How to keep kids safe on social networks – #ShareAware

Thankfully, baby W is too young for me to have to worry about what he gets up to online. But I know all these fears are ahead of me and it’s already something I worry about. From what I understand, kids from a very young age know how to use the internet including how to bypass rules and settings put in place to protect them!

So when the NSPCC got in touch about their new campaign called ‘Share aware’ I thought I would share the info with you in case your children are of the age where you’re worrying about them using the internet.

Basically, Share Aware is an online guide that parents can use, to help them:

  • understand the risks of different social networking sites
  • start conversations with their children about these risks

The website is full of stats (e.g. which social networks are most popular with children, how many children have social media accounts even though they’re not supposed to!), tips and advice. Even though it’s full of information, it’s not overwhelming at all – the website is very easy on the eye and clear.

Check it out yourselves here and help to spread the word on Twitter etc using the hashtag #ShareAware

Small print: I wasn’t incentivised to promote this campaign – it’s a good cause that I’m happy to support

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