Baby W’s first pair of shoes from Clarks

As you know, Baby W has been walking properly for about 6 weeks now. Since he started moving around (crawling and pulling himself up) I never put any shoes or booties on him so that they didn’t get in the way of his development but now he’d been walking for a while it really was time to get him shoes… as walking outside in socks is a little dangerous 😉

So on my week off last week I had the chance to take him to Clarks… where else would you go for that special first pair?! They have such a good reputation for baby and children’s shoes – I remember going there for all my school shoes when I was a little girl.

First shoes from Clarks
First shoes from Clarks

The experience itself was a bit underwhelming – I was expecting all the sales assistants to be as excited as me about getting his first, proper, pair of shoes… but of course they deal with this day in, day out – it must get a bit boring 😉

But I was still excited…. he got measured while he sat in his pushchair.. and he’s a 4F!

Now, I hadn’t anticipated how expensive baby shoes were, but thankfully Clarks had a sale on… I picked the only pair of 4F’s they had in the sale which worked out well as I love them! And they were down from £26 to £8!

Baby W's first shoes from Clarks
Baby W’s first shoes from Clarks

I put them on him straight away…. and straight away he learnt how to take them off. I didn’t think this was going to go well at all, but I took him straight up to the park so he could run around in them… and run around he did 🙂 It didn’t take him long to get used to them at all, they didn’t hinder his walking at all…

Toddling around Aberystwyth castle in his first shoes!
Toddling around Aberystwyth castle in his first shoes!

A week on and he still wears them when we’re out and about. Bonus points for being able to actually hear him walk about now – stomp, stomp, stomp! And he still tries to take them off when he’s sat in his pushchair or car seat!

As the sale was such a bargain, I got a couple of pairs in the next size up (4 1/2 F) – I don’t love these as much as his first pair but they are still cute…..

Bargains from the Clarks sale - £16 down to £10
Bargains from the Clarks sale – £16 down to £10
Clarks sale shoes - £18 down to £9
Clarks sale shoes – £18 down to £9

Not sure when he’ll wear those – it’s recommended they get measured around every 8-10 weeks. Hopefully the next shoe shop will co-incide with another sale – I do love a bargain!

My little baby is growing up fast!

Do you remember your baby’s first shoes?!

Small print: I wasn’t paid to, or asked to, write this by Clarks – just wanted to share our special first pair of shoes with you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Baby W’s first pair of shoes from Clarks”

  1. Yay – we bought Jasmine’s first pair of shoes last week too. We went to Clarks and I was a little disappointed due to the lack of choice. There were only a few pairs of shoes available in her size (3.5G) and not a single pair in the sale *sob*. We’ve had to watch her like a hawk when she’s wearing them because she’s always trying to take them off!

    Did Baby W get his photo taken? 🙂 xx


    1. No he didn’t, did she? Maybe your experience was a bit more ‘magical’?! Did you have a look at their website? I checked over the weekend and they had a lot more choice in the sale than was in-store (I resisted the urge – he only *needs* one pair at a time at the mo right?! xx


  2. I remember… and I’ve kept them in their ‘special things’ boxes! Lucy had little pink and white trainer type cruisers with toggles on the elasticated laces. They were from Clarks. Millie had some Startrite ones… pink with apples on them. I’ve tended to go for Startrite over Clarks on the whole… they cost a few quid more but they seem sturdier when they get older & their shoes can last longer! Lucy’s school shoes from there are 15 months old & look battered but they haven’t worn out yet…


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