Baby S’s 5 month update 

What a difference a month makes! A month ago I wrote about how sensitive S was about everything from car journeys to feeds…. and now I can look back and say we’ve had a much better month!

He’s been much more content – spending his days happy and chilled, and only grisly if he’s hungry or tired. So it’s been a much easier month!

Some things haven’t changed… he’s still a terrible sleeper!


We don’t really follow a daily routine but we seem to fall into one – he wakes about 6.30am and wants to up for the day!

He’ll have a 30 minute nap at roughly 9/10am, 12/1, 3/4pm. This can vary if we go out in the car as he usually nods off in the car!

We still do his daily bath- bottle-bed routine at roughly 6pm.

He’ll sleep until 9/10pm and then again til about midnight. Then it all goes bad!! The last few weeks he’s either woken every hour, or had some longer stints but been awake for an hour at 3am! He’s never upset, just wide awake!!

In terms of a weekly routine, we do Totsplay on a Tuesday where we’ve done baby massage, yoga and sign so far. Wednesdays we go to a baby group within walking distance.

The rest of the days are for meeting up with family, friends and hanging out with his big brother thursdays through to Sundays!

It was lovely a few weeks ago to meet some local mums and babies from a Facebook group we’ve all been in since being pregnant… it feels like I’m making more friends this time around 🙂

Feeding, weight etc

He’s still a bit of a grazer and will have lots of small feeds throughout the day (roughly 4oz every 2-3 hours). When I weigh him on our scales he still seems around the 9th percentile which is fine. He’s in 3-6 month clothes.

The bad wind that dominated his first four months has gone away! So he’s much easier to feed now and not in pain with it any more 🙂

We’re not planning on weaning him until he’s close to 6 months old which is just a few weeks away! He’s already trying to grab food and put it in his mouth but he’s going through a phase where everything’s going in his mouth!

Any milestones?

He’s close to rolling over. His first teeth are on the way but could be some time away yet!

Generally he just loves babbling, blowing raspberries, kicking in his bouncer, grabbing things, trying to eat things, smiling and laughing!

So that’s it for now. I’m just enjoying these happy days with him where he’ll happily go out and about… I know that just around the corner there are grouchy days whether it’s teething or whatever so I’m just trying to enjoy each day as it comes!

Read his big brother’s 5 month update here for comparison – turns out he was still a terrible sleeper at this age too!

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