39 weeks pregnant 

Today I’m 39+1 so just 6 days to go til due date! 

39 weeks pregnant
39 weeks pregnant

So last week I was supposed to spend the week with W as the childminder was on holiday. But as per my last update I was busy getting my blood pressure (BP) checked every other day…


Thursday I had another scan and consultant appointment and good news, this time I had a laid-back doctor who didn’t think my BP was an issue and the growth curves were looking fine.

So good news as they don’t want to see me again til past my due date now… And hopefully Bean might be here by then! 

I was quite surprised, I assumed on Thursday that they’d be booking me in to induce me, as happened last time. I know that could still happen, but there’s a greater chance I will go into labour naturally at home or whatever which is a weird feeling! 

Preparation and nesting

I STILL don’t feel ready for his arrival!! I feel a bit in denial, still haven’t done much (any!?) labour preparation, no breathing exercises etc!

Instead I’ve been very busy nesting, which I’m enjoying… Lots of sorting out, throwing out, creating space, re-arranging etc! 

Any other updates?

  • I’m feeling ok apart from not sleeping well due to the heat (and bump!)
  • I’ve gone over the 2 stone weight gain mark now!
  • My lovely sister bought me a voucher for a maternity massage which I’m hoping I can use tomorrow
  • I finally packed the hospital bags 
  • Had a lovely weekend with W which I’ll blog about soon
  • Had a lovely day yesterday lunching and shopping with besties and a 4 week old baby 😍

So that’s it for now… A short and sweet update, the next few days promise more nesting and resting… No signs that Bean will be here any time soon but watch this space! 


5 thoughts on “39 weeks pregnant ”

  1. How exciting!! You’ve bought back memories of the end of my second pregnancy. I was desperately trying to squeeze in lots of mummy and Iris time as it wouldn’t be just us two for much longer. Seems so long ago now. Good luck. Can’t wait for your announcement!


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