33 weeks pregnant 

I’m 33+3 today and thought I’d write a quick update before the OH whisks me off for a 2 night spa break (typical I’ve woken up with a cold!) 

33 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant

So since my last update 3-4 weeks ago…


Has generally been good. Last week I had the return of morning sickness for a few days followed by a couple of days of painful varicose veins in my foot! So generally good, yoga has been helping and I’ve also been swimming twice this week.

We had a consultant appointment inc scan at 32 weeks. All seems fine, bean is measuring fine but was in breech at the time but plenty of time to turn! Heading back at 36 weeks. 

With all the hospital appointments we’ve had, I’ve not seen my community midwife since my first booking appointment! I’m guessing I’ll see more of her towards the end, and I need to look into getting the whooping cough vaccine. (PS I found my maternity notes after losing them.. They were safe in a plastic bag!) 


So far I’ve put on about a stone and a half. Seems about right, last time I put on two stone in total.


Finally started buying! Since the last update have bought…

  • Some newborn outfits and clothes – see my last haul post
  • A Snuzpod (co-sleeping cot)
  • A box of newborn nappies 
  • A haul at Aldi’s baby/toddler event including storage units, bottles, weaning set, sleep suits!
  • Some brand new and nearly new bodysuits from charity shops (my new favourite hobby!) 

Aldi  toddler and baby haul!
Aldi toddler and baby haul!

brand new tesco bodysuits from a charity shop
brand new tesco bodysuits from a charity shop


I collected our Emma’s diary packs which are great as they’ve got lots of little samples from breast pads to GAP baby socks to washing detergent!

just some of the goodies from Emma's Diary
just some of the goodies from Emma’s Diary

I got sent some free Water Wipes to try out with the newborn, heard lots about these so looking forward to trying them out.

I bought Gurgle magazine the other week and it came with a free shower gel which will be perfect for post-birth as it’s fragrance-free etc.

A friend has kindly given me some newborn vests/bodysuits hand-me-downs etc and lent me a Moby baby carrier/wrap which I’m looking forward to trying out. 

What we still need to do

I’m definitely in the nesting phase, which is handy as we have quite a bit of sorting and re-arranging to do. Bean’s stuff all needs to fit into W’s room etc.

Still need to pick up the car seat from our friends.

Sorted out work and handed over most of what I need to hand over…. Only got 8 days left in work now! Feel ready to finish but totally not ready for the baby!

Still need to do some prep for labour… Reading, breathing exercises etc! And get the hospital bags ready…

Coming up

As I said we have a mini babymoon today. Next week we’re off to Bluestone for a few days to celebrate W’s second birthday! 


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