S’s 2 and a quarter health visitor check: what to expect

S recently had his 2-2.5 year old check from the health visitor.

She was due at 2pm which is usually his nap time, so I put him down for an earlier nap and woke him just as she was parking up. Unfortunately having to wake him meant he was a bit grouchy and not really on form…

The first words he muttered were ‘tv on’… great, thanks S, now she thinks I just plonk you in front of the TV all the time!

What she checked for:

  • Language skills – he’s coming on nicely here, stringing sentences together, starting to reel off numbers, animals, vehicles and we can understand most of the words he says especially ‘crisps’ or ‘chocolate’!
  • Throwing a ball – yes he can throw a ball. He can throw everything well – food and cutlery when he’s eating; cars at his older brother’s head….
  • Jumping – yes he can jump, especially in puddles on the school run… in front of all the well-behaved other toddlers standing by!
  • Can he walk on tiptoes? – wasn’t sure about this one, will have to try and get him to do it!
  • Milk/ bottle/ dummy – he hasn’t used a dummy since he was a few months old. However, he still has a baby bottle of milk for bed every night. And when he’s run-down or grouchy he wants a bottle of milk (sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn’t!) So we have a battle ahead to wean him off this, as we did with his older brother at a similar age!
  • Sleep – overall he sleeps pretty well, in a sleeping bag in his cot bed, usually for 12 hours. He has phases of waking up in the night especially the last few months with coughs and colds. He usually has a daily nap but we don’t plan our day around it any more… sometimes his nap will just be in the car, sometimes he won’t have one at all
  • Eating with a spoon yep he can do this, as we did baby-led weaning he’s been feeding himself since he was a baby
  • Appetite – not bad, a bit up and down – he goes through phases. His favourite foods are chicken, corn, noodle soup, apples and ham!
  • Brushing teeth – he’s been brushing his teeth for a while now and thankfully we’ve got to the point where it doesn’t cause a meltdown!
  • Potty training – not showing much interest yet. We try and get him to sit on the potty before his daily bath but he literally sits in it for a second! He knows when he’s having a wee or poo so maybe over Christmas we’ll try and do some training!
  • Other children – she asked if he interacted with other children and if so how did he get on. I said that him and brother W have an amazing relationship and play together nicely… most of the time! The nanny takes him to some playgroups as do I occasionally on a Friday, and he usually plays nice apart from the odd tantrum over sharing toys etc. As he has his older brother W he’s used to playing with older kids and quite often will be a ringleader leading them astray! Our niece has recently had a baby and S was so good around her, very gentle… he’s starting to show a softer side!
  • Behaviour- she asked about his behaviour and I said he was pretty much like any other toddler… lots of moments of ‘terrible two’s’ and tantrums… he’s very strong-willed and doesn’t like not getting his own way. At times he is really hard work but it’s only a phase, we try and get him to follow instructions like sitting down for dinner every day, picking up toys for ‘tidy time’ etc
  • Vitamins – she suggested all 2-5 year olds should take multivitamins so I need to look into buying some! She asked about his overall health and I said that we’d been very lucky but he’d had a spell of mouth ulcers… she said the vitamins might help ward those off

Then it was time to weigh him and measure his height. As he was still in a grouchy mood I basically had to bribe him with chocolate to do that so more parenting brownie points right there thanks S!

He weighed 11.42 kgs which is light but not surprising, he’s small and has always weighed in the lower quantiles. Height wise he’s 87 cms which is mid-range so he’s lean and slim!

We got our 2 free books (1 Welsh, 1 English) which is always the highlight of a visit then it was all over til the next time!


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