Baby W and mummy’s 13 month update

I have 2 dilemmas – now that baby W is over a year old, should I be calling him toddler W?! It doesn’t have the same ring to it…. the other dilemma, well I was wondering whether to carry on with these monthly updates after a year but he’s developed loads in the last month so yes I will carry on haha!

New developments

  • So I told you the day after his birthday, he took a few steps – well a month later and he is proper walking, a lot! The last week has been so much fun watching him, we all get so excited!!!
  • He’s tries to use his fork and spoon now – I haven’t been trying to teach him this so not sure if he’s got it from copying me, or whether it’s something he’s picked up from the childminder… either way, it’s very cute and grown-up but it does mean he’s eating less food as not much food is making it on the full journey from table to cutlery to mouth!
  • He brushes his own teeth now! (with a little help from mummy/daddy)
  • I should have stuck with baby signing – I hardly do any with him now but the one baby sign he has learnt over the last month or so is ‘all gone’ – so he loves dropping things (especially food) and then looking at me with his big eyes and opens hands to an ‘all gone’ gesture! the cheeky little monkey 😉
  • He knows which buttons to press on the remote control to turn the TV on!!
  • If I’m in the room with him and the TV isn’t on, he hands me the remote for me to switch it on (both signs that we watch way too much background TV!!)
  • A few days ago he pointed at me through the window and said ‘mama‘ – melted my heart!
  • Blows on hot food with a ‘frrrr‘ sound, again copying what I do!
  • He can climb up to, and get on, the sofa – eek!
Watching TV while walking!
Watching TV while walking!

So yeah it’s been a busy month!

Jabs, health, routine etc

Baby W had his 1 year jabs and then a week later seemed to suffer from side-effects including a rash – but it co-incided with teething with his first canine (tooth #9) trying to come through – so we all had a tough few days, poor thing!

Other than that, all good – still not had him weighed.  He’s outgrowing most of his 9-12 month clothes, but everything 12-18 months seems massive on him!

He’s still on milk first thing and last thing every day, and we’ve got into a bad habit at home of giving him milk with his naps.

It’s funny, he’s dropped his afternoon naps at the childminders, and yet on the Fridays he’s at home with me, he has 2 really long naps – I think she tires him out and then Friday is his chill-out day!

Apart from the teething, still a trooper at sleeping through from about 6pm to 6am (sometimes a bit earlier, but can’t really complain!)

Making a right mess in the library!
Making a right mess in the library!

Other news

This momma was fortunate enough to go on a fab hen weekend a few weeks ago, 18 girls in one HUGE house called New Yatt farm in Oxfordshire – check it out here, it was amazing! 2 nights in with good friends, lots of booze… and a hunk in trunks.. and we went punting and disco dancing, it was ace – just what the doctor ordered although I was absolutely drained the week before and after – really need our holiday now!


In other news we need to find a new childminder as ours is moving out of the area – gutted 😦

Thanks for calling by, see you same time next month! xx

2 thoughts on “Baby W and mummy’s 13 month update”

  1. It’s amazing to see how well he’s coming along! Just look at all of his hair! Awww, if I heard Squidge look at me and say ‘Mama’ I think I’d cry! 🙂



  2. Feels like forever since I’ve caught up with your blog, how is W 13 months already?! Such a grown up boy now, very clever with his walking and use of technology haha. Indiana is exactly the same and will only nap when we’re at home now and never at nursery (it’s clearly more fun than me haha) xx


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