Baby S turns 1!

I feel so guilty that I’m nearly 3 weeks writing this up, but in my defence we have moved house which has consumed my life for the last month!

So, S turned 1!

I still can’t believe it in a way, he’s still so small and baby-like! When I look back over the year it feels like we’ve had a year of two halves.

The first year

The first 4-5 months were hard. After a pretty easy labour, we had weeks of breastfeeding struggles and actually a few months of bottle feeding struggles. In hindsight, he may have had silent reflux or something but we muddled through the long days of endless screaming and eventually came out of it the other side!

At 8 weeks old he was admitted to hospital with what turned out to be a cold. At that point I feared that he was going to be a sick sicky baby. And of course I felt some blame because he wasn’t on breast milk. But actually since that blip we’ve been blessed (touch wood!) with good health… very few niggles or sniffles.

So after those first hard few months, he turned into this happy, laid-back baby. He loves music, he loves eating and he loves his big brother.


Again, because of those tough first few weeks/months I feel like he’s always going to play catch-up in terms of his development. At a year old he’s finally bum-shuffling around with great pace, he skipped the crawling phase. He still can’t quite pull himself to stand up… any day now!

He understands some words like kiss, clap your hands and ducks! He babbles a lot, he’s good at copying sounds and copying movements like trying to blow bubbles when me or W do it! Whenever I have time with him I try to teach him new words etc but poor thing has had a mad few months of childcare… we’re all over the place.

He’ll catch up eventually!

The main thing is he’s happy! He loves life, doesn’t sit still. Loves playing and making noises.


As I said, he eats well, there’s not much food he doesn’t like. His favourite is still avocado! He switched to cow’s milk fine in the week of his birthday. He has 9oz before bed, usually none in the day now unless he’s a bit grouchy.

He goes to bed by 7pm every night after his bath, bottles and book. He loves bathtime!

Sometimes he sleeps right through til 6/7am but quite often he’ll wake at 11pm or sometimes 2am, we give him a bottle of milk and he’s straight off back to sleep. But of a bad habit as I don’t really think he needs the milk, but it’s not too bad so we just do it!

If he wakes early, say about 6, we give him milk and he’ll go back to sleep til about 8-9! We never had such luck with his older brother! He usually naps once a day, for about two hours, usually about noon. He still grizzles/cries for a few minutes every time!

Vital stats

I think he was, at his first birthday, about 18 lbs, so still on the lower centiles. He loves his food so much… I don’t know where it goes!

He still fits in 6-9 month clothes but mostly wears 9-12 now. He’s in size 4 nappies.

He has 8 teeth. And lots of hair. We let him keep all his hair til he turned one, and then chopped it off last weekend!

His first birthday 

So again in true second child syndrome, we didn’t do anything for his birthday really… just a little tea party with his grandparents. In our defence his birthday fell in a heatwave, it was too hot to do anything or go out for the day!

Opening birthday presents

We never go mad with presents, we slashed out on a Fisher-price Beatbo for him… he loves it! And actually W loved all his presents more than S did!!

So I think that’s it for now. Our little baby is a year old, growing up too fast baby boy xxx

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