7 things I’ve learnt after having a second child 

It’s been nearly 4 months of parenting 2 boys so I thought I’d share with you 7 things I’ve learnt….

Things I learnt after having a second child
1 it’s not easy! So many people said to us ‘oh second time is so much easier’ and ‘the transition from 1 to 2 is much easier than 0 to 1’

Bullsh*t – it’s hard, it’s exhausting and anyone who says it’s easy has either forgotten how hard it is or is on a mission to keep the world population growing.

2 – every baby is different. When it’s your second you kind of assume you’ll know what you’re doing… But surprise surprise every baby is different and things that might have soothed your first-born might not work on your second-born…. You might have breastfed your first without a hitch but your second couldn’t latch on… Etc etc…

3 – leading on from the last point, you can’t help but compare them! It’s made me realise how rose-tinted my view was first time around as I’ve said ‘I’m sure W was sleeping through by now’ and then check old blog posts and realise he was far from it!

4 – you end up being a two-family-family! What I mean is quite often (every evening!) I’ll be looking after baby S while my OH looks after toddler W… Each child having a parent each!

5 – with the last point in mind, your levels of parental guilt literally double as you have your second…. Guilty for trying to split your time between the two and thus not giving either enough attention, guilty for leaving baby cry while you deal with the toddler etc

6 – everyone assumes you’re doing ok. With your first-born you get all these offers of help, food, babysitting etc. These seem harder to come by second time around, I think everyone assumes we know what we’re doing and we must be getting on fine but actually the help would be even more welcome this time around 🙂

7 – it’s totally ok to keep mixing up their names and calling them the wrong one… Every single day!

Have you got two (or more) children? If so how did you find the transition?! I’d love to hear from you!

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12 thoughts on “7 things I’ve learnt after having a second child ”

  1. I’m well practiced in getting names mixed up as I’m always calling Jasmine by our dog’s name or vice versa! 😉 I’m not looking forward to the double helping of mum-guilt. It’s bad enough as it is!

    Jenna at tinyfootsteps.co.uk xx


  2. 100% agree with all of this. I found having my second really difficult – she was so different to my first! Of course she was but I really didn’t think it would be so hard . #kcacols


  3. Love this honest post. Ive hearso so many say how going from 0 to 1 is harder than 1 to 2 but how can it be. I’m exhausted as it is with one child. Throwing a baby in the mix would leave me like a zombie #kcacols


  4. All VERy honest thoughts and truths about baby number two. As a mommy of FOUR GIRLS I can very much relate. The jump from one to two was the most dramatic jump.



  5. I only have the one but I can imagine all these things. I’m certainly guilty of thinking the second one is easier. A friend had her second before I’d even had one and I thought oh well she knows what she’s doing not. Then I had a baby! I’m pretty sure sleepless nights don’t get any easier even when you’ve had them before. Add another kid into the mix too and it must be exhausting. Well done you. #KCACOLS


  6. great read 🙂 a lot of friends are having seconds and its got me thinking. my heart says do it and then my head says all of the above haha. and im grounded again. so thank you for this post because it’s made me think realistically again haha!! #KCACOLS


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