50 days to go! Best things about being pregnant

50 days to go ’til our little bean is due…. how quickly time has gone!

I feel so blessed and lucky that I’ve had a really easy pregnancy, and much of that is due to my other half who’s done an amazing job looking after me (spoiling me!), getting involved in all aspects and taking on more of the chores etc!

I’m 33 weeks gone today and just yesterday I had a scan which showed that our bean is still very healthy and surprisingly on the large side! Bean is still in breech so we’re booked in for a 37 week scan but hopefully he/she will have turned around by then 🙂


Things I’ve loved about being pregnant

  • The obvious, but having a baby growing inside of you is the best – those special moments like when your bump starts showing and when you feel (and see) bean move for the first time
  • Scans – seeing our wriggling bean on screen at 12 and 20 weeks were both special moments that will stay with us forever
  • Everyone being lovely – I’ve never had so many people asking how I am, and how things are going. People seem genuinely interested and that’s a lovely feeling 🙂
  • Hearing a lot of different labour stories, and been given a lot of tips and advice – genuinely useful
  • Making new friends due at the same time, from all over the world, via a Facebook group (who needs to pay all that money to do NCT when you can get the same level of support in a virtual world?!)
  • Buying new clothes (and becoming addicted to eBay in the process) because you have to – nothing fits anymore!
  • The laughs every time we discovered I couldn’t fit into certain items of clothes – a nice feeling that my body was expanding to look after our little bean
  • Friends lending you stuff like a big bag of maternity clothes, a pile of books and magazines, a moses basket and car seat
  • Family,friends and even agencies I work with digging deep to buy lovely gifts for me and bean… clothes, body butters, chocolates, a lambskin blanket…
  • Home-made gifts like a teddy from a best friend’s mum and an elephant teddy from my mum
  • My dad digging out the cot that he made when I was a baby, and my great-grandmother’s high-chair
  • Shopping becomes so much fun – like our bargain Bugaboo, our must-have nursery furniture, cute l’il outfits and even buying the essentials like nappies and wipes
  • Eating more (enough said!)
  • Not going off certain foods
  • Warm baths
  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Not having morning sickness, not being overly hormonal or emotional 🙂


Things I’ve not liked about being pregnant

  • The tiredness, lethargy and achiness – some days I’ve ached from head to toe
  • Pelvic floor exercises (a necessary evil in my opinion!)
  • Ummmm I think that’s it!

What do you think? What did you love/hate about being pregnant?

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