Dinosaur babies exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff

The National Museum in Cardiff has just opened a new exhibition called ‘Dinosaur Babies’ and we were very excited to be invited to the launch as W LOVES dinosaurs!

As we approached the museum we spotted some giant dinosaur footprints…. (they had done a great job promoting this event, with dinosaur poo and a knocked-over statue being found on Queen street in the run-up!)

And once inside the launch event there were people dressed as dinosaurs and a dinosaur-themed breakfast… we both loved the dinosaur eggs on lava (the lava being a tart full of bacon and baked beans…. genius!!)

After a short talk from museum staff and CBeebies’ Lizzy Daly then it was time to check out the main event…. the Dinosaur Babies exhibition!

So basically the museum has curated real dinosaur eggs, embryos, fossils and skeletons from around the world.

But as it’s also aimed at children there are also fake eggs that they can touch, moving dinosaurs, and picture and video displays… lots to take in….

And being aged 3, W just headed straight for the play area at the back… there’s a big pit where they can search for fossils and eggs. There’s a little play area with toy dinosaurs, cuddly dinosaurs, dinosaur books, jigsaws on the wall etc. There’s also a dressing up section!

After a good play, W was ready to go – because it was the launch event it was very busy! I’d like to take him back again – he could play in the play area again while I actually get a chance to read all about the displays etc! That’s a good point actually – it’s not a huge place so quite a friendly place to let the children run wild!

The play area was perfect for W, and as much as he did look at the displays I think these are all perfectly suited for children a little bit older for him. As well as it being fun, I can imagine it being very handy for those children studying dinosaurs in school!

As I said, it’s not a massive area so I guess an hour might be enough for some families but those that are really into it could probably while away two hours?

On the way out there’s a very cute dinosaur-themed shop! Luckily as W was in the mood to go he didn’t seem to notice all this lovely merchandise he could have had!

After leaving the exhibition, we went for a look round our usual museum haunts… the woolly mammoth and basking shark… and the temporary worms exhibition.

I love that as it was the launch weekend, there were little dinosaurs dotted about the place!

We really enjoyed the launch event, the organisers had put a lot of effort to it and it paid off… I will never forget those breakfast dinosaur eggs! Thank you for inviting us ūüôā

The exhibition itself is on until 5th November and costs ¬£7 per adult (¬£5 concessions) and ¬£3 per child (aged 4-17) with under 3’s going free.

A family ticket for 2 adults, 2 children costs ¬£17 and a family ticket for 1 adult, 3 children costs ¬£13. Read more about it on the museum’s website here¬†Please note the museum is closed on Mondays!

I think these prices are quite good value for the quality of dinosaur stuff on show from all corners of the earth! As I said, we will definitely go back so I actually get to see it all properly… I like that the displays are great for adults and children but they’ve also catered for young children will all the play areas… well worth a visit!

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