4 things I plan to do differently second time around 

As baby bean’s arrival gets closer, I’ve been thinking about what I would and wouldn’t change. I think our overall approach will obviously depend on baby but hopefully I will breastfeed again and go down the baby-led weaning route.

Here’s four things I didn’t do last time that I’d like to try this time…

1- Babywearing – I really wanted to try this with W, I did loads of research and a friend lent me a beautiful woven wrap but I just didn’t really try it/get into it. In my defence it was a hot summer and some days were uncomfortably sticky so prob not the best time to try it. This time around, I hope I get into it for all the benefits it brings… Plus it could really help with logistics as it will leave my hands free to chase W around! I’m going to start with something a bit more structured than a wrap… A friend has lent me a Moby and I’m tempted to try the Tula and/or Close Caboo too and see which one I get on with!

2- Amber for teething – whenever W was teething, those days felt like some of the hardest days for him and toughest parenting days for me… He was inconsolable, we went through lots of nurofen, milk and he’d finally be happy if he slept for hours on end. So assuming that same happens with bean, I’d love to try him with an amber anklet. I know some  people think they’re nonsense but I think why not give it a shot?! I know there’s a lot of fakes out there but I’ve got a list of recommendations to check out!

3 – Getting fit – I’m lucky I have a good metabolism and last time around my body shrunk back pretty quickly (breastfeeding helped too!) but I am so unfit!! Years ago I used to love doing Bodypump (weights class) plus a bit of cardio and yoga… So my body was much more toned. After I had W I suffered with a bad back for ages… The time around I might be a bit stronger having gotten used to picking W up, but nonetheless once my body’s healed and my stomach muscles are back together, I’d like to get toned again. I’m also hoping it will give me the added bonus of some extra energy through all the endorphins!

4 – Relaxing – and…. Relax! Last time around, I did loads of classes with W, some days we’d have two classes on! As much as I enjoyed it, I think I put myself under too much pressure to keep busy, make new friends (pointless – I didn’t make any!) and somehow prove myself to be a superhuman yummy mummy. All I did was probably tire myself more than I needed to! This time a couple of besties will be on mat. leave too, but apart from catching up with them I plan to be a bit more selfish and lazy, resting up and savouring every moment knowing that we’re not planning on any more after this one! 

What did you do differently second time around? 

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