A week in Nerja, Spain with a toddler (and a bump and the in-laws!)

Just come back from a lovely week in Nerja, Costa del Sol, Spain that I thought I’d share with you…

Pre-travel and first few days!

As if travelling with toddlers isn’t stressful enough, the day before flying W was showing all the signs of teething (lots of teardrop!!) but also potential signs of an ear infection (rubbing his ear) so cue our first trip to the out-of-hours clinic, luckily to get an ok to fly (we didn’t want to burst his ear drums on the plane!!)

He did really well on the day of travelling, but the first few days there he wasn’t happy… Teething, constipated, away from home… And it was too hot!! We learnt in Minorca last year that he doesn’t like hot weather! But on day 2 the weather cooled a bit so…

What we got up to – what to do in Nerja with a toddler!

Nerja has about 4 or 5 beaches but our hotel also had its own private little beach, it was lovely watching W playing with the sand (pouring it over us!), dragging us into the sea and picking up sticks!

Fun on the beach in Nerja
Fun on the beach in Nerja



Our hotel (Balcon de Europa) was right on the front and in the centre of a pedestrian area which was great… We spent a lot of time just hanging outside the hotel with W chasing pigeons and scaring all the (friendly and well-fed) stray cats!


And it meant we could mooch around the side streets, W kicking his new football around and inspecting all the drains! We did a lot of walking and mooching, lots of cute little shops and pretty houses to nose at! And the coastline of course.


On Tuesday we walked up to the weekly market, was worth a trip but it was a LONG walk from our hotel especially as it was a hot day!!

There was a park on the way, and a few dotted around town which was great for W. Oh we also took him to DinoPark soft play one day pre-dinner too… This was perfect for toddlers, and you pay when you leave based on how long you were there which I thought was a great idea!

Having the in-laws around was handy, for a few hours here and there they looked after W, so one day we were able to have a lovely lunch date… And another day we chilled at the hotel (rooftop) pool.


An added bonus of the trip was that an annual carnival was on while we were there… It meant some additional amusements for W (bouncy castles etc) and we stumbled upon the amazing carnival parade on our last night… Gutted I’d left my camera in the room as there were some amazing costumes and it was so cute to see whole families dressed up together, such an amazing sight!

Some recommendations

Hotel – as I said, we stayed at Balcon de Europa and I can’t recommend it highly enough, right on the beach so could see and hear the waves from our huge room, great location, good food and I’ve never met so many friendly, helpful staff… And of course they all doted on W (who was about 60 years younger than the rest of the guests ;))

Hotel Balcon de Europa, on the right

Tapas – my other half and I had lunch together in Antica Roma, a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. The location was so perfect that I thought it would be a tourist trap with non-descript food but I had the BEST tapas of my life! (I recommend the avocado salad, octopus, prawns and scallops… All cooked in different sauces etc… Amazing!)

Antico Roma, Nerja
Antico Roma, Nerja


Italian food – my in-laws stumbled across a fab Italian that was so good we went there twice! It’s called Gusto Italiano, it’s just round the corner from much busier restaurants but much cosier, family-run etc. and the pasta was all amazing!

Drinks at Marbellas – we had food here once which was good but we preferred just having drinks here – for me, it was more about the location and ambience – a beautiful, huge terrace overlooking the coast which would b perfect for a wedding!!

It’s always nice getting some mild winter sun, and great to see places in low season (so much cheaper too!). Nerja is a beautiful little town just an hour north of Malaga with none of the high-rise, English breakfast-signs-everywhere places like Benidorm.
We had a lovely week just mooching about the town and beach, but there’s also plenty to do if you want to stay busy… There are some famous caves to visit, and Granada is just an hour away.
Nerja was very toddler-friendly and the locals (and tourists) all fussed over W… He had a whale of a time!
We’ll be back!

I hope you enjoyed this and/or found this useful. I read this blog post from Zena’s suitcase when I was researching the trip which I also found handy – enjoy 🙂


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