41 weeks pregnant

Ok so this is a week late… I started drafting it but then went into labour! Thought I’d still publish it so that the full story is blogged… But no bump photo to go with it! 😦

I don’t know why but I never thought I’d get to a week overdue… Everyone tells you that your second usually comes early. It’s a weird feeling going overdue… I’m bored but too tired to do anything, now been off for 4 weeks already! I also think my anxieties seem to go up… I just want him out and to know he’s ok!!

Since the last update I’ve spent about 12 hours in hospital… Every appointment seems to cause us new drama!

Thursday (40+2) – went to the consultant clinic. I had to wait over an hour and a half before they even did my BP/urine check… And the WIFI was broken so I couldn’t even watch the Wales vs England football game! 

So it wasn’t any surprise that my BP was through the roof (160/110) by the time I got in there! Cue getting sent straight upstairs to the assessment unit and a fair chance that I’d get induced that night..

But by the time I was settled in there my BP was ok and after waiting a few hours to see the doctor, she asked my thoughts on induction and I said I’d rather try a sweep which is what they did. 6 hours after arriving and I was home!

Friday I thought I’d try all the old wives tales… Went for a lovely curry at Chai street, drank some raspberry leaf tea (bit late I know) and started bouncing on the exercise ball!

asty thali at chai street cardiff
asty thali at chai street cardiff

Over the weekend I started to have cramps/period pain-like symptoms but spread over hours. 
On Sunday I had a 930 hospital appointment just to check my BP and have a second sweep. The midwife put me on the monitor (no idea why – my BP was fine) and measured Bean with her tape measure and wasn’t happy with his size so wanted me to see the doctor in the assessment unit.

Cue a 4 hour wait!!! I love the NHS and I was trying really hard not to but couldn’t help but feel frustrated and pissed off sat in a waiting room for so long while my OH and toddler W celebrated Father’s Day without me!

I guess it was worth the weight… I got ANOTHER scan and not only was the sonographer totally happy with his size (and said we might be looking at an 8lb-er) but actually took ages over it as she said he was the most photogenic scan she’d done at this late stage! (I think it’s cos I’m very slim). She could also see some vernix on him which was an indication that he still had a few days of cooking to do in there!

Top tip: if you have any form of hospital appointment, even if you think you’re just popping in… Take books/mags/phone charger!!

Monday I had the laziest day apart from having to nip out to replace a front tyre…. Never had such speedy service after telling them I was 6 days overdue 😂

Tuesday morning I had my third and final stretch and sweep. As with the previous two, I was 2-3 cms dilated (normal for a second baby) and the cervix was still quite high up. I had the odd cramp throughout the day… And they ramped up late afternoon/early evening and I went into labour that night… Finally!

Stay tuned for my birth story! Xx


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