37 weeks pregnant 

A week ago I was enjoying my last few days in work, feeling like I could carry on for a few more weeks but I stuck to finishing on Thursday….

Lucky I did as I felt exhausted straight after…. Maternity insomnia has kicked in, and I think a lot of that is because I feel totally unprepared, physically and mentally!

After finishing work Thursday…

dressed up for the photoshoot
dressed up for the photoshoot

– Friday, W and I had a photoshoot, I wanted some nice photos of him hugging bump but he wasn’t really interested on the day!! Hopefully she got some nice pics of us anyway 😁

– Saturday, a day of nesting, got W’s baby clothes down from the loft etc

– Sunday – a lovely spa day which was a Christmas present from my other half for me, his mum and sister. It came at the right time as I was so tired! I had a prenatal body massage, facial and pedicure… Bliss! 

spa day selfie
spa day selfie

-yesterday felt like the first proper day of maternity leave. We’ve left W with the childminder so hopefully I can do lots of nesting and resting! Yesterday I did some sorting/re-arranging, 4 loads of washing and started packing hospital bags. Oh and last night we watched our first One Born this time around… So I’m starting to get a bit more prepared!


Apart from the usual tiredness and achiness I’ve felt pretty good since the last update and had some nice days out.

We had a 36 week scan on Thursday. Everything seemed fine but the doctor was worried that the abdomen percentile had dropped from about 90% to about 50% since the last scan. So we’re back in this Thursday for another scan… I’ve lost count of how many scans we’ve had, must be about 8 by now… Can’t complain, feels like we’re getting a private level of service (apart from all the hanging around waiting ;))

Yesterday I finally had my whooping cough jab. Despite all the hospital appointments, nobody told me about this vaccine… It’s the stuff your midwife would normally tell you.

At last week’s scan baby had a full mop of head, was still very much a boy and was weighing 5lb 8oz… Oh and he’s now head down which is great!

I’ve just weighed myself and I’m close to 10 stone now, so I’ve put on nearly 2 stone which is similar to my first pregnancy.


Since the last update where I’d bought the Snuzpod, I took the plunge and bought the Sleepyhead (was on offer on the NCT shop) to go with it…. This baby will get some sleep 😎

So that’s two things bought off my newborn wishlist (probably the only things we’ll buy off it!)

My team in work spoiled me to a lovely afternoon tea in Pettigrew tea rooms in my last week… It was such a nice treat that I wasn’t expecting anything else but on my last day they surprised me with lots of gorgeous goodies after doing a collection around the office…. Thank you all! Xx

lovely gifts from colleagues
lovely gifts from colleagues

Baby bean has also been given two lovely hand-made crochet blankets (one from a neighbour, one from my auntie) and his first comforter made by my lovely colleague and fellow blogger TwinklinPixi 🙂 

crochet gifts
crochet gifts

The week ahead

I still have lots of nesting, sorting, re-arranging to do this week… Also a list of things to do like getting the car cleaned etc. I must remember to pick up the car seat that we’re borrowing too!

I need to get all the nesting done this week as I have W next week as the childminder is on hols so I won’t get much done next week and I’ll probably be shattered!

Apart from that, I hope to watch lots of One Born, read birth stories and practice breathing/relaxation for labour etc #eek 

3 weeks to go! 


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