Toddler W’s 20 month update

Our gorgeous boy is 20 months old today! It’s been a joy spending extra time with him over the last few weeks for Christmas etc… It will be a struggle going back to work tomorrow!




The main thing that’s changed since the last update is his vocabulary, not that I was ever worried that he was behind but his language has come on a long way… At the moment he seems to say a new word every day… Some of his new words are toast, cheese, please, bus, car, bath, water, shoes, up, down, all gone….

He can recognise animals in books, and he can do animal noises eg if you ask him what noise a lion makes, he roars… So cute!

He’s still going through a sorting/ordering phase. His favourite thing is lining up cats, all facing the same way… Then moving them to another spot… All in the same order, facing the same way! He literally spent all of Boxing Day doing this!


After the last update I wrote, possibly because of the croup, he became really clingy to his dad. He’d scream if he left the room and followed him everywhere. Thankfully he seems to have moved on from this, and generally he’s had a calm, well-behaved month… He still pulls the occasional tantrum but usually when he’s tired.

Routine, health etc
After the last update we also hit a few weeks of sleep regression where he was waking a few times a night eg midnight and 3am. Again this seems to have gone and we’re back to sleeping through from 7pm to 5-6am.

He still has a 2 hour nap, usually about noon. Sometimes earlier, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

A couple of weeks ago he had a bit of a dicky tummy and we had some horrible diarhea nappies, even though he seemed fine in himself. This settled and in the last week or so he hasn’t stopped eating! He loves toast, banana, cheese, pasta, pizza, ham, grapes, oranges, apples…,
And he still loves drinking water, I’ve still not given him any squash/watered down juice yet… He gets plenty of sugar from the little pieces of chocolate his dad sneaks him 😉
Oh he also loves feeding himself yoghurt.

Speaking of sugary treats, I still don’t know if all his teeth are through and still haven’t taken him to a dentist! Bad mum but he does love brushing his teeth twice a day 🙂

Other things we need to start thinking about as well as registering with a dentist are:
-potty training – not saying he’s ready yet, but he does tell us when he’s having a pee or poo, so I might get a potty soon just for him to get familiar with it
– a proper bed – he’s climbed out of his cot bed once in anger (in the sleep regression phase I mentioned)

What we’ve been up to
The weather’s been so awful lately that we haven’t had as many nice walks as we’d have liked. We’ve tried out a few more soft plays! Christmas was nice, he was spoiled with cars and car garages… And a smart trike… And so many toys!



4 thoughts on “Toddler W’s 20 month update”

  1. He always sounds so similar to Jasmine in what little phases they’re going through.

    Although my little miss has been throwing some serious tantrums lately. Eesh!

    We’ve not taken J to the dentist yet either – I can’t imagine how she would keep still enough (and keep her mouth open) for long enough.

    Hope your return to work isn’t too bad.


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    1. I know Jenna, I just read your update and they’re so similar! Let’s keep each other posted on the dentist situation… You’ve actually just prompted me to call mine now! Xx


  2. I can’t believe how grown up he is, I’ve been a terrible blog reader/comments lately, so he seems to have grown before my eyes haha. I’m glad he’s sleeping better, nothing worse than no sleep xx


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