An apology letter to our second-born son

As we approach your first birthday I just wanted to say sorry…

Sorry…… that 99% of your clothes are your brother’s hand-me-downs and you have hardly any clothes as we’ve run out of space!

Sorry….. that we’re always comparing you to your big brother… but it’s hard not to! (Don’t worry, you’re the best eater and were the best sleeper – now that up’s for debate this month ;))

Sorry…. I didn’t persevere with trying to breast-feed you. I think I would have if you’d have been my first-born but just felt so stretched at the time! Despite this I’m so glad you’ve had really good health all year apart from your blip at 2 months

Sorry…. you get woken from naps and driven around to drop or pick W off at pre-school… some days it feels like your day just revolves around W’s routine

Sorry…. you don’t have your own room yet and your snuzpod (thank god you’re still small enough to fit in it!) is wedged between a laundry basket, spare bed and the airing cupboard! (Only a month now til you have your own room in our new home… with W’s hand-me-down cot bed of course!)

Sorry…. I didn’t take you to half as many baby classes as I took your older brother to. You would have hated it in the early months though. And at least I made some friends this time around so you’ve seen plenty of other babies

Sorry…. you’ve probably had a few more injuries than your big brother had at this age… mostly his fault like when he’s dragging you round the room :0 he does love you really!! And I’m sure you’ll end up far tougher and more laid-back than him…. or you’ll get your revenge 😉

Sorry…. we don’t have any photos of you adorning our walls. I’m pretty sure I was equally bad with your brother. We’ll resolve it in the new house I promise! (Now I really must change my phone screensaver so you’re on it too!)

But of course I’m being silly…. you’re greatly loved, and you’re watered, fed and played with. But most of all you have one thing your older brother will never have… an older brother! He idolises you and I think he will always be watching out for you, he makes you smile when nobody else can make you smile, he sings and you dance….your face lights up like that for nobody else!

You’re a very lucky boy! Xxx

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