (still in box), PJ bottoms for hospital

Baby’s movement: Plenty, especially during the early hours of the morning

Sleep: see above


  • see photos for work gifts (I’m a very lucky girl),
  • we also picked up the car seat and moses basket which friends are very kindly lending us
  • my friend Fran gave us a really cute babygro from John Lewis
  • my friend Zoe gave us some handy towels for the changing mat, a teddy that Bean can play with from day 1, very cute scratch mitts and she lent me another book and gave me some nipple cream 🙂
Leaving gifts from work: spa treat, cupcakes, teddy and babygro :)
Leaving gifts from work: spa treat, cupcakes, teddy and babygro 🙂


orange and pink flowers
Beautiful flowers from an agency we work with

50 days to go! Best things about being pregnant

50 days to go ’til our little bean is due…. how quickly time has gone!

I feel so blessed and lucky that I’ve had a really easy pregnancy, and much of that is due to my other half who’s done an amazing job looking after me (spoiling me!), getting involved in all aspects and taking on more of the chores etc!

I’m 33 weeks gone today and just yesterday I had a scan which showed that our bean is still very healthy and surprisingly on the large side! Bean is still in breech so we’re booked in for a 37 week scan but hopefully he/she will have turned around by then 🙂


Things I’ve loved about being pregnant

  • The obvious, but having a baby growing inside of you is the best – those special moments like when your bump starts showing and when you feel (and see) bean move for the first time
  • Scans – seeing our wriggling bean on screen at 12 and 20 weeks were both special moments that will stay with us forever
  • Everyone being lovely – I’ve never had so many people asking how I am, and how things are going. People seem genuinely interested and that’s a lovely feeling 🙂
  • Hearing a lot of different labour stories, and been given a lot of tips and advice – genuinely useful
  • Making new friends due at the same time, from all over the world, via a Facebook group (who needs to pay all that money to do NCT when you can get the same level of support in a virtual world?!)
  • Buying new clothes (and becoming addicted to eBay in the process) because you have to – nothing fits anymore!
  • The laughs every time we discovered I couldn’t fit into certain items of clothes – a nice feeling that my body was expanding to look after our little bean
  • Friends lending you stuff like a big bag of maternity clothes, a pile of books and magazines, a moses basket and car seat
  • Family,friends and even agencies I work with digging deep to buy lovely gifts for me and bean… clothes, body butters, chocolates, a lambskin blanket…
  • Home-made gifts like a teddy from a best friend’s mum and an elephant teddy from my mum
  • My dad digging out the cot that he made when I was a baby, and my great-grandmother’s high-chair
  • Shopping becomes so much fun – like our bargain Bugaboo, our must-have nursery furniture, cute l’il outfits and even buying the essentials like nappies and wipes
  • Eating more (enough said!)
  • Not going off certain foods
  • Warm baths
  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Not having morning sickness, not being overly hormonal or emotional 🙂


Things I’ve not liked about being pregnant

  • The tiredness, lethargy and achiness – some days I’ve ached from head to toe
  • Pelvic floor exercises (a necessary evil in my opinion!)
  • Ummmm I think that’s it!

What do you think? What did you love/hate about being pregnant?