Baby W and Mummy’s 9 month update

In the week that baby W turned 9 months, David Attenborough was quoted as saying that 9 month old babies are the most fascinating creatures… and I totally agree with him! It’s been our maddest month yet in terms of development…


Since the last update, baby W started:

  • commando crawling (using his elbows to crawl)
  • pulling himself up on to things (we put his cot bed down just in case!)
  • grinding his teeth
  • babbling ‘mamamamama…’
  • scrunching his face up (which makes the cutest toothy smile ever!)

I can’t remember if I said in previous updates, but he’s been able to sit up, and he’s been holding his own bottle for a few months now. Commando crawling has been the maddest thing, he loves it and loves exploring the ground floor of the house… always making a beeline for the cat food aarrghhg! One the one hand it’s easier to look after him now as he entertains himself… but on the other you can’t take your eyes off him as he’s likely to whack his head!!

Routine, sleep and eating

Our routine is quite similar to last month, although he’s dropped his afternoon nap and his lunchtime nap is getting longer.

He’s generally eating well – his favourite meal is pasta with mummy’s homemade cheese sauce which he wolfs down using his hands. He also loves Bolognese and sheperds pie… and yoghurt. He’s really good at drinking water (phew!). He poos every 2 days.

All the crawling and eating means he’s sleeping better – just after his 9month birthday we dropped the 11pm feed so watch this space to see if he carries on sleeping through!


I stopped breastfeeding since the last update. I didn’t want to make an occasion out of it, so I kinda just stopped…. since going back to work, the ratio of formula to breastmilk had gone up a lot so it wasn’t a huge decision to make. My boobs are now smaller than they were before I got pregnant which I didn’t think was possible!

What we’ve been up to

Well as you know I went back to work since the last update – read all about it here. And the weather has been artic. So we haven’t done an awful lot but here’s some highlights:

  • mummy and daddy had another night in Bath away from baby W!
  • we had our second Christmas with my parents, as my dad had been ill over Christmas… cue lots more presents for baby W!
  • we tried out our first type of soft play place and I highly recommend it – Canton Community Hall! – and in doing so I met up with another blogger (rainbow mam) for the first time 🙂
  • a couple of walks including a lovely walk checking out the new beach huts at Barry Island
Barry island beach huts
Barry island beach huts

Anything else?

Baby W has always loved bath-time, but now he can move around more, he REALLY loves it and can spend a good half hour in there, sitting up… trying to swim etc, so cute to watch! I honestly can’t believe how much he’s developed over the last month… it’s a miracle to watch…. how do they know how to crawl and then walk? Madness!

Can’t believe it’s only 3 months til he turns 1 – eek! He’s a social/sociable, generally happy baby.. and at this rate I predict he will be an active, mischevious toddler!

4 thoughts on “Baby W and Mummy’s 9 month update”

  1. Glad to hear that he is coming along so well, it must be such a lovely time now that he is so active!
    I can’t wait to visit Barry this year and see the new beach huts, they look fab!


  2. I found 9 months a really significant milestone with my babies because I kept thinking, you’ve been in the outside world for longer than you were growing inside me. Oh, and welcome to the world of softplays!! x


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