3 months left of maternity leave – a mum’s list of things I want to do!

I honestly can’t believe it, it’s flown by and the next 3 months will go so quickly.. before you know it I’ll be sat back at my desk with my work head back on!

Apart from the parenting malarkey, I had visions that I would learn some new skills on my maternity leave like:

  • cooking some new dishes e.g. dhal, hummus and baking cakes
  • watching YouTube tutorials on how to blow dry and plait my hair!
  • gardening

I haven’t done any of those! I think the only new thing I’ve done has been blogging… which is a time-consuming hobby but one I’m enjoying and it will also come in handy for my day job (read about it on my ‘about me’ page if you’re interested)

So here’s my mum’s list of things I need to and want to do over the next 3 months – some are chores, some are new skills – either way I find them equally difficult to devote time to without missing out on any of baby W’s time, or catching up with much-needed rest…:

  • remortgage my house as my fixed rate has ended so I need to lock it in before rates go up, hopefully this will save me some money 🙂
  • learn how to use the SLR camera that I’ve had for 2 years and hardly used, use it to take some lovely photos of baby W…. first, I just need to find the charger!
  • the above means I might *need* to get a new laptop – this will be a nice treat, I’ll be able to blog more efficiently and I can sort out all my music/photos/iTunes etc etc
  • I also *need* to get a new (used) car this year – I drive a 14 year old little Peugeot – it does the job in getting W and me from A to B, but I have to put the pram in the back seat which isn’t very safe… and it’s too old for an isofix and I reckon those time-saving minutes will become so important when I’m dropping off/picking him up from the childminder’s!
  • discover some more new places in my city of Cardiff – I have done some of this but would like to make more of an effort exploring the suburbs I haven’t been to!
  • watch some TED talks to find out what all the hype is about
  • plant some daffodils and tulips for the first time, ready for the spring

Bit of a random list eh!? Did you use your maternity leave to do anything new (apart from learning how to be a parent obviously ;))?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or tweet me at @yummyblogger

8 thoughts on “3 months left of maternity leave – a mum’s list of things I want to do!”

  1. It goes ridiculously fast doesn’t it! The only new thing I did was blogging too (as well as putting more work into my YouTube channel too). I was too busy enjoying being a mummy to do anything else haha xx


  2. Very random list! I’ve just looked up TED talks as I’ve never heard of it before, looks really interesting. I’ve gotten quite into gardening since starting mat leave. Just spotted my first homegrown pepper growing this morning – got quite excited. Sad, isn’t it?! 😉

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


    1. Lol – random indeed! I think gardening is cool not sad – well done on your first pepper! I planted some flowers in the spring that all got eaten by slugs but then lavender I planted last year really flourished all summer – a lovely ‘sensory’ plant for baby W to smell and touch 🙂


  3. Hello! Just came across your blog today 🙂 My little boy is 15 months now and I know how quickly maternity leave flies by! There were some things I wanted to do and I tried to incorporate baby into them, if possible. Everything takes so much longer with a baby though doesn’t it! But I was happy to focus mainly on baby and still am (I never returned to work). Enjoy the moment, they grow so fast!


    1. Thanks for calling by! Yeah I want to incorporate baby into these especially the photography 😉
      Good for you staying at home… as much as I’m dreading going back to work I’m also looking forward to it… time definitely does go too fast tho!x


  4. What’s Ted Talks?! Off to google it! I think the only thing I learnt to do whilst on maternity leave was blogging and feeding two babies at once! I’ve been meaning to try that out that play group on Wednesdays, but girls have stopped day time naps so worried they’d just fall asleep or wear themselves out! We do go to a great on a Thursday though and a good music group one on a Friday x


    1. Not sure how to describe TED talks as I’ve not seen any but they’re supposed to some inspirational talks – let’s see!

      Which group do you go to on a Thursday? It is hard co-ordinating groups around nap time! On Tuesday I drove him around for half hour before a class so that he would sleep in the car and be awake for the class!


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