REVIEW: Moony Japanese Nappies for newborns 

Baby S has been trying out a range of nappies… Pampers, Tesco, Asda and Aldi’s…. I’d never heard of ‘Moony Japanese nappies’ til they got in touch to see if we wanted to try them….

First impressions were good – the packaging is awesome! So different to the way British nappies are packaged, it looked quirky to me but I guess this is normal packaging in Japan lol!


As we opened them, the designs are also fab too. Unfortunately I’m having camera issues so this is the only photo I have, but there were a few different designs in the pack in addition to this Winnie the Pooh one – really cute, and again a bit different to our British ones which typically have one small image on them!

I can imagine the colourful designs and use of Winnie the Pooh become really handy as babies get into that ‘don’t want my nappy changed’ phase!

So how did Moony Japanese Nappies perform?

They did OK. The reason we’re trying so many different brands is that I find some brands just fit certain babies better and therefore leak less. These Moony nappies are shaped quite big around the legs, and as Baby S is so slim, we did find these nappies (and Tesco’s) leaked a bit more than Pampers/Asda/Aldi, and that was trying them on and off throughout his 3 months.

I actually think these would be perfect for those gorgeous chunky babies with big rolls on their legs! I bet these would fit perfectly!

A couple more pluses though:

  • They feel really soft, so these were my go-to whenever S had nappy rash/a sore bum and it helped clear it up
  • I might be wrong but it feels like they have fewer chemicals in than the other brands – so less of a chemical-smell

Cost/value for money 

We were given a pack of 90 nappies of the 0-5kg size, which cost £23 on Amazon which works out st £0.27p each. So even more expensive than our leading brand, Pampers (about £0.10 to £0.15 each) but worth every penny if your baby suffers from painful nappy rash and this helps clear it up!

Overall verdict

I’d love to try these again when S is bigger/chunkier to see if they would fit better then. Although they’re a premium price I think they’re particularly worth a shot if:

  • You have a chunky baby 🙂
  • Your baby has sensitive skin/suffers from nappy rash etc
  • You’re looking for nappies which contain fewer chemicals (I can’t confirm this point, but they just feel and smell a lot more natural/less chemically-packed than the other brands we’re trying)
  • You love all things Japanese

Would you try them? Which is your go-to nappy brand?!

Disclosure: we were sent a pack of nappies in exchange for a review, all views are my own 

For more info please visit their website: hHttp://


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