Announcement: 20 weeks pregnant!

We’re 20 weeks pregnant!

I haven’t blogged about it sooner as we had a stressful start which I’ll write about soon enough but we’ve got to the 20 week point and things are looking good 🙂

All being well we’ll be having another little boy in June, a month after W turns 2 🙂

This pregnancy has been so different so far, stressful start aside, I’m not keeping track of the size/developments each week and only taken one bump photo!
Also I had morning sickness this time around which I’d not had before (so assumed it might be a girl, wrong!!)

First time around I was so scared of labour and how I’d deal/bond with my baby. This time around my fears are much more logistical… How will we cope with 2?! How can we survive on less sleep?!!

Of course we’re super-excited and even little W kisses my belly and says ‘baby’ so we think he’s a little bit excited too 🙂




3 thoughts on “Announcement: 20 weeks pregnant!”

  1. Ahh HUGEEE congrats! I hope you’re feeling better and it all goes smoothly from here. You’ll be fantastic with 2. And the sleep is just something you can do haha, I haven’t had a full nights sleep in over 6 months, but your body just seems to cope xx


  2. Congratulations! Might sound crazy, but I’ve found it easier with two boys. Perhaps it’s more to do with being more confident second time round. Either way, I love it.
    Hope all goes well for you x


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