Christmas gift idea for men: socks! Not just any socks….

Getting socks for men for Christmas is pretty standard. It’s the default gift when you have no idea what else to buy… the perfect stocking filler.

But socks have also been a pretty boring gift. Until now.

Imagine the man in your life getting a pair of socks in the post every month. And the socks have a quality feel featuring amazing designs, some designed by their own customers!

Colourful socks for men by Futt

Introducing Futt.

The first sock subscription service. Sign up and get a new pair of unique, colourful in the post every month. The gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

11 reasons to buy a Futt subscription this Christmas:

  1. It’s different. You can’t get a sock subscription service anywhere else!
  2. Perfect for men who like subscription services… Netflix, dollar shave club…
  3. The designs are unique and colourful… perfect for hipsters who want to brighten up their outfits!
  4. Every month means a new design, some of which are designed by Futt customers!
  5. They’re really well-made and good quality, made in Italy.. I can vouch for them!
  6. The website is easy to use
  7. No delivery charges
  8. If you don’t want to buy a monthly subscription (£10 per month) you can also buy a pair of socks as a one-off
  9. If you do buy a subscription, you can cancel at any time
  10. You’ll be supporting charity…they give 5% to Warchild
  11. You’ll be supporting a local, start-up business. Futt is co-owned by a colleague and friend, Gary. He’s so passionate about creating amazing socks while giving something back to charity, I’d love it if you could support him this Christmas!

Disclosure: I wasn’t asked to, or paid to write this post. Just trying to help a friend promote his new business 🙂

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