REVIEW: Childs Farm baby and toddler bath products (and our bedtime routine) 

I first tried Childs Farm when I bought some yummy-smelling bubble bath for toddler W, they smell lush and remind me of the discontinued Body Shop range for children (anyone else remember them?!)

childs farm products

So I was chuffed to become a Childs farm ambassador which means we got lots of free samples to try, and to share with other parents. You might not have heard of them but basically they’re British, they make very natural products which are very good for babies and children with sensitive skin and conditions like excema.

We were sent a ‘baby essentials kit’ which was perfect timing as we started baby S with a bath-before-bed routine quite early on, at about 6-8 weeks. We used all of these products – the bubble bath and body wash in the bath, the nappy cream pre-nappy and the moisturiser for a post-bath baby massage 🙂

I take S up for his bath about 6pm and he loves his bath time, kicking away in his Angelcare bath support while I swill water/body wash/bubbles over him and sing!

After his massage he has a bottle of milk and then off to bed. This used to take an hour of screaming but over the last few weeks he’s usually gone down without a fuss, nicely chilled and full. He then has the best sleep of the day/night… Sometimes as long as 4 hours, amazing for him!!

childs farm baby essentials kit

We’re lucky that baby S has been blessed with great skin so not had to worry about what to use on him but still fab to use something more natural than the big brands like Johnson. This set was lovely to use, a nice ‘baby’ smell but not too overpowering at all, and left his skin lovely and soft. At £9.99 it makes a lovely gift for newborns!
Next up we were sent a bath time set including tangerine bubble bath, and strawberry and mint shampoo and conditioner. As I’ve already said, the bubble bath is just divine! We used this on toddler W. He has dinner at 5.30, watches in the night garden at 6.20 and then his bath which usually features lots of his bath toys! He then has storytime with dad and still has a bottle of milk (don’t judge me!) before bed which is usually about 7.30pm.

childs farm bathtime set
As well as using the shampoo on the boys, I’ve tried it out myself with the conditioner and both were lovely – again, they smell absolutely gorgeous and my hair felt lovely afterwards.

We were also sent the baby coconut oil spray and this is my favourite product so far. I now use it for baby S’s baby massage and as well as feeling lovely and silky soft, it smells of babies, summertime and the best holidays you’ve ever had! Yum yum yum I could eat my baby! Such a nice treat 🙂

childs farm coconut baby oil

If you haven’t tried Child’s farm yet, do give them a shot – I can’t recommend them highly enough:

  • great to support a small, British brand
  • Gorgeous-smelling, lovely-feeling products
  • Natural products including organic essential oils
  • I can tell you from the other ambassadors that if your child has excema or similar, this range could be one of few that doesn’t irritate their skin
  • Their packaging is cute, quirky and very child-friendly, I can imagine this comes in handy for toddlers who don’t want a bath!

Another perk of being an ambassador is I have a 30% off discount code for you – just enter CFAMB325 when you buy at their website. Spend over £15 (easy!!) to get free delivery otherwise there is a small charge.

childs farm brand ambassador
Do come back and tell me what you think of the range! And I’d love to hear about your bath/bed routines 🙂

Disclosure: as already stated, I was sent free samples as part of the Child’s farm ambassador scheme but views are my own.


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