38 weeks pregnant 

2 weeks to go til due date and I still feel utterly unprepared!…..

38 weeks pregnant
38 weeks pregnant

So last week didn’t quite go to plan, as I said in my last update… W should have been with the childminder and I was planning a week of nesting and resting… 

Alas by Wednesday morning W wasn’t well so spent the rest of the week at home with me… We think it’s his last couple of teeth coming through, it came with cold-like symptoms, earache and sleepless nights….

So of course I caught another cold off him and I’m feeling utterly exhausted and top of this…


As I said in the 37 week update we needed to go back in to hospital last week to check the abdomen percentile trend…

So we had yet another scan on Thursday but actually they didn’t seem to check/measure that at all, just checked fluid etc. 

Instead, new health drama… My blood pressure was high (150-something/95) and so the consultant wanted it checked the next day (I went to the GP and got W checked over too!) it was still high so I went up to the assessment unit that afternoon…. Then had to get it checked at the unit Saturday morning and yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) morning. It was a bit lower yesterday (129/89) so don’t need to go up again til Thursday…

The same thing happened to me in my last pregnancy and I ended up being induced in the end… So I’m kinda expecting the same will happen this time around which I’m fine with. With 2 weeks to go bean isn’t showing any signs of coming out soon, kicking away nicely.

As I said, in other health news I now have a cold/cough (which is doing my pelvic floor no good!!) and in terms of aches and pains, my left leg (calf/ankle especially) is sore and I might try to get it massaged soon as that’s another thing keeping me awake!

Nesting and shopping

So in other news, I did manage to get a lot of washing and sorting done! 

Being stuck in the house with an ill toddler, I did a bit of online shopping including:

  • photo frames for W’s newborn photos… Only took 2 years!!
  • Sling bookshelves and some toy storage for W’s stuff 
  • A sheepskin and angelcare bath support for baby bean. 

We still have a fair bit to do including picking up the car seat and putting the Snuzpod together!

Preparing for labour

I still feel utterly unprepared in this area! We’ve managed to watch one ‘one born every minute’ so far and I’ve slowly started reading Ina May Gaskin’s ‘spiritual midwifery’ but still haven’t managed to finish packing the hospital bags!  

Let’s see what this week will bring with a toddler in tow and blood pressure checks! 


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