Weaning – a month on – 3 meals a day, proteins and poos!

So you’ll know from our first update that we were taking things relatively slowly, I was happy to just try one meal a day for a while – we were also loosely following the #5stepweaningplan and working up to the final 2 steps of meat/alternative and then 3 meals a day.

But a week ago today, I took baby W to get weighed for the first time in about 6 weeks. At 6 and a half months, he weighed 16lb 3oz – all good but he had slipped every so slightly under the 25th percentile for the first time.

Nothing to worry about, but the health visitor suggested ramping up to 3 meals a day, and giving him some protein (meat/fish/egg) to make sure he didn’t slip down the growth chart any further. She was really happy with our initial approach to baby-led weaning but just wanted him to start actually consuming a bit more of the food instead of just nibbling on it 🙂

So, for a week now we’ve been having 3 meals a day – still very much finger-food led, but I have been spoon-feeding him a bit, when spoon-feeding him I try to guide the spoon towards his mouth and let him guide it in so that he still feels like he’s in control 🙂

Baby-led weaning egg mess!
Baby-led weaning egg mess!


So here’s some of the foods he’s had:

Finger foods

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Banana
  • Cucumber (he loves this – so easy to eat!)
  • Rice cakes – his favourite food so far, I started with plain ones and also tried Organix apple ones – he loves both!
  • Potato waffles
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Plain omelette (SO much less messy than the hard-boiled egg!)
  • Pasta – plain, and with some tomato sauce on it
  • Avocado – he finds this too slippery to eat so I might just mash it up next time and pop it on a spoon… or on a rice cake?

On a spoon

  • Flakes of cod mixed with sweet potato mash, and normal mash
  • Yoghurt – I bought Rachel’s diary yoghurt as a) no added sugar b) they’re made in my hometown (Aberystwyth)
  • Baby porridge – the only thing he hasn’t really liked so far! We tried it with some puree that Cow&Gate sent us and he definitely preferred it with the puree!
  • A jar of lamb/sweet potato puree – due to our baby-led approach, I wasn’t going to bother with purees but seeing as we were sent some, I thought we might as well try it – we tried the meaty one to up his protein intake – and he quite liked it!
  • Weetabix – this is our usual breakfast
We like these Rachel's yoghurts - no added sugar!
We like these Rachel’s yoghurts – no added sugar!

Our learnings so far

  • Now we’re pretty much past the gagging phase, we’re enjoying it! He puts most of the food in his mouth and I can tell by his weekly poo that he’s definitely swallowing more and more – it’s starting to get more solid – gross!!!!
  • I think both find finger food more fun – it’s so cute watching him grab something and hold it in his fist while he munches on it – I gave him yoghurt the other day but he still had omelette in his fist which he would NOT let go!
  • His favourite thing so far has been Rachel’s banana yoghurt – he was kicking his legs in excitement for this one!
  • Our daily routine is out the window as having 3 meals a day probably takes about 2 hours of day in total (prep/eating/cleaning up)
  • It’s nice to give him undivided attention for that time – obviously he needs to be supervised while he’s eating so it means proper quality time where I can’t do any chores and I make a point of not checking my phone!
Baby-led weaning: I am NOT letting go of the egg!
Baby-led weaning: I am NOT letting go of the egg!

Next steps

  • I need to get better at eating with him – although when I do, I’ve finished mine in 2 mins while he obviously takes ages so I’m not sure if it really matters! (well practised from when he was younger and I had to snaffle my food down!)
  • Meat! I want to give him meat but it seems so grown-up! Not quite sure if he’s ready for it – might practice with some more textures first??
  • Water – I’ve kinda given up giving him the doidy cup with every meal, but every now and then I give him some water using it and ‘directing’ it into his mouth
  • I’ll take him to get weighed next Thursday – hopefully he’s back on the curve 🙂

If you have any questions about baby-led weaning, I recently reviewed the ‘baby-led weaning: step by step’ book and will be interviewing the author next week – so leave a question here by Dec 1st if we can help at all!

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16 thoughts on “Weaning – a month on – 3 meals a day, proteins and poos!”

  1. He has a fantastically varied diet. I remember the weaning stage well. Chicken is probably the easiest meat to start with because it is high in protein and also easier to chew. Hope it carries on as well x #binkylinky


    1. Thanks for saying that Louisa – I’m already a bit worried that it isn’t varied enough but it is early days… yeah I was thinking chicken, as long as it’s nice and moist etc – I’m actually roasting a chicken tomorrow so maybe he can try a bit of that?
      Thanks again xxx


    1. hi Sammy, glad to hear it – I think using a mix seems to make sense! I can’t see me pureeing much myself but the pre-made stuff might come in handy for busy days! Thanks for leaving a comment, I’m just off to check out your blog now 🙂 xx


    1. I know – it’s fab to go through it with some other bloggers at the same time! chicken tikka is a nice idea – I haven’t really tried him with any proper ‘dishes’ yet but that will come – at least the meat is all nice and soft then innit 🙂 xx


    1. Wow that’s insane isn’t it – he’s half the age but bigger! It’s fab that they all come in different shapes and sizes haha! Funnily enough, just after blogging this update, he showed no interest in food for the day – but based on this morning’s nappy contents I think he was too full to eat anything else lol! xx


  2. It sounds like the weaning is going well. You seem to know what you’re doing. I wanted to do BLW, but with twins I just ended up spoon feeding a lot of puree’s, with some meat to chew on! Maybe that explains why at almost three they still like me feeding them or they’re just lazy! #Binkylinky


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