Baby W and Mummy’s 8 month update

Baby W turned 8 months old last Saturday and what a busy month it’s been including his first Christmas and mummy going back to work!


What we’ve been up to

December started off busy – my other half finally had the work exam that he’d been studying for all year. As soon as that was out of the way, he took a week off and we spent a few nights of that at my parents’ in Mid Wales.

We also had our first night away from baby W and we spoiled ourselves with a stay at the lovely Bath Spa hotel – although we missed baby W, we had a lovely night and it was amazing to get a proper nights’ sleep! He’s since spent another couple of nights with his grandparents and settles pretty well over there which is great!

I had another spa day in December – this time at Holland House in Cardiff, very nice and I will miss the ability to have random spa days when I’m back in work!

I caught a cold and 24 hour sickness bug in early/mid December which meant I missed my work’s Christmas party and it also set me back with Christmas shopping etc! The best presents I bought were creating calendars for family members using baby W’s newborn shoot – looks fab and they went down very well!

Suddenly Christmas was upon us… we spent the day with my in-laws, my sister joined us too. Nice, relaxed day with lots of food! Baby W was in a great mood all day, we dressed him up in his reindeer outfit, he tried turkey and sprouts for the first time and enjoyed some of his new presents.

Christmas presents :)
Christmas presents 🙂

We didn’t go mad with presents – we bought him a ‘lost my name’ book which is something to keep forever, I bought him a couple of other books but the best thing we bought by far was a £7 set of stacking cups etc from Mothercare – it’s provided us with hours of entertainment!

best present ever - stacking set from Mothercare
best present ever – stacking set from Mothercare

With Christmas and New Year out of the way it was time for this mamma to go back to work – I’ve just done my first 3 days back and I must admit I’ve actually really enjoyed it! The toughest thing has been another level of exhaustion which I’ll have to get used to!

Over the last month baby W also went to a christening and 1st birthday party, and went on a train for the first time!

Milestones and personality

Nothing new from last month other than he’s just got busier and busier – he doesn’t sit still and he’s getting a lot more vocal!

Although he can’t crawl, he can move around pretty well by shuffling around. He grabs everything, all the time now… he doesn’t stop!

He’s generally a happy chappy and we get smiles and giggles every day. Because he’s a busy little baby though, he does get bored easily so needs entertaining a fair bit… anything from a remote control to scrunchy paper tends to work 🙂

Weight, health etc

  • No idea what his weight is
  • His 6th tooth came through in the last month
  • His lingering cold/cough finally went
  • Overall seems really healthy 🙂


In December, our weekly and daily routine was all over the place. As I’ve just gone back to work this week I’m sure we’ll settle into a routine again but at the moment it looks like this:

  • 6-6.30 get up and have 1st milk feed of the day
  • 8-ish breakfast
  • 9-ish nap (ideally an hour)
  • 10.30-11ish 2nd milk feed
  • 12-ish lunch
  • 1-ish nap (ideally another hour)
  • 3-ish 3rd milk feed
  • 4-ish he might have another nap
  • 5-ish tea/supper/dinner (whatever you call it!)
  • 6-7 bedtime – bath, books, bottle, bed!
  • 10.45 we wake him up to give him his 5th and final milk feed of the day

Most nights he sleeps through now, every few nights he wakes between 1 and 3 but settles back easily after some water, a cwtch and switching Ewan the dream sheep back on.

So now the days I’m in work he goes to a childminder, I spend an hour with him in the morning before daddy drops him off and I head straight to work. I work from 7.30 to 4, pick him up at 4.30 and so I have a couple of hours with him before he goes to sleep. He’s settled in fine with the childminder and he has all sorts of fun there that I haven’t done with him like jelly play and a play in a ball pool!


Baby W’s enjoyed his food over the last month and is currently in a bit of a ‘eat everything’ phase although as you can see we haven’t dropped any milk feeds yet.

He LOVES my homemade macaroni cheese – he can eat about 15-20 pieces of pasta in one go.

He LOVES fruit – especially satsumas and apple slices (I still take the skin off)

We tend to give him Weetabix (spoon-fed) or toast for breakfast. Lunch and dinner we’re still going the baby-led weaning way in terms of him just eating a bit of whatever we eat.

My sister bought him an IKEA highchair for Christmas and now he sits in that instead of the snug on the table, there’s definitely a lot more mess on the floor but he loves sitting in the highchair. Mealtimes are probably the favourite part of the day for me – playing with food keeps him interested and entertained and it’s fun watching all of his facial expressions!


3 thoughts on “Baby W and Mummy’s 8 month update”

  1. Sounds like he’s doing brilliantly. I am very jealous of your nights off though.

    I have only just dropped one of Jasmine’s milk feeds this week (she was having four prior to that) – she all of a sudden just became less interested in her lunch time bottle. I’m sure Baby W will let you know when he’s ready to drop his. I think the eating (solid food) just steps up a notch over the next month or so. 🙂

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps x


  2. My little one loves her stacking cups too, they were a surprise hit, I’m sure she’d play with them all day if she could. She was also at the shuffling around stage, then all of a sudden she was crawling and walking round the furniture within the same 24 hours – yikes! Oh and six teeth? Wow, we still don’t have any!


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