5 months old! Weeks 21-22 of being a mummy – first holiday and own bed!


Baby W turned 5 months old on Friday and as always, it feels like time is running away with us!

Since our last update we’ve had our first family holiday to Center Parcs – you can see some of the photos above but I’ll blog about it properly this week.

While we were there we put W into his own room (in his moses basket) and so when we came home we moved him into his nursery and cot bed… 2 nights in and none of us have slept much but no going back now!

He’s had a bit of a cold which he’s still fighting off poor thing – lots of coughing and a snotty nose 😦 And we think is next teeth are close to coming through…. so he’s been a bit more grouchy and less smiley than the last 2 updates 😦


I think in his last update I said how much he loves kicking, now he also loves hitting – not in a bad way but just trying to reach and feel for stuff

Talking of reaching… the biggest change in the last fortnight is he’s started reaching his arms out when he wants to be picked up/comforted – very cute!


Well the big one in the last fortnight is we bought a Fisherprice jumperoo – we just set it up 2 days ago and although he’s a weeny bit small for it, he absolutely loves it – I had a feeling he would with those active legs of his! I think this will keep him entertained for hours 🙂

He’s still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes (!) but he did grow out of all his 0-3 sleepsuits so I enjoyed buying some new ones from Next and Mothercare with some vouchers we had (see in the photo montage above!) – I love Next sleepsuits – they might be a bit more expensive than other brands but they wash really well and they are so pretty!

Oh and despite saying I wouldn’t buy any 3-6 month clothes as we already had enough… I couldn’t resist the cool/dude/cool dude tops in the photo – they were in the Mothercare sale – down from £9 to £5 🙂


Zzzzzzzzzz as already alluded to – still not great! Generally he wakes every 2 hours on average, worse than he was a month or so ago – it could be his cold, or teething or it could be sleep regression? I’ve started reading the ‘no cry sleep solution’ book and am starting a few of the tips today like trying to get him to nap longer in the day and lengthening the pre-bed routine.

I also forgot to mention in the purchases bit that I bought Ewan the dream sheep yesterday and am wondering whether to invest in a sleep poddle pod type thing – I’ll try anything!!

What else we’ve been up to

Well the week before our hols it felt like we were just getting ready for hols! We did go and visit my family for a day which was lovely but other than that we had a quiet week. Yesterday I went into town for a mooch round the shops with my sis which was a nice break!

That’s it for now folks –  read the last update here and follow me on Twitter or Bloglovin so you never miss another update 🙂

9 thoughts on “5 months old! Weeks 21-22 of being a mummy – first holiday and own bed!”

  1. Reaching his arms out to be picked up!?! Oh my goodness how cute! I’m looking forward to that development. Did you go to the Center Parcs at Longleat? I love that place! The pool is always warm enough to swim at night and I love that! xx


    1. yes, Longleat – just posted about it – I love it too! I love that pool, would have loved to have gone at night but once we put him down for bed we’d stay in and drink wine as we’d have to take it in turns to go out!x


      1. ours was a bit like that – he was proper grouchy in the evenings so I think around the 3 month mark we started the bath-bottle-bed routine and it really helped him – since then he’s always had his best sleep in the evening. iris is a bit younger than that tho isn’t she?x


  2. I can’t believe he’s 5 months old already! Time really does fly haha :). Totally agree about next sleep suits.. Or nexts clothes in general really haha. We have a dreamb giraffe for bedtime that does soothing music (that goes on for 45 mins too), I swear by it, but all babies are different 🙂 xx


    1. I know – time is flying!! Oh I just googled the cloud B giraffe – looks very cool – we have the cloud B turtle and it’s been ok but the batteries run out really quickly. So I thought I’d give Ewan a try and so far he likes it – it’s good as you can Velcro it to the cot, so he’s been cuddling up to it 🙂 xx


  3. Our twins loved their jumperoo! Great to entertain one whilst feeding the other! 5 months already! It’s gone fast! Our twins went through stages like W with their sleep. I made a big effort to get them to nap longer in the day. They used to nap for 10 minutes and then wake, so I started to rock them back to sleep every time they woke for a total of an hour and they eventually slept for an hour solidly. Took a while and was hard work, but worth it!


    1. that’s a good tip cheers Emily! Early days but 4 days into the week and his naps are getting slightly longer, so maybe he’s getting used to it, and his cot…
      He’s also getting hungrier before bed… hope it all leads to some sleepy nights but neither have had an impact yet!xx


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