Baby S’s 11 month update

After seemingly a few months of few changes, this month S has been busy!

He came out of leap 7 early in the month armed with new skills:

  • he can clap
  • he’s trying to crawl, and stand up
  • he can shuffle backwards depending on the floor material
  • passing things
  • sorting things
  • he can turn around 360 degrees sitting down

Poor thing – it’s been nearly a month and he still hasn’t mastered crawling or pulling himself up – he’s desperate to do both so I’m sure it won’t be long!

He loves a good bouncing session in the Jumperoo at the moment – and generally loves ‘dancing’ – bouncing up and down while sitting down on his bum!


All these new skills he’s trying to do means his sleep has taken a backwards step. He’s only slept through once or twice this month – pretty much every night he’s woken at least a couple of times – sometimes a cwtch/foot rub/bottle can easily settle him, sometimes he’s been really unsettled. He’s always gone down to sleep quite easily after his bath and book but even that hasn’t been working so well this month – he’s a lot more clingy and often won’t nod off to sleep unless we stay in the room with him.


Tied in with that, his 5th tooth finally cut through at the start of this week (about 6-7 months after his first 4 cut through!) so I’m sure the 6th is imminent and he’s currently in a grouchy, teething phase and the hot weather probably isn’t helping!


Also tied in with the new skills, I think he’s had a bit of a growth spurt the last few weeks – he’s still tiny, I think we weighs about 18lbs and so is still on the 9th centile curve – for ages it seemed like he was stuck on 17lbs (although I just weigh him at home so it’s not particularly accurate!) He’s still in 6-9 month clothes.


He still loves his food though, and this weather has led to lots of al fresco picnic style meals. He usually has a Weetabix for breakfast, toast as a mid-morning snack (maybe with avocado on it) – lunch is usually sandwiches/ham/cucumber sticks/boiled eggs etc a mid-afternoon snack might be rice cakes etc, and then dinner is usually something like pasta. I still try and top him up with Ella’s kitchen pouches too. He loves eating so much that I’ve caught him eating paper in the house, and leaves in the garden – you can’t leave him for a second! Also, this month he’s really enjoyed throwing all his food off the highchair… he thinks it’s a very fun game!

Oh that reminds me, another new skill is he likes spoon feeding himself now so if I try and feed him yoghurt he’ll take the spoon off me and do it himself – great skills but again, lots more mess!

He seems to have a good digestive system – poos 2 or 3 times a day!


As he’s been eating well, I’ve been trying to naturally drop his milk feeds down in the day but we’re a bit all over the place. The hot weather means I’ve been giving him milk as I don’t think he drinks enough water to stay hydrated. When the weather’s mild and he’s not being grouchy, he can get through a day without milk and just have a bottle before bed (and during the night!!)


Our routine’s been a bit all over the place. He always has 2 naps a day but these depend on how well he’s slept at night, and what time he wakes up so e.g. if he’s up at 6 he’s usually napping by 9 -if he’s had a bad night and sleeps til 8, he might not nap til 11. Doesn’t help that I’ve had to wake him from a few naps to pick his older brother up from pre-school which is a new thing!

Likes and dislikes

He loves his big brother W, his face lights up when he sees him and they have lots of fun together! He loves music and ‘dancing’ and enjoys watching cartoons and Baby TV. He loves bath time, and messy play.

I actually can’t think of anything he dislikes at the mo! He’s usually pretty easy-going and smiley 🙂

I can’t believe he’s a year old next month – he still seems so tiny!


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