Baby S’s 10 month update 

Baby S has spent most of the last month in wonder weeks leap 7…. and you can tell. We’re a bit all over the place with routine, milk and sleep, and he’s been a bit up and down grouchy wise!

At the start of the month he was teething quite bad too and we had a couple of bad nights where nothing would settle him and we were awake for hours! Overall he’s been ok though… leap 7 is all about them learning sequences and we can see that in action now… he’ll drop something over the side of his high chair and then look down to see what’s happened to it!

In fact this month he loves just picking things up and throwing them… fun! He’s picked up a couple of other new skills…

  • He can stick his tongue out
  • He can now babble in his sleep!
  • He can copy some things e.g. If you shake your head from side to side he can copy that
  • He can rotate a full 360 sat on his bum!
  • He’s got a bit more cwtchy, wanting to be picked up… and if I say ‘kiss, kiss’ he’ll lean in for a kiss!

He’s still not crawling or standing. I’m not overly worried but I am trying to do a bit of tummy time with him every day to encourage him a bit! His older brother was crawling and standing by this stage, I think S is going to be the more laid-back of the two!

Weaning is going well – he will literally try anything you give him, there’s hardly anything he doesn’t like! He doesn’t eat huge amounts but he definitely enjoys eating (and throwing!) food.

He typically has a weetabix for breakfast, things like ham, cheese and tomato for lunch and then things like pasta/stir fry for dinner. If he’s grouchy in between I give him snacks like bread sticks/cucumber/apple. He loves avocado which I’m delighted about as W never took to it!

I top all this up with Ella’s kitchen sachets just to try and fatten him up a bit as he’s always going to be on the small side! I think the sachets are great for developing his flavour palate a bit more so he can try things that we don’t typically eat for dinner.

With weaning I guess he has dropped a milk feed, he has a big bottle (8-9oz) before bed, and now a bottle in early/mid-morning and one early afternoon – usually just a few ounces each time but sometimes I’m naughty and put him down for a nap with a bottle in which case he can usually drain 5 or 6oz.

Despite all the recent teething symptoms, he still has only 4 teeth which he’s had for months. His hair is getting pretty long now, it’s still very fine – looks like a proper indie hair cut!

It’s funny with the second-born, so much of his routine is dictated by what we can do with his big brother W, we’ve had some lovely days out down at Cardiff Bay, Dyffryn Gardens etc but we’ve had plenty of play dates without his big brother too so he’s getting plenty of interaction with other babies!

That’s it for now – can’t think of anything else noteworthy other than he loves ‘wheels on the bus’ especially the ‘swish swish’ bit! If he’s being grouchy, singing that always cheers up (as does seeing his big brother – his face lights up!) He loves dinner time…. and bath time!

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