The relentless battle of the sleep-deprived working mum

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for nearly 2 months now.

I can.

I’ve been exhausted. Starting a new job after a year of maternity leave, then moving house a few weeks later was/is exhausting!

Maternity leave and the return to work is so weird isn’t it? You work hard to become an expert, build a career and profile, then take time off to have your babies. You then return to the workplace. You can use all the ‘KIT days’ but ultimately, overnight you go from spending your day saying ‘no, don’t put that in your mouth’ and ‘good boy for doing a poopoo’ to ‘yeah I’ll check the numbers and get back to you’ and ‘I think we need to test this particular proposition’

People talk about balancing the two lives, but really they’re sooooo different that you really live two entirely lives. There’s no ‘balance’.

I get home from a day of meetings, planning, activating campaigns, managing another adult… to cooking dinner for my boys, and trying to get them to eat instead of fling their food across the room.

Boys’ bathtime and then *relax*…. an hour or two to clean up the carnage, do the chores and it’s time for bed.

Now maybe if we getting 7 hours of sleep a night I might feel better. But S generally wakes once or twice a night for milk. (My bad) And since we’ve moved and put W in his ‘big boy bed’ he’s started waking in the night and getting into our bed and saying he’s scared of the dark.

3 months after my return to work and my OH still hasn’t started his planned career break due to some complications at his workplace. So we’ve been fudging childcare all summer, we’ve all been a bit all over the place.

And on top of all this, our new house is very much a work-in-progress. The top half that is ‘finished’ still needs curtains, blinds, finishing touches. The bottom half is about to be turned into a building project.

It’s funny that despite their parents being exhausted, the boys are flourishing! W starts school (nursery) this week and is full of chat as always. S has taken a few steps and just today started climbing the stairs! He is full of chatter and pointing.

We’ve made some lovely memories over the summer… Castell coch (fairytale castle), Cardiff Bay on the train/boat, Aberavon beach… Paw patrol live!…

They are both so full of energy from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed… how on earth do they do it?!


A couple more months and my OH should be at home with them which will help.We should have a beautiful kitchen/diner extension.

We will have 2 boys that will sleep through the night. Me and my OH will be full of energy and will resume all of our social calendar activities. And pigs might fly 🙂

Don’t worry I know ‘this too shall pass’

But please tell me it’s not just me who feels this tired!?


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