Baby W and mummy’s 6 month update

Boy, oh, boy – my baby boy turned 6 months old today! What a milestone! He is turning into a gorgeous, healthy, happy chappy…


I have no idea how much he weighs – it’s been nearly a month since he was last weighed. Assuming he’s still on the 25th percentile, then he should be getting close to 16lbs. He’s small and perfectly formed 🙂 He’s still in 3-6 month old clothes and I think we have a few weeks wear left in them. I’ve just bought my first load of size 4 nappies as the size 3 don’t fit him quite as well anymore.


In the last few weeks he’s started rolling around a lot, especially in his cot! I can’t leave him on the sofa or bed any more as he could fall off!

Also during the last few weeks he’s found his feet, so he loves grabbing on to those in the cutest position!

We always feel like he’s had strong legs and at the moment he LOVES bouncing – he loves being in his jumperoo but if he’s being held by anyone he expects them to bounce him!

Today, to celebrate his 6 month birthday, his 3rd tooth is cutting through! So he’s grouchy and clingy today -it’s always tough as he’s usually a happy chappy.

He only poos around once a week these days, and last week that happened at my friend’s house – I think we can safely say he had his first poonami – as I took the nappy off, like a Mr Whippy machine it just kept coming…. and  coming! While I cleaned her rug, she carried him upstairs to be hosed down… he left a few deposits en route!!


You’ll know from previous updates that baby W doesn’t sleep through the night – so as we were approaching the 6 month mark of poor sleep, something had to give and we started some ‘gentle sleep training’ last week – I will blog about it separately (once we’re sure it’s worked) but we’re off to a good start – the last 2 nights he has dropped all night feeds and only woke once (about 3am). I’ll keep you posted!

Daily routine

To get ready for the sleep training I’ve been doing lots of preparation over the last few weeks, trying to give his day a bit more structure and encourage longer naps, putting him in his cot for day naps etc so roughly our day looks like this:

  • 7-7.30 get up, first feed then play time!
  • 8-9 first nap starts (ideally an hour long)
  • more play, second feed about 1030
  • 11ish second nap starts (ideally an hour long)
  • 1230 ish try some food, playtime before and after
  • sometimes he has 2 afternoon naps, sometimes just the one depending on what we’re up to
  • 2.30 ish third feed
  • 6ish bedtime routine begins – bath, sometimes massage, bottle of formula (4th feed of the day) then bed

Weekly routine

It’s been the same for a while now:

  • Mondays – fortnightly local mother and baby group (Bambino’s)
  • Tuesdays – TinyTalk in the morning, mother and baby yoga (PureYoga) in the afternoon
  • Wednesdays – mother and baby group (Jellybabies)
  • Thursdays and Fridays – free for walks, meeting people etc!
  • Saturday – swimming lesson in the morning with daddy


You’ll see I mentioned food – we’re slowly starting the weaning process – I’m in no rush and nor is baby W!

We’re going to attempt the baby-led route to begin with – so far we’ve tried it 3 times – he hated sweet potato and avocado, but has enjoyed sucking on banana, baby rice and blueberries! Again, will blog about it separately when I have more to report!

What we’ve been up to

We found a park that we can walk to – it has a duck pond and a heron, and views across to the sea! Nearby there’s also a new coffee shop that’s just opened – so far we’ve had a take-away from there but we need to check it out properly!

vOur local duck pond, Fairwater park, Cardiff

Last week we went to stay with my parents for a few days and had a lovely time in my hometown (Aberystwyth) and a lovely walk around New Quay.

image image

Sunrise from my parents’ house:


For Halloween I dressed him in a skeleton outfit and took him into work for a ‘bring your kids to work’ afternoon. Much fun and many cuddles 🙂

Skeleton outfit from Asda!

Mummy update

A combination of sleep deprivation and my other half being away a few times with work left me feeling a bit blue a few weeks ago. I think I had one of those ‘who am I’ type crises as my maternity leave is coming to and end, I looked like crap and I’d maybe spent too much time with baby!

It was lovely at the weekend to have a bit of retail therapy, have my eyebrows and hair done, and get dressed up for a fab wedding party! And I had a lovely night in with my sister and her friends a coupled of Saturday nights ago… I’m a lucky girl, it’s just easy to forget when you’re frazzled!

Feeling good :)

Over the next few weeks I have some keeping in touch days at work and my first weekend away from baby W…. eeeeeeek!


10 thoughts on “Baby W and mummy’s 6 month update”

  1. Poonami!!! Sounds horrific!! It’s crazy how fast it’s gone though – I can’t believe he’s 6 months old already! Are you looking forward to going back to work? It still feels like a really long way away for me, I’m just loving being a mummy for now 🙂 Are you going back full time?

    Mummy Pixie


    1. sorry I somehow missed this comment! I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I can go back 4 days a week which I’m chuffed about 🙂 I’m really sad about mat. leave coming to an end but I am looking forward to getting stuck back into work… and having some interaction with adults! I think it will be hard but thank god we work in such a nice team! xx


      1. Oh fab! Good for you 🙂 I can’t imagine going back full time and being away from him 5 days a week 😦 Will you make your day off the day that you have mummy groups to go to? Oh, and we’ve since discovered what a Poonami is 😛 Went to change him and his nappy was so full, it had leaked out from the legs all over his clothes, yuck!


      2. Lol @ poonami! Are you ok with his nappy smells?! I remember you were saying you were dreading it!!
        I’ve got Fridays off as I figured that was best for me and work…. so I need to find some new things to do on Fridays… although I’m sure we’ll spend a lot of them at home 🙂 xx


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