Baby S’s 3 month update

Baby S turned 3 months old and dare I say it (*jinxes everything*) he finally got a bit easier…

He’s a delicate little flower, with feeding and weight issues taking over his first month, and a hospital stay for a cold as he turned two months old. He’s always suffered quite bad wind (and a bit of constipation) and he’s been almost colicky – with some days lots of screaming including twice when I tried taking him to classes and gave up!

A week ago he suffered from a 12 hour sickness bug (told you he was a delicate thing!) but that seems to have done him some good…. Since then he’s feeding a lot more and feels like he’s on a growth spurt, he still has a bit of wind but it’s much better and his ‘movements’ are more regular – so he’s generally happy although still has his moments!!

Weight and feeding

He was last weighed at 10 weeks old and weighed 10lb 4 Oz and had fallen to the 5th percentile (from 9th)but that was to be expected after his hospital stay. He feels like he’s caught back up now, I’m not going to bother getting him weighed as he’s obviously going in the right direction!

He’s been exclusively formula fed for the last 2 months. He’s always been a bit of a grazer/snacker (60ml or 90ml) but he’s starting to take bigger feeds (150ml or 180ml) although still likes them every few hours….

Routine and sleeping

…which leads nicely on to sleep, or lack thereof. S is proof that formula-fed babies don’t always sleep better than breastfed babies! Pretty much from day 1, apart from a few nights, he’s woken for a feed every 2 hours! I’m exhausted!!!!

We started an evening routine for him quite early on, I think he was about 6 weeks old, maybe 8. I take him up for a bath about 6pm (which he loves!) then hopefully he has a big bottle (180ml) and the best sleep of the day (3-4 hours).

It doesn’t always go smoothly, for a while he would be too over-tired to take his bottle and/or scream for an hour before falling asleep, but as I said at the start this has calmed down a bit now!

So he then wakes roughly 10pm, midnight, 2am, 4am… Feeds each time (no idea how much If I’m honest, it varies by night) and dozes back off. He wakes again around 6am and likes getting up not long after… No lie-ins for this one unfortunately!

He then loves a morning poo, another feed and then his first nap about 9am for about half an hour.

After that we’re not really in a routine and every day is different depending on if we’re out and about (he’ll nap quite well in the car seat!) or if toddler W is home. He generally has 3 or 4 short naps (30 mins) a day and probably feeds every couple of hours.

Any milestones?

Lots of smiles, our first laugh yesterday!

He coos and chats a lot (his older brother loves this… ‘What’s S saying mam?!’)

He loves his rainforest playgym and reaching for the elephant, he has a strong grip on him!

He had his first swimming lesson last week, including getting dunked under, and enjoyed it!

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